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FIU Conference

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FIU Conference

Thursday 11 January 2018

Prepare for influx of delegates, Seychelles Tourism Board advises
Chief Executive Sherin Francis explains how much planning is required on the tourism side of the 27th Eastern and Southern African Anti-Money Laundering Group (ESAAMLG) Council of Minister’s Meeting this August, as bookings for hotel rooms need to be made for over 400 delegates.
by S. Marivel
Mrs. Francis explains that August is “one of the peak months for our tourism industry because many people from Europe are on their summer holiday and come to Seychelles.” August 2017 saw the third highest influx of tourists for the year with 33,117 visitors after April for Easter and the October holidays. The introduction of flights and stepped up marketing efforts by carriers such as Joon from Air France, British Airways, Edelweiss Airlines for their new flights in the coming months and existing airlines which will be fighting to keep their own market share will no doubt increase demand for the destination.
With this in mind, room availability will be limited if reservations must be made for the delegates and their families expected for the conference.
Stakeholders chosen by the Ministry for Finance to plan this event say they have already reached out to the Coral Stand Hotel, H Resort, and Berjaya Hotel for accommodation because the conference is to be held at the Savoy Hotel. This, they say, will minimise transport needs and travel time to and from the venue as all those hotels are within close proximity to each other.
“Many of our visitors from Europe book their holidays well in advance so it is important that reservations and ample planning is made to ensure that none of the delegates find themselves without a room when they arrive,” Mrs. Francis warns other stakeholders who are also helping to plan this event.
These include the Central Bank, Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority, Department of Information and Communication Technology, Police, Financial Intelligence Unit, and the Ministry for Finance.
In addition, the pressure is on to deliver both at the airport and throughout the conference for delegates who want to mix business with pleasure.
A representative from the FIU told TODAY that the conference will take place late August and that dates are still not fixed and while Seychelles as the host country can set the dates, it is the ESAAMLG which has the final say on this.
The Savoy has a professional team with a lot of experience in organising such events and this will help the organisers, especially taking into account the short time lead time, Mrs. Francis told TODAY.
“STB can have a desk at the airport, as we usually do,” she elaborated. “But we can also help the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority with co-ordination of passengers. We can also give out useful brochures and boxes with giveaways during the event.”
The promotional items and giveaways can be a means to promote Seychelles extensively through the participants of the conference by encouraging them to visit the islands, or to tell a friend back home who would consider making the trip in the near future.
STB will also have to plan for performances to be booked either for cocktail receptions of dinners organised for this conference, which should span across a week or so.
All these points were discussed during the first meeting set for the organisation of the conference at which 18 ministers of Finance are expected. The next meeting is supposed to take place in two weeks’ time at Liberty House.


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