Local vendors bridge gap with consumers through bazaar

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Local vendors bridge gap with consumers through bazaar Empty Local vendors bridge gap with consumers through bazaar

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Tuesday 6 March 2018
Local vendors bridge gap with consumers through bazaar
Local vendors of agricultural products were able to market and sell their merchandise on a higher level last Saturday, through a Bazar Agrikol - an open market - organized by the Ministry of Agriculture.
by I. Hollanda
The one-day public event was held at the NSC Hall, Roche Caiman, which filled up with an eager crowd as soon as the event kicked off at 10am. The Bazar saw a wide range of agricultural products available, from crops, livestock, seeds, eggs, pesticides, to potted plants, which proved to be the most popular item on sale. There were also vendors who brought gadgets aimed to promote small-scale farming, such as small pesticide sprayers that could be used with a PET bottle as the container.
TODAY caught up with the Principal Secretary for Agriculture Antoine Marie-Moustache, who said the event aimed to bring vendors closer to their clients, and vice-versa, for marketing purposes as well as to create networks.
“After analysing the local agricultural scene, we have come to realise that there exists a gap between vendors and their clients, especially clients who are looking to establish new ties with new vendors, and broaden the scope of which they do business,” he said.
“With this in mind, we organised this event to bring the two together on a platform where both parties can meet and develop a better business relationship. We have invited not only those who sell crops and livestock, but also those selling products to embellish household, such as potted plants.”
The ministry also had a stall, where seeds, bio products, pesticides, fertilisers, and agricultural accessories were available, as well as giving advice on agriculture-related issues.
Around 47 people had registered for the event, but Mr. Marie Moustache explained that they received many more people coming to take part on the day of the event. “We had no specific categories, we only sent out the invitations, and those who responded were welcomed to take part how they saw best fit to market and sell their products,” he said.
This is the second such event organized by the Ministry, and the first for 2018. There have been three such bazaars held on Praslin, where Mr Marie-Moustache said the event has taken off rather well. The second one to be held later this year will be integrated in the National Day activities, and those wishing to take part can register directly with the National Day Organising Committee, while the Ministry of Agriculture are hoping to have another one – this time under their own umbrella – early December, before the festive season kicks off.
PS Marie-Moustache is also encouraging other members of the public to take part in the upcoming Bazar.
“Those with any amount of space can take up farming, and if not possible on a commercial scale, then for own consumption is already a plus, as it will cut down on the amount they need to buy,” he said. “And of course, any surplus can then be sold to others, so it is with this in mind that we are encouraging one and all to take up planting.”



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