50 ans d’histoire Mauritius 12 March 1968 -12 March 2018

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50 ans d’histoire Mauritius 12 March 1968 -12 March 2018

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Mar 10, 2018 3:58 pm

Among the prime reason those who opposed that my person return to Sechelles Seychelles and battle for State House position was/were the issues of Interdisciplinary High Management science/Discipline /knowledge and practices our European, USA, East Europe, Africa and Asia involvements - First President Sir James Mancham knew fairly well.

To the greater public who do not and refuse to understand and know this working it is as if you are a Priest and listen to the Confession of your Parishioner and then you blackmail them extort for them and the long list of criminal activities one could undertake.

Our/my conflict with Lady Thatcher government officials started they had perceived the benchmark and best practice my person should take and adopt and our view the need to develop a hybrid for the Indian ocean, Africa , Asia and Gulf Region workings what this implied. It meant form Europe becoming importantly involved if we had to be of any use much deeper than the average Management executives of Multinational in many instances , the diplomacy, bilateral, economy, scientific, military and other issues. Those governments of Europe and the USA who opposed this as long as we worked and corporate with them this was fine,.served them and their interests.

Visiting the web site prepared by Mauritius l;express caused my person to present the topic this way - the use of images to express, communicate and share knowledge and topics time past present and future yet they can be manipulated abused and distorted and the golden benchmark of High Interdisciplinary management executive as bad a Lawyers Judges, senior police man and Intelligence Service, doctors thrown out of the window. One is force caused to speak and explain. Particular the parameter of such working in the Indian ocean, Africa, Asia, Gulf Region

Please readers and visitors go back to 1985 the death of then PM Ramgoolan Father of the Mauritian Nation - refereeing to the special people who worked and represented the High Interdisciplinary workings what was happening then and what happened and what the media wrote and the mass educated as history. That same year the Assassination of the SNM/MPR Leader Mr Gerard Hoareau and the utter despicable benchmark of those Politician in the Opposition in Seychelles and their Truth and Reconciliation commission. Some of the images in Mauritius until very recent what synergized and impacted and influence many those issues, the vast complexities of High Interdisciplinary management discipline and knowledge/sciences, practices the issue so the deployment of a new Human and global communication to replace the Communist/Socialist system likewise in Corporate multinational workings the role and part we played, caused to play.

May be we ought to have become a priest and that way speak with older colleague and take their advice not get into trouble as an Interdisciplinary management High Executive this is very different. They do not have Baobab tree in Mauritius in Africa and Madagascar they have or Sechelles Seychelles to calm our deep personal workings issues, pain and turmoil to go and sit under a Baobab tree for several day and let the tree take care of our grief, pain etc. We have fours sets of Grand children every grand parent a look in the eye of their grand children is enough /sufficient to share their thoughts, whatever profession and feeling we have been prevented.

This Saturday as President Danny Faure made in SONA and the Opposition Leader replied, some of the threads on the NEOM City - we wish the peop-le of Mauritius a Happy and Prosperous, God blessing 50th Anniversary of Independence and in particular those we have associated and impute in the workings and affairs of Mauritius the Indian ocean the past 30 years and the future, the good Lord allow/willing.



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