MH17 plane was 'brought down by Russian military missile'

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MH17 plane was 'brought down by Russian military missile' Empty MH17 plane was 'brought down by Russian military missile'

Post  Sirop14 on Thu May 24, 2018 11:46 am

MH17 plane was 'brought down by Russian military missile'

flight MH17
MH17 downed by Russian military missile system, say investigators

MH17: Plane shot down with Russian military missile launcher, investigators conclude

MH17 WAS downed by the Russians: Investigators reveal missile which downed Malaysia Airlines flight killing all 298 on board was fired by Russian military based at Ukraine border
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Comment - The world/we want to build a NEOM City and yet the very basic of civilization workings we cannot manage adequately/properly - PM Cameron was in Office and we were still in the old Yard , the Builders Families, our efforts to get some money to move that Seychelles EU Communicability Heraldic to France Rouen, Sir James Mancham, and his associates, President J A Michel, our visit to Strasbourg to get help to stop the mega corruption going on in Seychelles and help change the system, the many impacting thematic some published and addressed in public then President Obama government.

Every president and their government create/develop around them a unique dynamic and synergy which those react and counter react in this case then PM Cameron the disappearance of the Previous Malaysia flight and come the downing of the above flight from the Netherlands to its destination. We mentioned this to our close family who lives in the Netherlands. Events in the Indian Ocean, Europe Seychelles and the Gulf - the Britexit forthcoming Referendum propaganda and the nastiness those form UKIP. Those from Ukraine who had know of the Seychelles Europe and Indian Ocean link with Ukraine

We listened to BBC coverage of the position of the Dutch Justice and Police - it is completely wrong and lack of Justice when you have those who can knowingly use a certain well proven system, dynamic that can cause accident , loss of lives, uprising and other related death when this is applied and what it triggers - what the media then write, ( Now in Seychelles to couy/con /crap the dum Seychellois to teach media studies at the Seychelles University how to crap the nation and society) the the approach, science and discipline , benchmark then use buy investigators. Those who have knowingly applied the mechanism which caused and triggered the incident getting away pretending they know nothing and were never involved and nobody can prove this.

The ICC and the International Court in Based in the Netherlands - the statement and conclusion of the Dutch Justice finding will be published across the world yet no mention of what we have mentioned and those involved in this barbarous practices. If challenged then they say we will have you killed, arrested or we want control of our boarders we do not want anything with European Justice. These/such practice is part of British Culture or values.

In as much as the actual Missile came was fired by a Russian military contingent just like we had those crazy plane flying above us with nuclear heads nobody knew who had sent them up and the mechanism discipline and science involved - long list of other terrible incidents - like you get experience those highly abnormal incident, the need for the aspect of these workings, phenomena to be investigated buy the officials. Otherwise the very working of many other nation is in grave danger those who will apply such terrible working and death occurs people get killed and the benchmark those official, use to investigate until the next big death and accidents. One would have expected with the development of criminal science investigation - such major issues and mechanism apply which can be apply investigated and researched using all the Justice resources - among the many experts specialist investigators one of them would think of such possibilities and demand deeper research and investigation. That his view and opinion get written down and presented along with all other evidences.


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