Le barreau accueille 25 nouveaux avocats - the Cyclone in Mauritius/Reunion - the Netherlands, Germany -The French chef death and Sinn Féin

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Le barreau accueille 25 nouveaux avocats - the Cyclone in Mauritius/Reunion - the Netherlands, Germany -The French chef death and Sinn Féin

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Le barreau accueille 25 nouveaux avocats  -the Cyclone in Mauritius/Reunion - the Netherlands, Germany -The French chef death and Sinn Féin election

Société 20 Jan 18h45
Ils sont 25 jeunes à embrasser la profession légale après leur prestation de serment en Cour suprême pour exercer en tant qu’avocat. La cérémonie a été présidée par le Chef juge, Keshoe Parsad Matadeen.


Supposed Message the window did not work -

SaraJane - many many not like our approach at time the need to force the issue in public this is one instance- tried to private message you and the ruddy Facebook message window would not work the difficult time we have been getting with our laptop those using human nerd to crash our computer with a massive dose of satanic mechanism - anti social mechanism , hate and the lot - We have 50 years varied knowledge and experience working with Justice system Lawyers and the lot - some near 40 years knowledge and experience in the field of High Interdisciplinary management even when/if those Criminal Conservatives want to destroy our mind. - the state and situation with the Justice and legal system in that SECHELLES Seychelles -the battle and war to get some kind of Justice - with all the so cal great African Union and other International regulatory Institutions involved -they have access to media portal yet none of them know what is really like all about to have impute in the Issue of the great French Chef from small politic to French and European and international politic - our politic in the Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion and the Indian ocean, Africa and the Gulf region - events in Ireland the past 30 years and before our Seychelles exile/Refugee mega debacle and old Seychelles community beside the Mauritian own debacle in Ireland - the new Leadership and how they have arrived at it. In turn the need to change our exile/refugee Leadership in Seychelles and International - yet the younger generation-how politic is done in Mauritius and Reunion compared to Seychelles bloody dreadful - fro the past 40 years in Europe we belong to those who practice and believe in alternative climate, environment and science and disciplined - the other lot their explanation at the many terrible phenomena and they refuse to take not the knowledge when things get mismanaged son such a grand scale the science and discipline for nature and greater powers to come into action and talk to so call human and the creatures and plants - From my side the battle to find solution to our Seychelles and EU community workings and the government and politicians in that Seychelles -beside the Arabs. What if we cannot find some solution and the vast array of thematic and responsibilities come crashing down - the USA, Russia, and the many nations with their sophistication will have a very hard time to cope and manage - at University level and special institutes those with the knowledge and capacity to debate and weigh such eventualities. From those 25 young Lawyers who have been called to the Bar in Mauritius how many do and will understand the issues we have addressed here even if we had it drafted and written by more experience and knowledgeable lawyers and those dealing in Law and Justice. We have also note the Ladies form Mauritius and Seychelles their Birthday this morning -In Kent the past 3 years the building issues and associated events and issues in Seychelles and Mauritius they are yet to carry more buildings - In spite of the fores of Social media how the younger generation meant to take responsibility view and understand such thematic with a massive dose of satanic rage/rave and the lot -


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