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Post  Sirop14 on Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:33 pm

Had this been under a PM Blair government - we may never have got/been given the space, time and opportunity to address this issues - on account of the important relation between Seychelles Government of President JA Michel and the Labour Party.

They came to power in 1997, then Al Fayad, Princess Diana and many other greater debacles, including that Court Case to get some kind of Compensation and damage form the British government for what took place over our Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugee greater workings and that SIROP program.

The use of PR to utterly discredit, sleaze, dissimate wrong information about this Historic program and the issues involved and the = very many horrible ensuing issues, how they were managed.

For this reason had wanted to set up a PR Company in Seychelles or EU, those who used the Terrorist issues and such legislations to make it utterly impossible that we make any progress, including the USA.

How PR company works in Mauritius and those small companies in Seychelles who since have set Office.

We studied and learnt about the rudiment of PR in Austria - Vienna - Dr Bachmayer of OGM extremely Famous mean while and others. (Next to his Office the famous Vienna venue, the Kadanka Family business - Meridian and Mondial Travel in the 80's Seychelles government best Tourist partner)

Had we been able to register that SIROP program - the view and objective we ought to have our own PR Company/agency.

Below is a link to Greyling Austria, those who recall the Saatchi brothers and the Lady Tacther government our important involvements.


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