The second biggest next to Drug dealin/trafficking is Antiquity and Antique

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The second biggest next to Drug dealin/trafficking is Antiquity and Antique Empty The second biggest next to Drug dealin/trafficking is Antiquity and Antique

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Today being Wednesday 9.01.13, the stock taking done in most such business, the European and global business ending for the year 20012 and the prospect for 3013.

We took the time to watch a documentary from a fairly reliable TV Station about the both the illicit and serious Trade in antiquity and their respective impacts.

This interests us in so far those who knew our person in then Vienna of 1988 and Salzburg - what we talked about and later in Vienna those who traded in such business illicit and serious.

Our interests lies therein that in as much as Drug dealing is one of the biggest illicit business in the world, everything associated with it. So too Antiquity - much more than that - those who do not have to fiscally steal an object by steal, cream off and rob ethnic communities of $millions if not $billions every year and how the crime is carried out, technique and the fact that they may nerve be caught - unless the given ethnic community decide to take the laws in their own hands.

To make matters worse, they involve leading politicians, multinational most of Europe leading institutions, their very police and so call abiding citizens.

Just like Drug dealers have their code of conduct and ways of working so too those who are engage in illicit/robbing, depleting A given Ethnic community - their many highly complex and complicated workings form Heraldic to the actual items - what they do and how they carry out their crime - how benefits.

For instance in Seychelles if you are caught with a quantity of Drug over the legally specify quantity that do not warrant life - you will be sentence for life and the value of that Drug in term of Cash. Yet you get governments, leading international politicians, national institutions and big business stealing, manipulating, creaming off ethnic communities in $millions and billions nobody say or do anythings.

As the saying goes there is one law for the small person and another for the big thief/criminal.

The Curse of the Outcast Artifact

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In the three decades since David Dewey of Minneapolis began collecting Chinese antiquities he has donated dozens to favored museums, enriching the Institute of Arts in his hometown as well as Middlebury College in Vermont, where he studied Mandarin.

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