The Jewish Community in the Pas de Calais for 30 years the Adventist in London, Kent and elsewhere the Sermon on Moses

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The Jewish Community in the Pas de Calais for 30 years the Adventist in London, Kent and elsewhere the Sermon on Moses

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We do not have a Forum dedicate to the Jewish/Israel Nations and communities in Europe - the important comment we made about PM John Major had they kept their pledge  and we had stayed  in France with that SIROP Program, the Beloff/Esptine old suitcase we carried the documents - Europe would have been very different and very likely no Brexit

In spite of the many issues we have been involved, threads and forum about those powerful Jewish entities in London/Britain for their business interests that ECU/Euro debacle how they intervened and became embroiled that we cannot migrate to the continent and instead find our self in London and the very many important and powerful Jewish families and individuals we have had to do with including our very Seychelles Consul in London

The issues of that SIROP program and the 250,000 Russian Jews who were allowed to migrate to Israel  and the 87,000 Ethiopian Jews allowed to return to Israel linked to that SIROP program - the burning topic of the Berlin Synagogue and its refurbishment

Again the article on the Holocaust compensation $8 billion  stating had there not been that SIROP program the many powerful Jewish personalities in Europe and the USA that Holocaust compensation may have never taken place yet it was on the agenda for a very long time and what ensued.

The SDA/Adventist they state they have inherited a good deal of their religious principle for the Israel/Jewish nation as do vast strand of Christian - the Lord was a Jew, all his families, disciples and founding fathers of the first christian churches and all the old Testament Scriptures come from their heritage.

In London at the high of the changes in the COMECON, the USSR, South Africa and the Indian ocean some of the great sermons the prodigal son, the whole of the old testament scripture examples and this transcribe to our life today. The Jewish community in Goldener Green, Hamstead and further up Islington and indeed those from Jewish Care who helped me get a new place to stay in London the Lubavitvch  and some of the Jewish leader we have interacted in the past 30 years - the debacle of Lady Thatcher and the 123 Regent Str building and Country Life and the purchase of the Synagogue to make the New Adventist Center today Crawford Place. The two  Synagogue rebuild St John Wood and one near where we staying in Kilburn

The troubling discovery is/are  the sermons about Moses crossing the Jordan and that Tunnel Project long complete and they are still about Moses and Aron in their Sermon how the Israelite cross the Jordan  and the Red sea. In most cases when we have attended these church sermons /Service those speaker and Pastor have know of our identity meaning that we are not English and that we have ancestors in France and the Indian ocean - in our specific case the efforts we have in 1991 to migrate to the continent  and the problematic associated /we have encountered , the UN, the UNHCR and the European Courts involved.

We can be forgiven compared to the Adventist resources and networks they have Churches in the Pas de calais the Jewish communities the first world war, the second and currently - still the Adventist preach about Moses/Aaron, the Priesthood  and the episode of crossing the Red seas and the Jordan in instance addressing our issues and situation - when those Adventist in  Seychelles get to read this thread even if badly written their reaction.  The process the Israelite took when crossing the Red sea and the Jordan  - now Sir James Mancham  is dead and many considered him as our Moses. Even he with all his European and international contacts did not know of the Jewish Communities in the pas de Calais - first , second world war - in our case we became aware in 2017 trying to get our Refugee status transfer to France and searching for all families and national heritage connection and links to the Indian Ocean.

The Adventist have a church in Canterbury, Folkestone and Ashford known as part of Area 4 beside the church in Lille - it would be very inappropriate if ever we attend on of those church and they start the Moses Sermon because we will stand up and ask for explanation for those 27 years misleading sermons.

How many remembers David Koresh and Temple Solair mega debacle we were then based at caple le fern and the Channel across all the time there were the Jewish communities there and what they must have known. We would like to expand this Topic of David Koresh and Temple Solair issues then Caple le Fern (The Masonic lodge in Dover, Folkestone and the Odd Fellow Society then 1992/3, the Bush government in the USA and the Clinton, the Adventist - in Russia the Orthodox Church were beginning to rebuild and the media coverage and the same in former East Europe, the situation in France and Britain the same mind set which is taking this nation to the Britexit, the mindset and politic breaking and destroying Yugoslavia we have had to battle the pasty 27 years in Kent -We were then in contact with those important Jewish Religious Institutions in London  and Israel and the USA - the situation had began to go pear shape those manipulating that SIROP program at all cost and those form the USA reinventing, the precedent this was causing the debacle of the first $21 billion Budge for the CIA and those two Nation were supposed to be friends how it all started going wrong, our important efforts to inform President Mitterrand other European Heads and the Vatican yet within  that working all the very significant events in the USSR, the COMECON, the Vatican there had been powerful spiritual/Religious force at work then Pope John Paul person and abilities and those in Canterbury things had not became so terrible as they are today. The many other Christian churches who had believe in the positive of Christian Power and faith and different society and humanity - to go by President Putin reaction of deploying futuristic Nuclear weapon and going back then those who had been able to persuade the USA and the USSR to go an alternative road the Powers of Faith and Christian to some extent Muslim faith As President Putin take this decision the Jewish Synagogue in Lille and smaller place of Prayer as we like to put it in the pas de Calais for the Jewish communities, to express the issues we had made a collage of the three Famous Biblical place of prayer  from Moses time to King David and Solomon, mounted in a clip frame and the strange Orthodox cross the pictures those who took our picture they are available to this day  the decision to allow the 25000 Russian Jews to migrate  and those form East Europe , the Holocaust compensation, the media distortion and political distortions one dare not write and print a different view as that which those judge they only can write- they had not been a key player in the debacle of those 250000 Russian Jews others had worked done it for them as well as the political issues and then changes in USSR, the COMECON and the world They are being called to witness, to account hence the debacle of Kroesh and the Temple Solair what was taking place the media never reported and the books written never mentioned and the TV politicians never talked about the issues with David Koresh and the Adventist being abused and badly manipulated and the outcome and the same the issues of Temple Solair Beside other churches the Jewish Synagogue was witnessing against what was going on in Christian saying/church working likewise those 5 Polish churches in the Pas de Calais then, the people on the Caravan site/Pub/Restaurant  knew and those visitors and the cars and transport driving by knew the gutter media - The many letters and protest that the Seychelles nation their founding father then belief some 5 generation ago in the Indian Ocean and France/Europe the same values and faith we used/applied in that SIROP program In the pas de Calais the many important burial place of their ancestors and those who attend the grave and resting place and heritage. Just two years later the Wikipedia project started and our involvement the objective to create a global information data base and information storage to counter the existing system which was manipulating miss informing  the world - the hope of that project and the information nit contain today and those politicians unable to use them . Had we had a Judicial Review we would have presented those issues in writing  and the European and International Court of Justice)

What is interesting we did not know that Jews were involved in Mining activities in East Africa we had know of Jews working  in  the Mine at different position. In the Pas de Calais they had to do psychical work and how this co relate with their belief./teaching and practices.

Since early this morning the furor from a certain religious quarter over the above thread - we want to stress we have requested the three Adventist churches in Kent, the Adventist church in Vienna and the Adventist general Conference in the USA at least five other Adventist church in London to pray for us as family and individual with this situation, wish to migrate to the continent , Orthodox church, the West Hamstead, two other Synagogue, the main Mosque in London Synagogue when we lived in Kilburn Brent and church of England and Catholic, Jehovah Witness congregations, Ghana Church, the same in Angers Loire, Paris, Vienna, Germany, Strasbourg, Rouen, request to the Vatican Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict, the same request to the churches in Seychelles, St Michel and St Vincent de Paul church in Hounslow , the Catholic churches and Polish churches, the two main churches in Calais those who have no respect for others faith and belief/values Sir James Gold Smith daughter property they have a Church we have even gone in their and prayed that we can find a solution to migrate to the continent the main cathedral in Rouen, Strasbourg ex Synagogue/Advent Center London, the Templar Church in Vienna, London and Paris, the Church's in Netherlands

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