SCR 18 million lost in internet scam and fraud

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SCR 18 million lost in internet scam and fraud Empty SCR 18 million lost in internet scam and fraud

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Today in Seychelles
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Tuesday 22 May 2018
Online scams
SCR 18 million lost in internet scam and fraud
The Seychelles Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is once more calling on people to be more vigilant in their interaction with strangers online. This comes after the Unit has recorded an amount of SCR 18 million that was lost through online scams and fraud in the last two years.
by K. Lespoir
According to a communique from the unit, a total of ten official cases have been reported to the FIU as opposed to eight cases reported for the whole of 2017.
"This increase is really alarming" said Patrick Moustache, Director of FIU, speaking to TODAY Business yesterday afternoon following the press conference.
"Since the last time we came on the media to talk about the situation, we have noticed that people have let down their guard and they are less vigilant in their interactions with strangers online. Hence, the radical increase in the amount of money that the country is losing to scammers" noted Mr. Moustache.
Without a doubt many people in Seychelles use social media for news, exchanges and of course to connect with new people from all over the world. Scammers use this platform to set their traps.
"The scammers would often send you a friend request, they only do this after they have meticulously studied your online profile. In the instance that you are a man, they would pretend that they are a beautiful women by stealing another person's identity. After that they would develop a relationship with you and they would say things like 'I want to come and visit you, could you send me some money for air fare?' others goes a step further, they may ask you to do a rather embarrassing video and threaten to share if you do not pay a sum of money, this last example is in fact a real case that was brought to our attention," noted Mr. Moustache.
The Director of FIU also said that the scammers sometimes use names of popular personalities in the country to validate their scams, for example, the President, the former mayor of Victoria or even the Governor of Central Bank, "It is a pity that people are falling into these scams, if these people had loan opportunities, don't you think they would have come on the local media to talk about it, people need to be vigilant and careful with regards to what they read online," he added.
In the meantime, the FIU is working with the authorities in Nigeria to try and identify those scammers and put them to task, "whilst we are liaising with the relevant authorities, they have already informed that this task would be challenging as the perpetrators normally use internet cafés and they tend to move from one to another. This makes it difficult to trace and identify the culprits," said Mr. Moustache.
The emphasis is therefore on education in Seychelles, "We are hoping to work with our partners on a much broader education programme, such as spots on television, this will also depend on the availability of the budget," noted Mr. Moustache.
In the meantime, the Director of FIU explained that they remain available to provide guidance and advice to those who feel that they are being subjected to an online scam
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Comment -Amelie Belle People should also be aware that scammers do not always operate online. Even so called intelligent individuals have fallen victim to similar scams including the Leader of the Opposition! Therefore this education should be about awareness of scams and if any proposal is too good to be true then it is most probably a scam!

Time 8.29 British time, we decided to post this article to our EU Community Forum - before posting those staff of the above Organisation threats and intimidation - these are the same bunch/lot before the National Assembly exposure, they threatened and bullied and intimidate us they would report to the British police, the CIA and FBI and the European police - instead of helping us, how they robbed and pilfered that SIROP program and the $ millions they stole, creamed of Tax payers money and other individual money this is policing in third world country and its accountability. This is the so call Justice. Had we not got the European Union involved and the debacle of Minister Pat Pillay breaking away and forming the LDS the mega crap and super con and the rest of the word,the white House and ,Westminster , Paris believed those very dishonest policing body. Given the benchmark we ought to adopt Judges EJ Stiven benchmark, people such as these if apprehended they ought to be given the maximum sentence they are supposed to represent the law and when they break it, they ought to be treated as the most vulgar and terrible;e criminals - They are using and applying that criminal satanic mechanism rage and satanic rave on our person when major accident take place people get killed, they the so call police what they say and attribute the events and incidents. They want to control dictate that Truth Commission, what took place and what is represented those they control - a great deal of issues will have to be address and made public -


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