Armed Forces Day commemoration will have special meaning this year: Ramaphosa

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Armed Forces Day commemoration will have special meaning this year: Ramaphosa Empty Armed Forces Day commemoration will have special meaning this year: Ramaphosa

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:29 pm

Armed Forces Day commemoration will have special meaning this year: Ramaphosa
Post Sirop14 Today at 2:06 am

The same radio Salzburg we have been listening since December 2017 share the story of a Ghana former guide in Ghana who feel in love with a you visiting Austrian on exchange program - they have be married for 14 years and both ran the family Farm with some 14 cows in the Alpine mountain of Salzburg .

On special Sunday, this morning all those good and great person who have gone out of their high responsibilities and valuable time help lift our terrible mind after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission debacle. Mr Christopher Savy Facebook thread

There are very many reason we have added the photo of President Mandela and Bishop Tutu at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission debacle wearing the coat of the Knight of Jerusalem - beside their Hospitalier workings their unpublished Illuminati workings - from our side that leading International Human Rights lawyer Mr Rogers attitude and he has worked on the South Africa Truth Commission and unaware of my person this is when we break the rules. How the flag we had designed for Seychelles eventual third Republic came in the hand of the South Africa their National flag and the flag we sport at our SIROP portal - the linking connection between our current EU Community Coat of Arms and South Africa last Apartheid Coat of Arms. South Africa Heraldry. The person of President Mandela knew a great deal about that SIROP program and the South Africa Equation important connectivity and his Team then and those from the former government how they worked the issues and media until his death. We were left to protest and use our media possibilities to address of untold and extremes - the economic factors involved driving that South Africa SIROP component. This leading great Human Rights lawyer and his fellow associated refuse to hear anything - they are no better than the same bunch of what have you that beat up people in the Apartheid south African and killed and jailed them it is the same atrocious mentality. The many time we have proved them wrong by acting in a given situation then what the experts and media have written and the lies and distortions. The era of President J A Michel did not help either what has been uncovered in the National Assembly the past two years . President Mandela two widows know of what we are talking about. So to the late two last South African President .

Everybody refused to listen what happened and cause the mega Financial crash leading to President Zuma demise. Those High personalities form BRICS who ought to know better.

Now we have a very unique development president Mandela favorite person to takeover form him is now President of South Africa - the mistakes of President Mebki and President Zuma in regard to that SIROP program is he about to make the same mistake and completely refute and ignore the many issues of that SIROP program South Africa wise. Including the then issue of turning the OAU to AU what President Mandela knew and what we exchanged and chewed the cud on -the Blair government and many high officials . What the South Africa Intelligence have refuse to share with the pubic that SIROP program and the person of President Mandela /ANC Leadership and Pan African '@Congress. Today we have Facebook how it is used including those Royals of Europe and Monaco in their own language to communicate and share as well as the Gulf region who monitor our issues - their High person.

We cannot say over the past two days we have not been giving due thoughts to the person of first Seychelles President Mancham his links and connection to those past South African head of state and other African country past Head of state, media coverage/benchmark - what make this unique - the position of President Mancham in London at the time Mr/Politician Ramaphosa was actively involved prior to President Mandela release from Prison having stated he coordinated the process of then Mr Mandela release he ought to know a great deal of the unpublished and confidential issues the South African government, their military and Intelligence have never publish and that SIROP Program, this said He is not with us tonight to give his views and those responsible for his life work incapable. At the time time not Just the new South African President then President Mandela was well aware that the statement made that the Commonwealth had changed Seychelles one party system was a lie/dishonest the ANC and Pan African Congress link with President FA Rene and his Party. The manner we negotiated the issues with then President FA Rene in Office and his Ministers and the many others from Africa, the return of the exile, the debacle of the famous meeting between President Mancham and President F A Rene and the outcome, South African media coverage and Intelligence, beside OAU very strong interests in the development - the important economic and Financial issue between South Africa and the implementation if that program became successful, then position the UN/World Bank, then USA and then OAU and the Commonwealth, then Russia, then China, beside others - and that Sir James Statement was very inaccurate too. In Britain the government of then PM John Major in office. Not to exclude the view of France then President Mitterrand, then Italy, then Netherlands Royal and governments. What about then Israel government interests in that SIROP program and South Africa.

In all this there is the important relation of Seychelles and Mauritius 1987 to 1993, its economy and relation to South Africa and events, the foreseeable development how that SIROP program would benefit Mauritius importantly too, and what really took place if he was so close to unelected then Mr Mandela he ought to know a great deal and the position adopted by Mauritius and nobody have challenged this a bit like India and that Truth Commission major inadequacy.


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