Facebook feeds have mentioned several articles about Holocaust remembrance and Leading German politicians Facebook feed

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Facebook feeds have mentioned several articles about Holocaust remembrance and Leading German politicians Facebook feed Empty Facebook feeds have mentioned several articles about Holocaust remembrance and Leading German politicians Facebook feed

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Jan 27, 2018 4:24 pm

Facebook feeds have mentioned several articles about Holocaust remembrance and Leading German politicians Facebook feed and that of Austria President Van der Bellen concern the leading Austrian politician Nazi Song. The many year of associated with a number of leading Jewish person in Vienna, Europe and Israel and the making of that SIROP program the debacle of those 87,000 Ethiopian Jews link and the 250,000 Russian Jews those at the time who had stressed unlike today not to publish and write about it they will take care of things leave it quiet and what took place and ensued -the mega debacle of the Holocaust compensation and return of properties had there not been that SIROP program this/it would not have happened - the Jewish nation and their high person who chose to forget it.this - that program was not concept ed by little black/Creole Seychelles, Chinese or Indian they were concepted by the Franco/Norman and across France and British old Seychellois Families, their values and heritage and those European and world personalities involved. The dislike of the OAU/African Union of this statement form us and the Commonwealth - After the Davos Blog those leading Austrian in the 1971 and 1978 Chancellor Kreisky and then Austrian President and the person of Prof Dr M Hofmann. We have grand children and step children and close relatives in Vienna too. Had wanted to watch the usual Sabbath live from Wien Adventist Church instead found our self watching the live broadcast from Strasbourg Adventist Church in French and we know that church - a number of threads we have written, then 1980 intention to seek political Asylum in Strasbourg - instead upon the advice of families and friends in Vienna went to London. The Jewish Community in Strasbourg today -Strasbourg is the partimoine where my grand parents grand mother side originate in France - Alsace and Lorraine. They did not have the information we have today on Family search and Genealogy - we have been back a few times.

In Britain the Britexit situation and in particular the developing situation with migrant and exiles communities and ethnic communities - We had know British communities in Seychelles the SDA School, the East Africa and back to Seychelles the Colonial lot. Since 1981 our experiences and knowledge of UK societies class and culture and functionality . Not to mention those branch of the family who came over from France 500/600 years ago and spread across the UK and remigrated to Canada, USA Australia, New Zealand -my efforts for some 5 years, then Sir James Mancham alive to get my Political status transfer to France under UNHCR protocol and the real situation. The state and fate of people in that Seychelles is getting no better and any African countries and the thousands who flee their country and the why the horror of politic and they say this is reality.

We wanted to check the news and found our self watching the film obviously the occasion the Dairy of Anna Frank - then Netherlands/Amsterdam the second world war and the history and fate of the Dutch Jews. My sister lives in Holland her family and other family members grand children/ From our prospective the many articles we have written about Kilburn - Brent , then Ashford Kent then Caple le Fern efforts to migrate to the continent Belgium or France. Our important Polish connections among the nations of the former COMECON/Communist - in Pas de Calais the Jewish Community and the Polish Communities - they have five churches and their Organizations. My attempts to set up a small project in Calais -in Ashford the leading Polish company they rent warehouse and and produce cattle and animal food - indirectly they sold me a caravan and the photo of that young Mauritian athlete children and photo of those caravan we had in then Caple le Fern. The person of Pope John Paul ll his close Polish Vatican staffs who knew our issues and since the situation. The polish communities in Hammersmith, Tooting and Islington

The Dairy of Anna Frank film among many and that Heraldic community project of ours which influenced and inspired/synergized President Francois Holland to build that Co memorial Ring to the fallen in Pas de Calais a reminder of the Britexit burning issued the two great wars and the very grave danger of a third world war if Europe is not careful.




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