EU will US-Strafzölle nicht hinnehmen

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EU will US-Strafzölle nicht hinnehmen Empty EU will US-Strafzölle nicht hinnehmen

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Mar 02, 2018 9:13 am

EU will US-Strafzölle nicht hinnehmen Vor 2 h

Deutsche Wirtschaft sorgt sich um Welthandel

Trump entsetzt Firmen und Partnerländer
n-tv NACHRICHTEN Vor 1 h

Gabriel „in größter Sorge“ nach Trumps Ankündigung
Meinung FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Vor 21 Min.

+++ US-Politik im News-Ticker +++: Trump kündigt Stahl-Zölle an und riskiert damit Handelskrieg
Ausführlich FOCUS Online Vor 13 Min.

Comment - Yesterday upon the visit of Council of Europe President to Downing Str we made comment inquiring what do the Mountain of Europe think of this Britexit draft explaining our relation understanding of Mountain science/knowledge - half educate person when he/they infer mountain in a conversation topic they may not be meaning the mountain itself they may imply the greater environment /collective wisdom of a person or person past present and future.

Specially after the Russian decision to deploy very advance Nuclear weapon referred to that SIROP program original concept the then relation of the USSR and the USA

The above news in German and English this morning particular in Germany in Berlin two years ago and Hambourg the issues of the German Steel we were involved with the involvements of the Gulf Nations.

Beside that SIROP program our own capacity to become involved in Europe and USA Steel multinational the mergers and acquisition and the issues of India big families the media what they write and experts - where is PM Cameron with his Big Society and PM Blair with his new Labour implying a political way of working collectively - the Commission President, the Council of Europe President and the German high Politicians - you have all refused to say what really change the political course of Europe the French election and the USA election the parties involved they know otherwise. This said the same capacity to influence and impact their office and national issues - the failure of the EU high Institutions to work that SIRO program accordingly and the same goes to chancellor Merkle and her government - we are being conservative with our thread. Meaning we are saying very little there are a great deal more.; The terrible situation the whole of Europe will is finding itself in.


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