Flüchtlingsstreit: EU-Parlamentspräsident warnt vor Zerstörung der EU

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Flüchtlingsstreit: EU-Parlamentspräsident warnt vor Zerstörung der EU Empty Flüchtlingsstreit: EU-Parlamentspräsident warnt vor Zerstörung der EU

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:20 pm

Flüchtlingsstreit: EU-Parlamentspräsident warnt vor Zerstörung der EU
Antonio Tajani fürchtet, die EU könne an der Flüchtlingsfrage auseinanderbrechen. Er fordert vor allem die streitenden Parteien CDU und CSU auf, sich zu ...

Vor Brüsseler Flüchtlingsgipfel:Politiker fürchten Auseinanderbrechen der EU
Zurückschicken oder Durchlassen: Der Umgang mit Zuwanderung ist für die Europäische Union eine echte Herausforderung. Vor dem Treffen am Sonntag ...


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Flüchtlingsstreit: EU-Parlamentspräsident warnt vor Zerstörung der EU Empty Re: Flüchtlingsstreit: EU-Parlamentspräsident warnt vor Zerstörung der EU

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Jun 23, 2018 4:08 pm

Parliament: EU Parliament President warns of "destruction" of the EU ...
Parliament EU Parliament President warns of "destruction" of the EU in refugee dispute. Stand: 08:21 | Duration of reading: 2 minutes. Migrant children in Italy.

The President of the European Parliament warns of "destruction" of the ...
https://vaaju.com › Home › World
6 hours ago - The President of the European Parliament warns of "destruction" of the ... refugee conflict that completely abandoned their attempts to refugee ...

Refugee influx threatens fall of EU, warns Dutch PM | Financial Times
26 Nov 2015 - Refugee influx threatens fall of EU, warns Dutch PM ... Mark Rutte, whose government assumes the EU's rotating presidency in January, said southern EU ... “We have to safeguard the spirit behind Schengen,” Mr Juncker told the European Parliament ... German migrant holding centres spark controversy.

EU migration crisis: EU chief warns Europe has TWO WEEKS to solve ...
https://www.express.co.uk › News › World
5 days ago - THE President of the European Parliament has admitted that the future of the ... The President of the European Parliament Antoni Tajani issued a shock warning to ... genuine refugees and economic migrants before they left Africa. ... leader to fall over the crisis amid fierce clashes within her fragile coalition.

New EU brawl over migration policy – POLITICO
13 Dec 2017 - Tusk to ask EU leaders to declare mandatory refugee quotas 'ineffective' ... disputed Tusk's assessment, noting that more than 32,000 refugees, or more ... with the Parliament, which has equal say over the EU's asylum policy. European Council President Donald Tusk | Dario Pignatelli/AFP via Getty Images.


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Flüchtlingsstreit: EU-Parlamentspräsident warnt vor Zerstörung der EU Empty Re: Flüchtlingsstreit: EU-Parlamentspräsident warnt vor Zerstörung der EU

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Jun 24, 2018 3:13 am

Just as/like that SIROP program those who attempted several times to take it over and hijacked it what we have written, because they did not write it were not there in the many aspects of its conception they would fail, make a mess in the process and the many fiasco which ensued and took place.

The same with COI and Indian ocean RIM Association, those who have boasted and purported they put it together  - because they were not there at its core conception, formulation,  they overlooked and failed - that concept was put together after the Regional and world economic failure, the Gulf war issues, fallouts those who had wanted to cause a malfunction of that SIROP program. Those from Britain, then Conservative government and official of PM John Major linked to the BIOT debacles  and the USA who had opposed such a regional body for the India ocean, their arguments about giving powers and empowering that region their political economic and military interests. How they had seen would have like that SIROP program implemented in the Region right across the Board and the many thematic/

Then Europe in its rapid changing process being impacted, synergized driven in part by that SIROP program, those we had enlisted to formulate this Regional concept, those from Asia, Australia, then India and Pakistan, then Gulf then Africa - then UN, then NATO, Russia and China

Beside some of the economic topics worked out by the Indian ocean Rim Association - the need to understand other aspects of regional working being created, develop and hammered in place on the back of that SIROP program dynamics -  among them then 1995 exile/refugees situation, the position of the UN/UNHCR and others, their approach and the reality to provide a regional capacity for those regional nations including then Africa to battle,  find solution to the refugees thematic and challenges - this was never implemented,  the political cacophony, greed and corruptions and ripoff approach of many of its leading politicians, utter abuses  and crapping those less able and capable of defending themselves, then what is gets written for the world, gets painted. Including regional defense and military corporation, knowledge and information exchanges.

Later in one or two of former President James Mancham books, the topics he addressed and the many debates and international and regional lectures he addressed.

Added -
We have made that extra effort to create this forum as such the need to be sensitive to feedback, whatever form -those who have indicated in Europe they would prefer to deal with younger generation over that SIROP program including high person in France/Paris, our view is that not because we are aging because, we have acquired and amassed a great deal of knowledge and experience and many of the current European Head of state have not sufficient knowledge of how this current Europe was build, your party politic and publications, the reality.

Given that Mauritius host the secretariat of the COI and the Indian ocean RIM Association, very strangely we got to watch a Facebook link of the appointment of two young priest in the Diocese  of Angers, the Mass - the dedicated a new church last December in Angers on the back of that SIROP program dynamic - to remember we took the core contents of that program in Angers Loire 1990 for safe keeping, 15 days later the first Gulf War and the intention had been not to return to Britain, they were left in the care of SVP, what the French high authorities got to know, then President F Mitterrand government and the High official of Vatican Pope John Paul Office. In Angers - Loire is the official address of the Association/Friends of Mahe de La Bourdonais.

This Sunday as those Nations of Europe gathered to find a solution to the refugees, migrant crises and in Italy in particular the classical film we watched of that Irish Cardinal actor Gregory Peck, who save so many during the second world war and the German/Nazi occupied Rome.

Sensitive  to concern had written to Sir James Mancham youngest son, who have worked for Seychelles government in the Foreign Department  to meet with us  in Rome, others would have joined us, Lady Mancham replied that their Son was unable to travel to Rome he had other commitments. Having explained how Sir James Mancham and my person worked those issues and crises, communicated with the greater world and the high officials, leading personalities.

Our ancestors in the Indian Ocean, ie., Mauritius, Seychelles, Reunion, Comor, Madagascar, Diego Gracia brought us by, drummed into us when there is discord and trouble in Europe then colonies suffered greatly, the Europe including Britain, for 40 years the relation the Indian ocean, West Indian ocean have been building with Europe, events and current special relation, the nations of the Indian ocean particularly, West Indian ocean have benefited a great deal, their respective development and achievements - the current and younger generation were not privy to what our ancestors brought us by - it is our duty and responsibility to let them know, share with them, pass it on. The manner and ways we input to help build this special relationship - it did not happen by itself.  


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Flüchtlingsstreit: EU-Parlamentspräsident warnt vor Zerstörung der EU Empty Re: Flüchtlingsstreit: EU-Parlamentspräsident warnt vor Zerstörung der EU

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:00 pm

Austria stages dramatic anti-migrant exercise
Austria today staged a border protection exercise as it prepares to assume the EU presidency and push for immigration measures as the bloc is gripped by ...
Daily Mail

Austrian police, army perform migrant exercise at border
Fearful of a domino effect if Germany closes its borders, Austria staged a high-profile training exercise Tuesday to show how it could deal with an influx of ...
Fox News

Grenzschutzübung in Österreich: "Notübung ohne Not"
Eine Stunde hat die Übung in der Steiermark gedauert: Insgesamt 700 Polizisten und Soldaten waren Teil der geprobten Abwehr "Pro Borders" an der Grenze ...

Grenze zu Slowenien: Österreich übt Abwehr von Flüchtlingen - und benutzt rechtes Hashtag
Polizisten und Soldaten haben an Österreichs Grenze die Abwehr von Flüchtlingen simuliert. Sie nannten das Manöver "Pro Borders" - ein Begriff, den die ...

Simulation in Österreich: „Mit dieser Übermacht können Sie jederzeit die Grenzen sichern“
200 Polizeischüler, die Asylsuchende mimen – und Hunderte Polizisten sowie Soldaten. Österreich probt am Übergang zum EU-Nachbarn Slowenien einen ...

Symbolträchtige Grenzschutzübung:Österreich lässt Einsatzkräfte aufmarschieren
In Spielfeld überqueren im Herbst 2015 Tausende Flüchtlinge unkontrolliert die Grenze nach Österreich. Inzwischen kommen dort zwar nur noch wenige an, ...

Asylstreit - Österreich übt den Grenzschutz
In Österreich halten mehrere hundert Polizisten und Soldaten an der slowenischen Grenze eine Grenzschutzübung ab.

Maaßen warnt vor „Asylsuchenden in Parallelgesellschaft“


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Flüchtlingsstreit: EU-Parlamentspräsident warnt vor Zerstörung der EU Empty Re: Flüchtlingsstreit: EU-Parlamentspräsident warnt vor Zerstörung der EU

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Jun 29, 2018 11:48 am

EU Leaders Pull All-Nighter To Produce Fudged Agreement On Migration
European leaders struggled to overcome deep divisions on migration at a tense EU summit that dragged into the early morning hours of Friday before yielding ...
HuffPost UK

Migrant crisis: EU leaders plan closed migrant centres
Closed migrant centres are to be set up in EU states to process asylum claims under a deal reached after marathon talks at a leaders summit in Brussels.
BBC News

EU leaders hail summit victory on migration but details scant
Italy's Conte 'satisfied' but Angela Merkel still needs to convince coalition partners she has a way to control immigration.
The Guardian

The irrational fear of migrants carries a deadly price for Europe
A dangerous new mood stalks the EU as liberals heed the panic sown in Italy, says author Daniel Trilling.
The Guardian

EU reaches deal on migration after 'toxic' summit - but fundamental questions left unanswered
EU leaders agreed a deal to tackle their ongoing migration crisis after six hours of negotiations that exposed the bloc's deep east-west divisions.
The Telegraph

Comment - This 29/6/18 Seychelles Independence Day, then Colonial East Africa, Gulf Region, Asia and Cold War Communist verses West Capitalism - the bloody proxy wars in Africa, Gulf and Asia from 1976 to date - all those leading personalities in Europe the USA and USSR and China and the COMECON who knew about that SIROP program its objective. What really took place the /African Nations and the Arabs.

Nobody wants to take this opportunity to remind the issues of cutting a suit for Africa on the model/pattern of Europe

Today we have this African Union its many institutions and the media which covers them . A good degree of the current EU political situation is due to that SIROP program mismanaged by those current EU Officials and its institutions.

The need for Europe to strike a very delicate balance even if the European media and its citizens go mad loco - to remember we fought their political proxy wars the Communist verses capitalism. We have learn a great deal and know a very great deal. This Europe is not the Europe of 1986 it need the partnership of African Union and the Indian ocean, not dictated - From South Africa to Somali the high exile/refugee communities including Madagascar and Comor, the situation in Yemen.

We tell this Europe plainly Lady Thatcher insinuated we had the capacity, rather Saddam Hussein to destroy the world with dirty weapon in three hours what she meant - the dynamic and synergy of that SIROP program bring an army of Judges and lawyers to sit and study the many thematic we have addressed they will find and discover massive gaps and the onus will fall on in the Eu they helped importantly to concept that program against the USA wish and judgement and its Military - what has taken place and current development . Those exiles/refugees from south Africa, former Rhodesia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia up to the North Africa who have worked their exile/refugees issues with us instead of developing positive possibilities with that SIROP program future working the approach. As if those Nation have not Right to think and develop ideas. Europe approach using Blanket Terrorist and criminal legislation, logic to managed and work Africa politic - the West Indian ocean is not Africa our ancestors are European and many of our Institution are from Europe and we have managed and hybrid them.

We use applied the capacity of that SIROP program to help avoid a global nuclear conflict involving Korea and again the global media how many times do we /must we make such intervention and impute and then in spite of the current communication possibilities the comportment of those in Europe. Do they never learn fron past history.

The African Nations the Arabs have moved on and emancipated a very great deal they read too and can think too. When in any relation they discover they have been miss handle what and how they will inevitably react.


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Flüchtlingsstreit: EU-Parlamentspräsident warnt vor Zerstörung der EU Empty Re: Flüchtlingsstreit: EU-Parlamentspräsident warnt vor Zerstörung der EU

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