President Faure meets with the Electoral Commission

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President Faure meets with the Electoral Commission

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:06 pm

President Faure meets with the Electoral Commission

Fri, 26 January 2018

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President Danny Faure has today met with the Chairperson and Members of the Electoral Commission, at which he was presented with the recommendations of the Commission for Electoral Reform as mandated by the 6th Amendment of the Constitution. The Reforms will set the framework to govern future elections in the Republic.

The President informed the Commission that the Report will be considered at the next meeting of the Cabinet on 31 January 2018, after which it will be forwarded to the Office of the Attorney General for the drafting of a Bill.

The President also received today the resignation of the Chair of the Electoral Commission, Mr Hendricks Gappy, pursuant to Article 115C (2) of the Constitution.

President Faure thanked Mr Gappy for his 40 years of service to the public sector, of which 19 years have been as Head of the Electoral Commission.

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Jemma Simeon Finally!

Stella Afif Yes finally, GAPPY is OUT, confirmed by State House. LDS in dir zot pasyante, les manrmay travay, fer zot konfyans, one step at a time, sa pei pou bezwen redrese ziska ler nou antre State House pou refer bato flote.

Jemma Simeon Always good to keep up the pressure.

Geraldine Drish Yeah 😁

Jemma Simeon I wonder why though

Annie Payet Yup mn ti dir zot Gappy son kntrar i fini dessnm..kestyon ki mn ti demande c si i ti pou sir ankor...but gud pu li in out..senn fwasi bnnla ti pou touy li ek tansyon...

Paul B Chow So we will not know what is in the report until the cabinet has deliberated on it? who among the ministers will actually read the whole report? Why not make the report public now? What is the value of the cabinets deliberation? Let s get out of this one-party state mentality!! Transparency is the name of the game today.

Winnie Fontaine yes stella ONE day at a time....always LDS SESEL....good news 2018✌✌✌

Emar Clifford Reginald The cabinet is not going to amend the report. They might as well release it.

Paul B Chow It does not Matter what the cabinet does. The report is a public document the moment it is submitted to the president.

Caniya Loker Finalman Gappy out!!!

Paul B Chow Good riddance!!

Anna Payet Finally.....hope his out for good

Gappy Resigns
Is this a new begining or is it just a delaying tactic? Reforms of the Electoral Commission has been used as a justification for COHABITATION and delay for fresh Presidential Elections. Let us wait and see if it is not just a ploy! Why now? The GAPPY OUT call has been quite a while...the timing! Will it take more than 6 months to find a replacement hence cannot hold elections by July 2018...which in itself its late!


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Re: President Faure meets with the Electoral Commission

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Feb 16, 2018 8:01 pm

Komisyon Elektoral i klarifye pwen kontestasyon kandida endepandan lo letan kanpanny dan medya


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