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Post  Sirop14 on Wed Dec 12, 2012 1:59 pm

Yesterday morning we/ I Decided to travel to Purley, a more quiet working environment as in Islington to address a very burning and current issues – those African from the African Union Stock Exchange and Market involved in our national Stock Exchange. The nastiness, the harassments, the threats, the bullying attempts to take our live/have us killed. The benchmark in Africa how and those involved in big business in Africa, work think an comport themselves.

As a result we used the page of and address – pointed the attention to all those involved in that Seychelles Stock Exchange, not to forget what we have addressed about the Anglo Rand Involvement one of the leading Stock Exchange experts in South Africa – their attitude, what we wrote to them and the outcome.

Beside the issues of that Stock Exchange history as against that of Mauritius and Palestine which we have been involved importantly.

We also made another entry in our Community forum for those who noted/watch and monitor what we do. We addressed the issue of the Hobbit.

We had wanted to use the resource of Westminster Library behind the Seychelles Consulate in Baker Street instead using the resource of the Ethiopian off Caledonian Rd, the small Seychellois community – up the road where PM Blair and his Family lived, events and history. Most important after some 36years of Exile/refugee working across Europe and the world – our important historic contributions in instance and the benchmark and people, society. Very important like/as the Seychelles laid more emphasis on workings rights – this is the last working December before we turn 65 years in September 2013 and the working rules in Britain and the new workings regulation being set by the Coalition government.

To start with this is just not any thread it ought to be a historic thread on this issue addressed by our person. Our environment is not conducive to address the thoughts and issues properly.

In the Seychelles of Colonial British we belong to those Seychellois who treated and respected the Working Rights of workers, our relation with the Trade Union, those from then SPUP and even at the Hotel construction site and on the Dock. Having said that the foundation of Human Rights workings was /were laid by our founding fathers – European, the builders of Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles - beside other lands they lived in the region, India, South Africa and South Asia.

Events in Seychelles, the coup d’etat, counter coups finally results of that SIROP program and the associated opposition parties and those in Seychelles. We had trusted that with the changes after some 15 years of bitter fighting, division and negativity, when those in Seychelles had practice racial, ethics, cultural and political cleansing against the children of those who founded and build Seychelles – their hard work, land and sweat stolen, taken by the power of gun, terror, theatres and just about every evil and the results. Things would be very different.

Given we are talking about international Human Rights 2012 – they saved the lives of those African decent in many instance in Seychelles, educated them in comparison to the state of things in Africa then – those same people, human beings who repaid their work with events of 1977 and since.

We want to address our person experience – we/I belong to those young Seychellois who have contributed a great deal to Africa – some of the outstanding issues, the Ethiopian Famine, countless issues relating to then OAU unwritten and unrecorded. Because we judge it was the proper thing to do and manner to live.

We live and have lived in Islington, 10 minutes walk from the Old Building of Amnesty International and their new HQ, events the past 14 years and ongoing events/issues - what imput we make even if we do not write and address them on the web or forums.

It musty not be seen as jumping the subject – another aspect of our workings life our important contributions to the issue of the COMECON, the USSR and China – the difference in culture, social working , politic, economic and mentality. Events from 1978 to date who they have repaid our person with hate, sleaze, nastiness and a range of unpleasant inter human relation. On top of that those individuals former communist national who when Seychelles acquire in third republic – they judge it right to go and live, work and invest in Seychelles and how they treat our person and those of our exile community with contempt – if we went to their country and comported the same way their would be nasty retaliation, death and much more.

Many of these individuals are now, have found their ways in workings for many of the international institutions workings with exile and refugees and how they treat our issue and subjects – so in addressing the issues there is not difference between the black African treating our person or those white form the former COMECON, USSR and China or Latin America.

We now go back to Africa – in spite of all the negative experiences, and the dangers we face go involved in Africa debt write off, those from the Blair government who know the issues, issues of the Francophone.

In Britain for the past 30 years our contributions to the exile/refugee workings and the Grass roots and the same very negative thank you, negative human relations and position. The question to ask where lies the problem –our person way of looking at the issues and challenges ot the people, the issues we have worked for and contributed to. If/should we be able to get Lady Tacther to comment, her government - because we had had some working experience with UN/UNIDO/World bank - that project of Indian Ocean Industrial Investment Promotion Center - along the line of the CARICOM and later COI and Today. It required great efforts and pull together. The lies that has been written in Mauritius and Seychelles. We were required to work with the Black, West Indian community in Britain, the many issues the Police and Intelligence Service and others know of, as such those who knew and know our issues - we have contributed importantly to the imancipation of the West Indian community in Britain my important Jamaican connection by way of Judge EJ Stiven, his friendship and connection to the elite of Jamaica politic and big business, all those who know the issues and some of the Black MP we have helped come to power.

What has been written about the change of the OAU to African Union in very untrue. Because we had used that SIROP program to help, support and take part in many important political , economic change across Africa, the dynamic and synergy. The important experience negative and positive based – form these we were able to use the experience to become involved in the process to change the OAU to African Union. We had also been involved in very many important and historic changes and events of EU development never addressed in public.

Equally important what/Which institutions was to be based where in Africa including the Headquarter of the AU. Those individuals like Dr Kofi Anan who know exactly what we are talking about and Dr Jean Ping former head of the AU and President Mbeki and a few others.

Most important the dangers, death and reaction of USA, Britain – other western nation when they found/discovered we have been involved importantly in this process – what their media and other wrote another things – yet they knew we had been involved. For the Black African people what this meant in Africa, across the world on the streets of Europe, Russia, China – where ever they were. Yet their reaction ti our person. In most African countries when such individual work and take part – they become very rich and very famous and very important. This has not been the case of our person. Something s is/must be very wrong somewhere.

Forget Seychelles – what is taking place on the Streets of London, all, those hundreds from black Africa who ought to know better what we have done over the year positive and how we are being treated, hounded and stalked and the manner and methods they are using.

Our current situation in Seychelles would not be so bad if those young Black Seychellois did no take their cue form those they meet in London and elsewhere about our person, they come to Seychelles or they travel to Africa and elsewhere.

Equally important, since the appointment of that Female High Commission for Seychelles in London, former Minister Pierre Loyd, compared to Commissioner Pat Pillay, our situation have become very complicated, her joining those Black on the streets of LOndon in hounding and harassing our person - the resources and connection of African Union in London - "the involvement of that anti social, rage, rave, bullying, sleaze etc" In Seychelles whilst in Office her abuse of this mechanism to con, force others in accepting her view of thigs even if she was very wrong - we are not in Seychelles, but Britain and EU and the Laws. Waht the Oppositions have addressed on Forums and blogs and Facebook.

Then there is the involvement of the Seventh Day Adventist Black church in London and Seychelles - those politicians who cannot relate, understand why the Black Seventh Day Adventist have taken such stand and yet they believe they are those who on Judgement Day, our Lord Return is destined to go to Heaven as against the greater Mass of pagens and heathens. they believe they have the ultimate truth.

We will take this opportunity to address an issue which will get a great deal of individual upset/uptight. We have stated plainly given our experience and expertise contributed that President Obama got elected the first time and the second time when everybody judge he will not and ought to come back. What we have written about the dynamic of the Indian Ocean region change and the need to formulate new policy and working approach. Yet since his re election President Obama has joined those -, who are now hounding, terrorizing and stalking our person.

How many follow the development between President Obama coming to office and the state of Africa economy and financial and market workings – because of his presidency, the positive dynamic, synergy which has enable the African continent to develop a very dynamic Exchange and market system. My question to you all had he not been elected would this have taken place. In and across Africa those greedy for power – their relation to power and money. If you are owned something how you react and threat others.

I have gone into the issues of Christianity/interfaith our important contributions and the building of St Peter Basilica in Africa among others.

We have address also address the issues of Masonic and Fraternal working in Africa and their respective benchmark compare to Europe, the USA and Canada.

We have addressed some of the very complex working of that “infernal satanic/rage, rave, crack vibe the very negative impact – how it destroy society, life, community, family – those involved that this get spread all over the world and today all those abusing it and those who thing the world was created with this infernal infestations and if you do not use it you do not know anything. The role of the media and politicians.” There is the important requirement to state - just like we worked the issues of CERN, the Web, we had researched and we had researched on the dynamic and communication required to make/help that SIROP program work and be implimented. We had researched a great deal into the CIA, KGB, BOSS, French Intelligence and Masonic workings then - we decided to create and deploy the original version of what is/has been termed as the buzz, those who criminalised and added their own disciplines and concoitions. How it is being used today and across the world. We were not alone in this work, some of the leading politicians in Europe and some of their institutions were involved, including the EU. Including South Africa and Isreal and Jewish community in Britain and Europe.

Our workings is not the working of one individual – is the collective working of our ancestral workings from Europe, the USA, North America, Australia and South Africa and south America. Because from those 21,000 exile/refugee those who have given up , scared or too frightened to come forward and help become involved and those very few who are involved.

To close this thread – what we have addressed about CERN and WWW we knew – had to know a great deal about human workings and thinking before committing our person to this path of given the world such connectivity and those across the world not just Africa – but them importantly. The way they are treating our person in London, Seychelles and Africa. ON the European continent they would dare not because of the different system and values – they would be told bluntly you watch your steps or they will have trouble and we know what we are talking.

We hope those of you who have worked with LUNGOS and that Azemia LUNGOS chair persons supposedly related to my/our Family at Point Larue, the Army Barrack. We trust they will take our thread and shoe it to President FA Rene and President Michel and those of you in the National Assembly read very clearly what we have addressed.

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International Human Rights Day 2012 – Empty Re: International Human Rights Day 2012 –

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Dec 12, 2012 2:00 pm

The earlier comment we had entered was to say/ask if any of you have read 12/12/12 of all the British news paper on Immigration and in instance the graph and statements that there some 7.5 millions migrants in Britain and that in London the White British.English are in minority. Our interests lies therein that we have been working, involved in those issues - Migrant, exile for the past 35 years across Europe and the USA in relation to UN many institutions workings, statistics and functionality.

At the time of the last election between then PM Brown Labour and conservative the estimate was 8 millions

There are also several articles about the Council getting super poison to exterminate super rats. We are not blind.


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