Russian jet crashes after Moscow take-off

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Russian jet crashes after Moscow take-off Empty Russian jet crashes after Moscow take-off

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:29 pm

Russian jet crashes after Moscow take-off
BBC News 1m ago

Russia's EMERCOM confirms debris from Saratov Airlines plane found outside Moscow
From Russia RT 37m ago

Passenger plane 'crashes' after leaving Moscow airport
STV News 21m ago

Russian Saratov Airlines plane crashes 'killing all 71 on board' as horror first pics show wreckage in the snow

Saratov Airlines plane with 71 aboard 'crashes shortly after taking off from Moscow's Domodedov Airport'

Russian passenger plane crashes outside Moscow
The Guardian 31m ago

We want to address those Officials with expertise in managing plane disasters and crash - including those of Russia - unlike Seychelles and Mauritius the wide aspects of Management expertise those nations have special in the field of forensic science,

We have taken much time to write/explain many accidents and incidents - those who know we have responsibility still directly or indirectly use individual with mental abnormality/malfunction to cause and trigger highly negative psychological situation/environment using satanic rage /rage and when an incident /accident occurs because the way they perceive/manage such issue in Britain then the media refusal to investigate such incidents and criminal mal practice - From our part the efforts and methods we have to use/apply to prevent and combat/protect from such attack and incidents get repeated over and over again.

We have made a collage of several leading Austrian University psychologist/Psychiatric, religious personality and three Ladies including the current first lady when we have this combined image on our desktop those who use that satanic/antisocial mechanism they tend to shut /being less prone/aggressive to using that satanic mechanism to be nasty . When we have our Facebook page up it also helps those who can monitor our person inn real time and have similar experience and knowledge

Because of this situation it was decided to go and have breakfast at McDonald Ashford the police car on the way and the Traffic police car parked afterwards.
We used the time /Occasion to talk about our Pension situation, the Truth Commission in Seychelles and the land and money I am due and having taken 5 years to try and find a solution we may have to look at trying to purchase a Property in Rubaix boarder Belgium and the media cover - challenge - or just go on living some kind of prisoner existence and suffering daily/being abused.

We request Seychelles and Mauritius governments and official be very careful what they comment because if these issues landed in a proper/serious court the scandal and fall out - their utter corruption, abuse and dishonest practice.

Having worked in the field of high interdisciplinary management Risk and accident science for some 35 years and the many issue we have addressed and published hold the view that the accident that have caused the crash and death of that Russian Plan is linked.

I convey my personal concern to President Putin, his office and the Russian Intelligence Service, and the Russian nation and the families affected. The Russian authorities know we would not take our time to publish address such an issue public if there were not grounds, equally the EU high Officials and from our side the very awful situation go on - if only I had been able to get my political asylum Transfer to France or another European country. The Russian Intelligence Service and Government who watch and monitor my person know of the issues.


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