Year 2017 news highlights

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Year 2017 news highlights

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Year 2017 news highlights


Archille Barra is the proud mum of the first baby of the year 2017 and he is a boy!
His name is Junio Laure and he was born early morning on January 1, 2017 weighing a little more than 3.6kg.
Junio is Ms Barra’s second son.
Altogether four babies are born on New Year’s Day at the maternity ward of the Seychelles Hospital

A 13th month pay to both public service and private sector workers is now law. And it should be paid on December 31 each year.

President Danny Faure appoints a committee to recommend to him actions that could be taken nationally to honour the memory of the late former President James Mancham, and in particular to promote national unity and reconciliation, of which President Mancham was an ardent advocate.
The committee is chaired by Ambassador Bernard Shamlaye and include Bernard Georges, Dolor Ernesta, Simone de Commarmond, Laura Valabhji, Odile de Commarmond, Paul Chow, Julien Durup and Tony Mathiot.

Founding President of Seychelles, Sir James Richard Marie Mancham KBE, passes away (January Cool at the age of 77.
The cause of death is not clear but he suffered a heart attack recently and spent time at the Seychelles Hospital to recover.
In a televised statement, President Danny Faure describes Mr Mancham as “a true patriot, a veteran politician, and a committed advocate of national reconciliation”.
“He was a defender of liberty and champion of human rights. The world has lost a global apostle of peace, understanding, and unity. Seychelles has lost a true patriot,” says President Faure.
He is later buried in the cemetery at State House.

Andre Medine, a resident of Anse Royale, is the winner of Gran Kaz casino’s mega jackpot worth R821,039.00.
According to Gran Kaz casino, Mr Medine’s winnings is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, jackpot ever won on a slot machine in Seychelles.

Air Seychelles and the Seychelles Investment Board (SIB) signs a memorandum of understanding with the aim of promoting Seychelles as an investment destination and increase Air Seychelles’ exposure within the travel and trade industry.
Under this agreement both parties will jointly explore trade, tourism and investment opportunities across the Air Seychelles network and that of its partner airlines to increase the visibility of Seychelles and eventually grow the number of investors to our shores.

Nancy Marie, the oldest living Seychellois, is 108 years old (January 26).
To celebrate the occasion, the English River district authorities and her family organise a special ceremony at her residence at Ma Joie.

President Danny Faure appoints David Andre as the new Mayor of Victoria following a proposition made by the members of the National Assembly (MNA) for town districts.
Mr Andre says he feels privileged and honoured to be the first male Mayor of Victoria.
“I am really looking forward to the job as it is one which is going to be very interesting and challenging,” he says.
He says with his artistic background he believes that he can bring forward new ideas “so that Victoria reflects the Creole capital of the world as I am also a defender of the Creole culture”.

President Danny Faure proposes an amendment to the law that governs public holidays so that the Monday following Easter Sunday will be a public holiday and June 5 will be a normal working day.
President Danny Faure makes these announcements in his New Year’s Day message broadcast live on Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SC) TV and radio on Sunday January 1.


Le président Danny Faure tient une première conférence de presse depuis qu’il a hérité les règnes du pouvoir de son successeur, l’ancien président James Michel, en octobre dernier.
La face à face avec la presse qui est retransmise en direct à la radio et télévision représente une double première: C’ést en effet pour la première fois dans l’histoire du pays qu’un président répond aux questions de toute la presse locale réunie.

Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon and Dr Mmatsetsa Marope, director International Bureau of Education (IBE) Council, sign a memorandum of understanding to formally recognise Seychelles as a Unesco-IBE best practice hub for early childhood care and education (ECCE).
The signing takes place during the opening ceremony of the first international ECCE biennal conference that Seychelles hosts.

The Institute for Environmental Analytics (IEA) has been chosen to lead a major renewable energy project for the government of Seychelles, using its world-leading expertise in data analytics and visualisation.
The project - RE-SAT (Renewable Energy Space Analytics Tool) – will be led by the IEA, in partnership with the government of Seychelles, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and funded by the UK Space Agency through its International Partnership Programme (IPP).
The IEA will develop a proof of concept energy planning tool using earth observation (EO) and other data sources to enable Seychelles to rely less on expensive fossil fuel electricity generation and more on its abundant sources of solar and wind renewable

The James Michel Foundation is registered (February 6) as a non-profit-making organisation in Seychelles, and its website is been launched:
The James Michel Foundation is guided by a commitment to promote the Blue Economy concept, both in its national and international aspects, to sensitise people about climate change and its impacts on Seychelles and the world, to promote environmental protection and sustainable development and defend and promote the cause of small island developing states (Sids).

Le Cardinal Maurice Piat est aux Seychelles pour une visite de cinq jours.
La venue de l’ancien Evêque du diocèse de Port Louis à l’Ile Maurice marque les 125 ans de celui de Port Victoria.
Pendant sa visite, il participe aux nombreuses activités organisées pour marquer l’anniversaire du diocèse.

Vice-President Vincent Meriton is the Chief Guest at the Madras Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (MIOT) International Hospitals’ commemoration of its 18th anniversary, held in Chennai, India.
During his visit to MIOT, the vice-president visits the facilities and meets Seychellois patients undergoing treatment there.

Seychelles and Mauritius sign a new fisheries agreement taking into account the “unfairness” of the previous accord as well as the current development in the fisheries sector.

President Danny Faure delivers his first nationwide year 2017 State-of-the-nation address to the National Assembly.
The event marks the National Assembly’s first sitting for the first term of 2017.
It is a constitutional requirement that the head of state delivers a state-of-the nation address on the occasion of the first National Assembly sitting each year.


Owners of more than 500 MSME (micro, small or medium enterprises) are rewarded after completing training in entrepreneurship management and capacity building.
The training, funded by the AfDB through the Fund for African Private Sector Assistance (FAPA), is part of Seychelles’ MSME development project being coordinated by the Department of Investment and Industry with support from Senpa and the University of Seychelles (Unisey).

Air Seychelles takes delivery of its 10th registered aircraft named Vallée de Mai.
The aircraft arrives in Seychelles from Abu Dhabi as an additional commercial flight carrying 44 passengers on board.

Air Seychelles launches flights from Seychelles to Durban, its second destination in South Africa.
The new Durban service will be operated every Thursday and Saturday using an Airbus A320 aircraft with 16 Business Class seats and 120 Economy Class seats, and complements the airline’s existing five-per-week service to Johannesburg.

Air Seychelles welcomes the second new Twin Otter DHC-6 400 aircraft into the Air Seychelles domestic fleet this year, now bringing the total number of Twin Otter fleet to 6 aircraft.
The aircraft is named Isle of Farquhar, after the group of outer islands lying 700km away from Mahé.

Shamira Basset, a young teacher from Glacis, is the speaker of the 14th Seychelles National Youth Assembly (SNYA).
She is unanimously elected to the post by other members of the new version of the Youth Assembly during its induction session held at the National House.
The new deputy speaker is Ria Alcindor while the clerk and deputy clerk are Andria August and Wahida Gobine respectively.

Jeanne Siméon is sworn in as Minister for Family Affairs before President Danny Faure.
The President congratulates her on her promotion, a day after the National Assembly approved her appointment.
Mrs Siméon is the fourth woman in President Faure’s cabinet after Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon; Youth, Sports and Culture Minister Idith Alexander; and Home Affairs Minister Mitcy Larue.
Seventeen National Assembly members voted in favour of Mrs Siméon becoming a minister and no one voted against.

A contract for the rehabilitation and development of two educational establishments -- La Rosière primary school and the Seychelles Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture at Anse à la Mouche -- is signed between the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development and the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development.
The projects cost US $10 million.

Madanm Andrine Reddy, en zabitan Belvedere, i selebre son 102enm lanniverser (10 Mars).
Madanm Reddy i annan plis ki en douzenn pti zanfan e osi plizyer aryer pti zanfan.

Tenm nasyonal pour sa lannen ‘Seselwa En Sel Desten’ i lanse ofisyelman dan en seremoni ranpli avek kouler ek refleksyon patriotik ki ti met lanfaz lo linite nasyonal, lenportans e nesesite pour travay ansanm konman en pep malgre tou nou diversite enkli diferans lopinyon pour fer Seselwa avanse ver en sel  desten.
Se vis-tyermenn komite tenm nasyonal Manmzel Cecile Marcel ki ti ofisyelman lans sa tenm.
I premye lannen ki sa komite pour tenm nasyonal i ganny dirize par en manm sosyete sivil, Msye Jules Hoareau.

Seychelles signs an agreement with the Republic of Kiribati for the establishment of diplomatic relations.
Both Seychelles and Kiribati hope that through the formalisation of their relations, they will be able to tap into new avenues, strengthen their friendships and take the bilateral relations to greater heights.
Kiribati is one of the Commonwealth countries, formerly known as the Gilbert Islands, consisting of three widely separated main groups of southwest Pacific islands: the Gilberts on the equator, the Phoenix Islands to the east, and the Line Islands further east.


The Minister for Home Affairs Mitcy Larue officially opens a new detention facility for male detainees awaiting trial as part of reform initiatives being undertaken by the prison authorities.
The Detention Remand Facility, the country’s first, is located within a compound of the Seychelles police at Bois De Rose Avenue (formerly the Seychelles Coastguard base).
The facility has cost R6.5 million and has been fully financed by the government of Seychelles.
It is equipped to cater and provide custodial care to 80 male detainees at a time, the new facility houses 10 cells some with six, eight or 10 sleeping areas, dining room, offices for prison staff as well as visitors and exercise areas.

La cour suprême des Seychelles a deux nouveaux juges, tous les deux Seychellois.
Les juges Laura Pillay et Rony Govinden prêtent serment devant le Président Danny Faure à State House.
L’ancien procureur général et l’ancienne magistrate avaient été nommés dans leur nouvelle fonction cette semaine par le Président de la république, suite aux recommandations de l’autorité chargée des nominations constitutionnelles, la ‘Constitutional Appointment Authority’ (CAA), et aussi en résultat des consultations avec le chef de l’opposition Wavel Ramkalawan.

One of the world’s most famous cruise ships, MS Queen Elizabeth, docks in Port Victoria.
A Vista-class cruise ship, MS Queen Elizabeth is the second largest ship constructed for the Cunard Line, exceeded only by Queen Mary 2.
It can carry up to 2,092 passengers.

The President of the Republic of Seychelles, Danny Faure, witnesses the official inauguration of the Seychelles embassy in Cuba as part of his State visit to this Caribbean island. The first Seychelles resident ambassador in Cuba is Joseph Nourrice.

The Doctor’s House on Curieuse, which houses a small museum recounting the story of the island, reopens after being closed for over a year for renovation work. The building is now a National Monument.

President Danny Faure assents to the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles.
The amendment makes it necessary, henceforth, in the event of the resignation, removal from office or death of a President, for new presidential elections to be held within the following three months.
The amendment also increases the membership of the Constitutional Appointments Authority from three to five, with the President of the Republic and the leader of the opposition each appointing two members.  The four members will, by agreement, appoint the fifth member who will also be the chairperson of the authority.

The Ministry of Finance, Trade and Economic Planning announces increases in excise tax on alcoholic products with an alcohol content of less than 16% as well as petroleum and tobacco products as from May 15, 2017.
An excise tax of 50 cents has been imposed on petroleum products available at the pumps like gasolene, mogas, kerosene, leaded or unleaded fuel.
There is a 10% increase in excise tax on all alcoholic products with an alcohol content of less than 16%. Examples are beer made from malt, stout like Guinness, wine, vermouth cider, perry, mead, local ‘pti ponm’, vodka, etc… and alcopops like Bacardi Breezer.
As for tobacco products, a 10% increase in excise tax has also been imposed which means a R3 increase based on the prices being sold in shops.
The aim of the increases is to discourage people from drinking and smoking which at the end of the day has several health implications and put pressure on the health services.

The Constitutional Court rules that Parti Lepep should return the property on which stands the SPUP/SPPF/Parti Lepep museum to its lawful owners Umarji & Sons (Proprietary Limited).
The party took over the property after the 1977 coup d’etat.


Seychelles and Austria sign an air transport agreement, allowing further scheduled air services and develop aeronautical relations between the two parties.
Austrian Airline will start its weekly direct flight to Seychelles on October 25, 2017, every Wednesday.

Barclays Bank of Seychelles partners with China’s largest global payment network, Union Pay International (UPI), to accept the use of that card at its ATMs and Point of Sale (POS) machines across the country.

Nouvobanq opens the doors of its new US $14 million corporate headquarters and main office ‒ Nouvobanq House ‒ with the intention of broadening access to financial services and transforming not only the landscape of banking in Seychelles but also the town of Victoria.
The modern state-of-the-art building has been built on the site of the old petrol station on Francis Rachel Street, adjacent to the Stad Popiler car park.

President Danny Faure grants Seychellois citizenship to six distinguished persons - five priests and one nun.
They are Bishop James Richard Wong Yin Song, Sister Marie Alice Vivien, Father Landry Mukoko Maketa, Father Pierre Madiela, Father Louison Emerick Bissila Mbila and Pere Guy Inkumene.
The grant of citizenship is in accordance with Article 5 (1) of the Amended Citizenship Act 1994 where it gives the president the authority to cause a person to be registered as a citizen for distinguished service or under special circumstances where the President is of the opinion that a person has done singular honour or rendered distinguished service to Seychelles, or the person is otherwise meritorious.

Seychelles and Ghana sign an accord to promote and strengthen the cooperation in the field of fisheries in accordance with the respective laws and regulations of both parties.
With this accord both Seychelles and Ghana will be able to exchange scientific and technical information about tuna as both countries have successful tuna processing plants.
Both countries can also cooperate and achieve the best for their respective nation during their participation in international forums.

The Minister for Home Affairs Mitcy Larue heads a high level prisons and police delegation during an official five-day working visit to Mauritius.
Discussions with the Prime Minister of Mauritius Pravind Jugnauth focus on bilateral co-operation on homeland security issues such as police and prisons management, drugs smuggling and detection, health and detoxification treatment of drug users in prisons.


In his National Day address to the nation President Danny Faure urges the population to use this occasion as a source of inspiration for even more unity and harmony among us.
“With more unity and harmony, we have nothing to lose. It is Seychelles and the Seychellois people that benefit,” he says.
“Let us use our National Day as a source of motivation to develop the courage and determination that will allow us to work harder than ever before for our Seychelles, to overcome any societal challenges, and conquer the trials and tribulations of our time,” he adds.

En nouvo mouvman pour ede lit kont labi drog sirtou parmi bann zanfan ek bann  zenn i lanse pour koensid avek Lazournen Enternasyonal kont Labi ek Trafik Drog ki ti tonb le 26 Zen.
‘Annou Sov Nou Zanfan’i non sa nouvo mouvman ki annan pour lobzektif prensipal ouver en sant reabilitasyon pour bann zanfan ek zenn adilt ki’n vin viktim drog e pe soufer akoz adiksyon.
Mouvman ‘Annou Sov Nou Zanfan’ i konpri 6 manm e parmi i komedyen, santer e mizisyen byen koni Joseph Sinon ki osi tyermenn; Madanm Marie-Pierre Lloyd, ki vis-tyermenn me pa ti prezan; Msye Peter Sinon (trezorye); Donnalyne Delpeche (sekreter). Jean-Marc Volcy ek Vina Fanny i sa de lezot manm.

President Danny Faure grants a free pardon, on humanitarian grounds, to a prison inmate suffering from a terminal illness.
This is in exercise of his powers under Article 60 (1) (a) of the Constitution and having received the advice of the advisory committee on the Power of Pardon.

Two maritime security centres ‒ the National Information Sharing and Coordination Centre, and the Regional Coordination and Operations Centre ‒ located at Bois de Rose are commissioned.
The mission of the National Information Sharing and Coordination Centre (NISCC) is to co-ordinate and manage the ever increasing level of activities within the maritime sector, such as to provide sufficient maritime security necessary for the sustainable development of the blue economy sector, while operating the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC), coordinating oil spills and responses to coastal maritime crime and as well as operating the Coastal Radio Station.
The setting up of the Regional Centre for Operational Co-ordination (RCOC) follows an urgent appeal made in Djibouti last year by the Community of the Eastern Southern Africa and Indian Ocean (ESA-IO) for Seychelles to host an RCOC alongside the Regional Maritime Information Infusion Centre (RMIFC) based in Madagascar.


Seychelles and St Vincent sign a general cooperation agreement which is expected to bring greater diplomatic engagement and allow for the two countries to share their diverse experience across an array of fields for the benefit of the people of the two nations.

Maison Esplanade, the new building located adjacent to the Nouvobanq House in the heart of Victoria, is officially opened.
It has been earmarked as a commercial centre.


Air Seychelles launches its new domestic ‘scenic flights’, offering visitors and locals alike a bird’s eye view of the most beautiful spots on Mahé.
The 30-minute flights to and back the same way, one touring the north of Mahé and the other touring the south, have been carefully developed in conjunction with the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA), which has assisted in designing the low altitude routes, as well as the travel trade and the destination management companies (DMCs) who will be the key distributors of the product, offering more choice of activities to visitors.

Madanm Margaret Pouponneau i selebre son 105enm lanniverser (le 15 Out). Pour sa lokazyon, en lanmes spesyal a son loner i ganny selebre dan Katedral St Paul Victoria, swivi par en resepsyon dan lasal Sir John Thorpe Hall, en batiman pour Dyosez Anglikann Sesel.

The ‘Sir James Mancham International Centre for Peace Studies, Diplomacy’ is officially launched on the date of Sir James’ birthday (August 11) on by his widow, Lady Catherine Mancham.
It was established in June last year under the auspices of the University of Seychelles (UniSey) as an independent international hub for the study of peace and diplomacy.

Hilary Joubert is crowned Miss Seychelles … Another World 2017.
She will represent Seychelles at the next Miss World beauty pageant to be held on November 18 in Sanya, China.
Hilary is 23 years old and lives at Glacis. She works at the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) as a customer service representative/greeter.
Also voted Miss People's Choice, Hilary succeeds Christine Barbier as Miss Seychelles.
Petra Tamatave is the first princess while Serah Jumaye is crowned second princess.
Other winners are Tracy Françoise (Miss Photogenic), Seychelle Worth (Best Project titled ‘The Physical Fight Against Drugs’ and Miss Sports), Angie Denousse (Miss Talent), Serah Jumaye (Best Evening Gown) and Nerli Haide (Miss Personality).

The contractor mobilisation phase for the raising of the La Gogue dam is underway. The signing for the procurement of the civil works for the project to raise the level of the dam is held between Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) and contracted bidder, Sinohydro Corporation Limited based in Mauritius.
La Gogue dam will be raised by six metres to increase the water storage capacity by 60% or by 600,000 m3 (from 1 million m3 to 1.6 million m3) and it will cost R185 million.


Seychelles joins the newly launched International Alliance for Torture-Free Trade.
The alliance is launched during the United Nations General Assembly week in New York. The initiative – a joint effort by the European Union, Argentina and Mongolia, with a total of 58 participating countries – aims to stop the trade in goods used to carry out the death penalty and commit torture.

The Most Reverend James Wong Yin Song, Bishop of the Anglican diocese of Seychelles, is officially presented to his parishioners as the new Archbishop of the Anglican Church of the Indian Ocean.
His election as the head of the Indian Ocean province took place on August 26 of this year at the Provincial Synod in Curepipe, Mauritius.

British Airways announces that it will be resuming scheduled non-stop flights to Seychelles as from March 2018.
The United Kingdom’s flag carrier, also one of the world's leading scheduled international passenger airlines, will launch direct flights to Seychelles as from March 24, 2018.
British Airways will be resuming flights to Seychelles after over a decade of not flying to the Indian Ocean island destination.
It will operate non-stop twice-weekly flights from the London Heathrow airport to Seychelles from March to October, offering more choice to sun-seeking holidaymakers.

The Seychelles Pension Fund (SPF) inaugurates a new micro enterprise building for the benefit of the Anse Boileau business community.
The building is named ‘Maison Simone’, after a very prominent and influential resident of Anse Boileau.
This project which started in April 2016 and ended in June 2017 is the 26th building in SPF’s real estate investment portfolio and it expects a rate of return of 8% within a payback period of 12.5 years.
The Anse Boileau Micro Enterprise Project consists of four separate buildings with a total land area of 1615 square metres, and will be rented out to the government through the Industrial Estate Agency (IEA), which will in turn manage and then sublease the premises to small businesses of the district.
Among the facilities on offer are three shops, three light industrial workshops, three mechanical workshops/garages, a cafeteria, a bakery, and an artisanal kiosk.

The Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) and CONCO sign the engineering procurement and construction contract for a new 33KV underground transmission line project from Roche Caiman to south Mahé which will impact significantly on electricity availability and distribution in the country.
It will serve three major purposes: a robust electricity transmission and distribution network in the south of Mahé; enhance the reliability and quality of electrical supply and help in the provision of electrical energy to all sectors of the economy.

Air France announces that it will be operating scheduled flights to Seychelles from the Paris Charles Gaulle airport as from May 5, 2018, using its new sister airline ‘Joon.’
Joon will operate thrice-weekly flights to Seychelles, exclusively on behalf of Air France, using its Airbus A340-600, to be replaced by an A350-900 by 2019.
Seychelles is among two long-haul destinations which the new subsidiary airline will be flying to as from summer 2018. Joon will also fly twice-weekly to Fortaleza, Brazil as from May 4, 2018.

Seychelles welcomes the first Austrian Airline flight.
The aircraft, a Boeing 767, took 9 hours non-stop to fly from Austria to Seychelles
Coming directly from Vienna, the Austrian Airline will operate the winter season direct weekly flight to Seychelles every Thursday. It will leave Austria every Wednesday, arriving in Seychelles every Thursday morning. It will leave Seychelles the same day.

The Minister for Finance, Trade & Economic Planning, Dr Peter Larose, delivers the Budget Address before the National Assembly.
The national budget for the year 2018 will amount to R7,951,537,313.00
The Cabinet of Ministers approved the 2018 budget appropriation of R7,951,537,313.00 on October 18, 2017.
This is the first time the appropriation bill is published in late October and not in December as is usually the case. This will allow members of the National Assembly to call to parliament ministers, principal secretaries and chief executives to be questioned on their respective expenditures.

The European Union and the Seychelles celebrate 40 years of solid partnership in a cocktail reception held on Tuesday at Le Méridien Fisherman’s Cove hotel.
The partnership dates back to 1977 when they signed their first ever bilateral programme which covered social infrastructure and rural development.
The reception also marks the 60 years of the Treaty of Rome which is considered as the treaty which established the European Economic Community.

New Commissioner of Police, Kishnan Labonté, is officially sworn in.
He was nominated as Commissioner of Police by President Danny Faure and his nomination was subsequently approved by the National Assembly.
Mr Labonte officially replaces former Commissioner Reginald Elizabeth whose resignation took effect two days prior (October 7).

More than 100 Seychellois nurses organise a peaceful march for over an hour demanding a 60% rise in pay and an improved scheme of service.
The organisers say they want employers to value the nursing profession, improve the working conditions, and increase by 60% the basic salary for nurses.


A new association for fishermen in the Baie Lazare district – the Baie Lazare Fishermen’s Association -- is officially launched.
Its aim is to better address and bring forward the concerns of fishermen, safeguard their interest and push for the sustainable development of the fisheries sector in the district.
The association has a seven-member executive committee. Its chairperson is Jean Claude Michel, vice-chair Kitson Mondelly, secretary Kevin Samson, treasurer Andre Tirant and it has three ordinary members.

Barclays ATM card holders can now deposit cash of up to R50,000 thanks to the bank’s new cash accepting technology.
Much like with cash withdrawals, the Cash Accepting Device (CAD) enabled ATMs allow users to deposit money notes directly into their debit account via an ATM.
The innovative service has been described by the bank as “a true representation of 24 hour banking”.

Fifty-four-year-old Philip Barbé of the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces and also manager of the Red Star Defence Forces football club is the outstanding adult male role model for the year 2017.
Mr Barbé is crowned by Family Affairs Minister Jeanne Siméon during the fourth National Men’s Awards ceremony.
Zerane Ah-Kong picks up the junior award.
Organised by the National Family Council of Seychelles (NFCS), the award ceremony is in commemoration of the International Men’s Day celebrated on November 19 and this year’s theme is ‘Celebrating Men & Boys’.

A new data tool is launched to support the move from fossil fuel to renewable energy.
The Renewable Energy Space Analytics Tool (RE-SAT) project is funded by the UK-Space Agency (UKSA) International Partnerships Programme (IPP) and led by the Institute for Environmental Analytics (IEA), in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the government of Seychelles.
This powerful renewable energy analytics platform being trialled in Seychelles has been developed to support governments, utilities, investors and other stakeholders in small island developing states (Sids) to analyse the energy generation capacity and grid impact of different deployments of wind, solar and wave renewables in order to maximise the impact of investment, reduce financial risk and reduce exposure to volatile fossil fuel markets.  

Seychelles Airlines, a local private airline company, says it is expected to start its operations by the end of 2018.
Captain Robert Marie, consultant of the company and also a pilot, says the airline will start with two Boeing 767 which caters for 213 passengers and will employ both Seychellois and foreigners.
The company is being financed by businessmen here in Seychelles, notably Ahmed Afif and Philippe Boulle.
After registering Seychelles Airlines with the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCCA) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), their first obstacle was the announcement by the SCAA that they cannot use the name ‘Seychelles Airlines’ because it resembles too much the name of the national carrier Air Seychelles. They filed a case in court to that regard in 2015 where the court ruled in their favour to maintain that name.

Lasanble Nasyonal i temwanny en moman istorik ler en zanfan i adres bann manm pour premye fwa.
En etidyan e zabitan Beau Vallon, Shayanne Hoareau aze 13-an i fer son diskour alokazyon Lazournen Iniversel pour Zanfan.
I koz lo konvansyon pour drwa zanfan drafte par Nasyonzini le 20 Novanm 1989 e sinyen par Gouvernman Sesel le 20 Septanm 1990.
I osi penn zot en portre sitiasyon ki bann zanfan dan Sesel pe viv ladan kot bann zanfan i ganny afekte atraver labi seksyel, drog, lalkol, lesey swisid parmi lezot ankor.
Shayanne ti ganny swazir pour vin devan lasanble atraver Konsey Nasyonal pour Zanfan (NCC) parmi de lezot zanfan ‒ Daryl Adolphe ek Rio Duvignon sorti lekol Plaisance ek Belonie.


An extended memorandum of understanding (MoU) is signed by Dr Kim Jong Wook, chief executive of BRIEFEYE and Dr Danny Louange, chief executive of the Health Care Agency.
Among the main features of the accord is a proposal to construct a full-fledged eye hospital in Seychelles which will be twinned with a centre for training of eye specialists for countries of the region.
The ultimate objective is to make Seychelles become a regional hub for eye treatment and at the same time develop a concept of medical tourism.

The Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) announces that as from March 1 next year, domestic consumers will see an increase of 16% in electricity, 5% in water and 13% in sewerage tariffs.
The company’s chief executive Philip Morin says the increases will reflect the corporation’s operational and investment costs to maintain long term financial sustainability.

The renovated and refurbished oncology unit at the Seychelles Hospital, located in the Red Roof building, is inaugurated by the Minister for Health, Jean-Paul Adam.
This will allow cancer patients to experience better comfort when following their treatment.
The renovation work on the modern oncology unit had cost R1.5 million, generously sponsored by the Cancer Concern Association, Seychelles Round Table, Soroptimist International Club of Victoria and Hari Builders.

The Seychelles Labour Union (SLU) is now an officially certified trade union.
The certified registration certificate is handed over to SLU’s secretary general, Peter Sinon, by the registrar of trade unions in Seychelles, Bernard Adonis.
Launched on October 4 at the Savoy Hotel, Beau Vallon, the SLU will be working for the betterment of working conditions in work places while ensuring and safeguarding the rights of the workers in both government and the private sector.
The SLU has former tourism minister Alain St Ange as its president and Herve Antony as vice-president. Christina Savy is the treasurer and the secretary is Marie- France Marie.
There are also nine ordinary members on the committee.

Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon represents President Danny Faure at the One Planet Summit in Paris, at the invitation of Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic.
The One Planet Summit brings together international leaders and financiers to discuss how they can support and accelerate global efforts to fight climate change.
Hosted by President Macron, the President of the World Bank Group, Jim Yong Kim, and the secretary general of the United Nations, António Guterres, the Summit aims to involve all public and private stakeholders in developing tangible actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Anael Bodwell, well known for her active involvement in the community and beyond, is the third Seychellois youth to win the Queen’s Young Leaders Award.  
The Queen’s Young Leaders is an award programme that recognises and promotes the positive work done by young people aged from 18-29 years of age in Commonwealth nations. The first time this four-year award took place was in 2014.
Anael Bodwell, aged only 25 years, hails from Ma Constance in the Anse Etoile district and currently works in the Auditor General’s Office. Despite her full-time employment, Anael spends a considerable amount of her time volunteering with several non-governmental organisations including Youth Action Movement, Global Shapers to name but a few.
In 2014, Anael also co-founded a youth led  NGO known as SYAH-Seychelles - the local chapter of a regional network aimed at working towards youth empowerment and youth inclusion in achieving  the sustainable development goals.


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