One of the very important issues we discussed with that special friend who has been "dispatched" is/was the CJD/Mad Cow Phenomen

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One of the very important issues we discussed with that special friend who has been "dispatched" is/was the CJD/Mad Cow Phenomen Empty One of the very important issues we discussed with that special friend who has been "dispatched" is/was the CJD/Mad Cow Phenomen

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We would not have started this note save that we had to attend the Vet this morning with our family dog/Labrador - "Dracko" as Dracko from Harry Potter. All those who know the issues and we have conversed/talked to. {Humans are worse lairs than dogs.}

I/we were to have taken him to the Vet on Monday and on that Day this special friend we have known in Kent for 19 years bid farewell to everybody. Those who know of the Issues. Before we came to Kent in 1991 given our field of Work as an Interdisciplinary management executive had already acquired a reasonable good knowledge of the Para Science and such issues. I/we had been a leading small farmer in Sechelles Seychelles too. Our Family and ancestors were Farmers. They too knew a great deal about the Para Science. Every country has a different dynamic/synergy associated with its Para Science workings/discipline as such Kent was/is no different. It just take time.

This Special friend who has passed away was a great lover of animals, particularly dogs. The{ facts that our dog was almost killed/virus?/poison the day this special friend was "dispatched". Those who may judge you do not tell the Vet such issues - because we have worked with animals, because we have worked with highly complicated EU Agriculture, British, France, Africa, the USA, Asia and China issues we have acquired a different dimension of understanding - in different country.}

Our dog has recoup/recovered - yet the attitude and position of the Vet in the first place our selection of the Vet Clinic. An issue is developing/has developed.

Some near 10 years ago when that "CJD/Mad Cow/Rage infested Britain, EU, Australia, USA and other countries" the media coverage, the politicians, the so call specialist and panel of experts - We had taken a great deal of time to discuss with this special friend the issues of "CDJ/Mad Cow/Rage infestation, the various views and thoughts and the views of the officials, the media etc. { They refuse to listen, take account, research properly those who had abused para science discipline, those who for hate, racism, criminal minded had been using and abusing very abnormal para science discipline and its/their impacts and they wantonly use it and apply it every day - when they hate and dislike somebody}

He was a person who understood the Para Science disciplines. Then social challenges in Britain - the officials had refused to put on paper that CJD was linked to Human, the many media coverage. The discussion by many Farmers that it was the Human that had infested the Cattle, animals because/on account of their own mental state, abnormal mental functioning - those who study and work with natural and nature as against the so call clinical experts. What ensued and followed right across the world, the mega economic sufferings, the farmers and the milk issues, EU economy which suffered. Still the so call view of the scientist - meanwhile what has been written publish and known across the world.

Most important it was the abuse of that" infernal satanic rage/crack vibe, neighbor from Hell criminal practice" which caused/had caused the cattle to be infested - the views of many leading personalities across the EU, Officials of the church and Education. Yet society has refused to learn just because there is not a major issues - everybody refuse to look /study the collateral fall outs. The impacts on humans, civilization right across the board.

Those same people/individuals who caused this mega environment and animal disaster to start are around and what they do and when they do their criminal activities. These are some of the same people/individuals we had discussed with this special friends. He would refuse to categorically accuse them - yet our many discussions around the problematic - he is now gone and those evil individuals who know the issues of his "dispatched" of the view we have nobody to communicate and discuss such issues - we can start being very nasty again.

This phenomena/human abnormal - criminal practice impacted the NHS workings, the very many issues over the past 10 years - particularly the issues of "bugs/virus" those who term criminal practice as "bugs and virus".

Medical workings is not just an issue in Britain - right across EU, the USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa. The benchmark of the medical practice and that of the Vet.

Just like you would go in Hospital and those who would be using that infernal satanic rage/rave and mad cow and their impacts, when you go to a Vet clinic those who use the same criminal practice and the impact on your person and the animal and pets. Added to that the important cost.

This morning at the Vet office took to discussing the issues of the Rainbow in the morning and the afternoon. They have not seen or experienced this/such phenomena for a very long time. For certain its interpretation.

We have tried to explain to close family the issues and impacts and how they loose their temper because they refuse to listen, they have been given a set of knowledge and information anything else is wrong. Yet like Humans before they go to hospital and the many bugs/virus and abnormalities which can make/cause them to get very ill - so too dogs and cats.

In writing and publishing what we have - we know who is reading our Facebook. Please because we are not white, we do not have a big house we are fools/stupid - we know what is out there and hwy and who is doing it and there are discipline/mechanism to prover and disprove this. We have been monitoring this phenomena across the world since 1985. The blogs and forums - discussions.


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