Taking steps to prevent intellectual property theft

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Taking steps to prevent intellectual property theft Empty Taking steps to prevent intellectual property theft

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Today in Seychelles
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Saturday 3 March 2018
Cabinet briefing
Taking steps to prevent intellectual property theft
Cabinet approved for the setting up of a centralised Intellectual Property Office to facilitate the process of registration and administration of intellectual property rights.
by S. Marivel
The decision aims to also facilitate the process of drafting policies and legislations relating to intellectual property.
Cabinet Secretary for Institutional Affairs John Bastienne explains that intellectual property for companies refers to designs, patents, and trademarks, which all need protection from theft or imitation.
Other forms of intellectual property include content created by artists, musicians, and authors among others. They too need protection from theft or imitation, and those who use their material in any way need permission, and in some instances, must pay the original creator of said content being used or reproduced.
“Consultations with the World Intellectual Property Organisation shows that we do not have enough staff in our domain and because of this issues are fragmented so we need an office to take care of everything,” Mr Bastienne said.
In 2014, two laws were enforced; the Copyright and the Industrial Property Act.
Aspects of intellectual property will leave the Culture Department and now fall under the Registrar office and the office for Trade.
Mr Bastienne presumes that due to the lack of staff, “this means complaints lag behind, and we are guessing there are lots of complaints about intellectual property theft.”
The Seychelles Authors and Composers Society is charged with collecting royalties for various artists and creators.
In the past, artists did not take the habit of registering their work – which leads to unwanted imitation or theft which cannot be followed in Court due to lack of registration.



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