Seychelles takes part in first Mauritius Maritime Week

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Seychelles takes part in first Mauritius Maritime Week Empty Seychelles takes part in first Mauritius Maritime Week

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A delegation from the Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA) and the Seychelles Petroleum Company Limited (Seypec) took part in the first Maritime Week organised in Mauritius.
The event, that took place between January 23 and 26, 2018 was organised by the Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA) in collaboration with Transport Events Management Ltd of Malaysia as well as various other sponsors as part of activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Republic of Mauritius this year as an independent country.
The SPA’s representatives were chief executive Colonel André Ciseau and David Bianchi, director for Strategies at SPA, while Seypec was represented by Sarah Romain, general manager (Commercial) and Alexandre Barbier, sales and marketing officer.
The Mauritius Maritime Week (MMW) 2018 was officially launched by the Mauritian Prime Minister, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth. Several Mauritian ministers delivered key note addresses during the various sessions throughout the week outlining their respective sector’s strategic vision and direction in regards to the maritime advancement of Mauritius.

The MMW also included the 12th Indian Ocean Ports & Logistics (IOPL) 2018 Conference and Exhibition as well as a CEO Forum.
The objective of this international event was to showcase Mauritius, especially Port Louis Harbour, as a growing cruise tourism destination as well as an important logistics and transport hub in the region. The MMW 2018 featured 30 international exhibition stands, 35 international conference speakers and over 300 delegates who discussed topical issues and challenges on global ports and maritime transportation and logistics.
The event saw senior port executives interact with the region’s leading shippers, cargo owners, importers/exporters, shipping lines, freight forwarders, logistics companies, ports, terminal operators, railway operators, port equipment and service suppliers from the Indian Ocean islands and countries from Africa, Europe and Asia.
The event also provided networking opportunities for professionals to discuss the challenges unfolding in the transportation and logistics sector, as well as emerging risks and opportunities for the industry to promote economic prosperity and women empowerment among others.
The IOPL 2018 provided key industry leaders and market regulators from various parts of the world with a venue in maintaining cutting-edge knowledge and skills in port, shipping and logistics. More importantly, MMW 2018 aimed to promote the advancement of logistics and transport in the region - hence the strong relevance of Seychelles’ participation.

The year 2018 starts in full swing at the Mauritius Port Authority with various activities to showcase that Port Louis is on the way to become a maritime hub in this region of the world. In this context, a Maritime Week is planned to take place from Monday 22nd 2017 to Friday 26th January 2018 at the Ravenala Attitude Hotel, Balaclava.

Mauritius Maritime Week 2018 - transport events


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Seychelles takes part in first Mauritius Maritime Week Empty Re: Seychelles takes part in first Mauritius Maritime Week

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:43 pm

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We have addressed the issues of the New King Saud City and its new Shipping and port Capacity, likewise that SIROP program impact on the EUA and Gulf Shipping those who invented the Blue Economy politic

Everybody at that conference overlooked that what it took to plan that SIROP program and its implementation then President Ronald Reagan, then UN then USSR, the COMECON and China,  then African States - the announcement of the NEOM City project the facts that nobody have started to take it seriously the need and yet those who say that we have problematic with forward management today after wards their benchmark and business spin.  They were there and knew everything . NDP -In Austria we worked  for Control Co/SGS had been offered a job with Veritas and we have researched for SGS service by UNIDO over the years maintained contact in the mergers and acquisition and the similar debacles of the Big Gulf Investment in European Ports.

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What everybody in the Indian Ocean  are denying the important impact of that SIROP program on the business model and Development particular those from Mauritius . Since some of the official had inside information about that SIROP program objectives. The political calls utter dishonesty.  


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