Danger for future world economic stability borrowing rate 0.25%

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Danger for future world economic stability borrowing rate 0.25% Empty Danger for future world economic stability borrowing rate 0.25%

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Dec 17, 2008 10:14 am

The very grave danger for future world economic stability borrowing rate 0.25% in USA

Twenty years ago we worked with a number of International Cartel dealing with multinational Credit, Steel, Cement and Heavy Industry issues.

The then state of the world economy, politic and ethical working benchmark.

Fifteen years ago when we moved away from direct involvement with the above - may be we ought to have stayed involved. The new economic scope - Those from the same International Cartel who beside the issues of Energy – here, we are talking not just Oil, Gas, Uranium. The new benchmark they put into practice whereby the method and ceiling of profit were not ethically regulated controlled. The terrible and massive damage and fiasco it has brought to the world working economy system. With very many demanding - questioning the purpose of Capitalism.

The mechanism at work was not just the acquisition of multi millions finance Service - how to market it. " It became a bit like the mountain of butter, cheese and wine in EU and the European subventions”. Those who made very big money with those products mountain - marketing and selling them.

In the International finance world the many new Products which were developed and marketed - the untested and very poorly controlled benchmark.

Some of the most important customers were African -Latin American, Russian, many of the former COMECON nations and China.

Those who talk about the $50 billions Ponzi system - this is just the tip of the Ice berg. The scam of the international media. They have been leading the world on some wild chase, on some phantom issues - Terror Issues. When some of the more important issues have been overlooked.

There are those given the many new Finance Products and mechanism and the Oil politic who have siphoned most of the the world Finance under their control. They are not about to let that control go easily - the power involved.

Why are they not selling credits of say $50 billions to the USA car Industry, German, France or Italian. Because they have seen there is yet the opportunity to make very much more money. The government will borrow from them – Tax payers money – subsidize, the pay the difference of the Interest and invest in the Car Industry or such industry. This is the politic of the world – far worse than the very bogus WDM of Saddam Hussein. The money the government is using to bail the Banks come from them.

The wise question to ask with the borrowing rate in the USA at 0.25%, who is and will further benefit. Those large Multinational Cartel and their major Principals in the Arab Region. They are the ones who have the vehicles to go to the market or a given leading institution and request for say $ 10 - 50 billions credit which they will then Market and sell for profit and yet make more money. The Tax payers having paid for it and his money - the Tax payers suffering, no job, no home, poor school and no food on the Table. Can anybody imagine you borrow $10 billions at 0.25% and you sell it at say 2% what this spell in sheer profit.

In Seychelles when they talk about the $2.8 billions, those same Conglomerate who have been using Seychelles since 1979 for such transactions. The little person on the street unaware of it - if your dare talk - ask him about it he will say you are bloody mad, go and get your head sorted or look at. There is not just Seychelles involved these conglomerate and international Cartel given todays Offshore Service the vast possibilities which exist – including Mauritius the MBC debacle of Terrence Appassamy, the Circus, the media scam. The people, the old men and woman, the children, the handicap and the helpless have to pay for this situation. this situation is far more terrible that any military, drug or criminal practice.

These Principals from the International Cartel ought to be contributing - their existence on this earth, the reason they are allow to breath the same air as others do. The governments, the EU commission did not have to borrow more money from those same International Cartel to save the /given a country Banking system or strategic Industries. Or the IMF - What many do not realize the very money the IMF - World bank use to loan and give credit - They are borrowed money. Just like the small $50 billions Ponzi venture of the USA concern Bernard Madoff.

The EU leaders, Asian - let alone the African Union leaders need to do some very hard thinking. Recall last month the massive conference calling all the leading economist of African Union together to debate where is African Union going to get further funding. This is part of, the biggest problem and issues.

Meanwhile the respective national media they blind people daily with their scam and lies whilst mankind is being taken, made hostage to this terrible international practice.

There are very many leading thinkers in EU who have criticized the Leadership process in EU to handle the current situation. They are just patching up, they are just acting as fire brigade when the real situation is far more dangerous and very grave. Meaning the powers and function of the International Cartel. They do not care if there was a war or not if mankind come to that- they have their solution.


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