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Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:27 pm

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Three days after Argentina invaded the Falklands in 1982 Lord Carrington resigned as foreign secretary, despite Margaret Thatcher's strenuous efforts to ...
The Times

Lord Carrington, former foreign secretary, dies aged 99
The Conservative peer was the last surviving member of Churchill's 1950s government.
BBC News

Rhodesia's War of Independence
Paul Moorcraft looks at the struggle to maintain white supremacy in what is now Zimbabwe, a hundred years after Cecil Rhodes' pioneers carved out a British colony there.

Lancaster House Agreement - Wikipedia
The Lancaster House Agreement, signed on the 21st December 1979, allowed for the creation and recognition of the Republic of Zimbabwe, replacing the unrecognised state of Rhodesia ... Lord Carrington, Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary of the United Kingdom, chaired the Conference. The conference took place ...
‎Negotiations · ‎Outcome · ‎British delegation · ‎Zimbabwe-Rhodesia ...

Peace plans proposed before and during the Bosnian War - Wikipedia
Jump to Carrington–Cutileiro plan - The original Carrington–Cutileiro peace plan, named for its authors Lord Carrington and Portuguese ambassador ...
‎Background · ‎Vance–Owen plan · ‎Contact Group plan · ‎Other plans by Bosnian ...

Sarajevo erupts after Carrington failure | The Independent
3 Jul 1992 - Despite a cordial welcome for Lord Carrington from Alija Izetbegovic, Bosnia's Muslim President, there was no sign of a political breakthrough.

Letter smooths the way on Bosnia talks: Lord Carrington has ...
https://www.independent.co.uk › News › World › Europe
14 Aug 1992 - Letter smooths the way on Bosnia talks: Lord Carrington has dismissed his feud with the UN chief as a 'dead duck'. Annika Savill spoke to him ...

Lord Carrington: 'I wish David Cameron would stop holding his wife’s hand’
Lord Carrington, the last of Churchill’s cabinet, on fighting the Nazis, missing the Cold War and why his MC was nothing more than 'pot luck’.

Peter Carington, 6th Baron Carrington

Comment -We experience a nasty crash those government agencies and Service who monitor our computer in real time - not to exclude those Britexit Ministers who have resigned and they use to monitor our issues, they still know the details and information - time and time have written among the important reason they want out of the European Court so they can practice their British version of Justice on people /individuals like myself nobody to stop and prevent them.

This said we had written a Comment it got deleted destroyed -

Our condolence to the Carrington Family, His associates and friends and the British people

The Wikipedia article are full of gaps and missing information

In the first place the debacle of his resignation then Falkland war topic the why this war was started, other complexities the British media and other never published  - he had belonged to those individuals we had worked other issues with economic and politic of Europe, Communist and the Indian Ocean and Africa, Gulf - he had known our friendship with the Oxford and the whys. The very many we had to work with to contribute to help Britain find another solution to its economic woes then 1980, then Prof Dr M Hofmann and Prof Von Hayak , my Austrian and German , Italian connections. the many instance we had contributed to Lady Thatcher government decisions in what capacity. He had know of the research . project to set up a concept for the Indian Ocean and the British, USA and Communist views and others the South African  and later the Indian ocean Commission. He had know of our Seychelles exile Faction politics -

Later in his role and appointment as NATO Secretary General the cooking/boiling pot of the Indian Ocean, East Africa, the Gulf the None Aligned and South Africa, China and USSR, he had known of the many attempted coup in the Seychelles, Comor, Madagascar and the Region, the debacle of Seychelles exile starting an incident  on BIOT to get the USA to invade Seychelles later our concept to start an International colony on one of he BIOT Island for the Refugees then -

When it came after Mr Gerard Hoareau Assassination to take the responsibility those who had ask of my person - that SIROP program, then NATO we had to refer a good deal of the issues with him and his office, the manner this was done , technique and those who knew and later denied everything. He knew all the issues of then President Ronald Reagan and the SIROP program, never a word or talk of the Commonwealth,where the money would come to finance that program, the important role and issues of that SIROP program in changing the USSR, the COMECON and  China, the Africa, the Gulf Region , Cuba and Latin America . He knew of Seychelles None Aligned  and massive Communist/Socialist backings and how they did business and  politic. He knew all the issues of then Pan African Congress, South Africa embargo issues, South Africa government support for that SIROP program later they all denied and all those involved, the debacle of East of Eden Colonial strategy. The many issues of the gulf and our SIROP program, Saudi Arabia, the Oil debacle, the Palestinian and the Lebanon and the Afghanistan debacles, He had know all our European major supports with that SIROP program the Italian, the Vatican the Church of England the Royals, the Templar and the mason and others, Mitterrand the Pan European people, all the European Royal involved and Dr Otto Von Hapsburg people - the Yugoslavia debacle, FA Rene people and government and supporters and the Indian ocean and the preparation to Break nit up and the why. So much of thee lies later publish by Solidarity and other how their country got changed the unpublished topic of how the Berlin Wall came down.  The unpublished issue of what led to the coup in Moscow then Gorbachev. The issues of those Soviet  Jews and Ethiopian Jews. The debacle of the fate of NATO after that SIROP program the mega debacle of the WWW and Mitterrand  and vast amount of information never published. He knew of the issues of the coming GulfWar with Iraq and that SIROP program those attempting to hijack that program and break it up or just plain grand thefts,

We have had another deleting/destroying attempt of this thread, He had know of all the Irish debacle and that program and Seychelles, all the major topic of the UN and its official with that program - it capacity to bring about major economic and political changes in ~Europe, Germany reunification and new German and France Role in Europe and the world  same changes in Latin america, the USA, Africa and the Gulf Region ensuing events in South Africa

Yet in In Seychelles the dishonest and lying Truth, dishonest Commission, in South Africa and other parts of the world the UN, those leading lawyers de Speville and Glover in Mauritius their lies. He and his office represent are the motive we never published the full contents of that SIROP program writing instead that the UN or the EU ought to have researched and report on that program their are issues which affect the very functioning of NATO and its existence the the existence of the USA -Given that Britexit the other unpublished issues of how Europe was build put together unpublished his NATO office knew and him as person knew and the current mega bust up in Britain the Lords and Commons and Europe. He had to know the important aspects of that program to develop the new human communication which was hijacked and turned into the CJD/Mad Cow phenomena and the horror and Terror it unleashed on mankind.


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Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:44 pm

France and NATO : presentation - France NATO
19 Dec 2017 - France in NATO during the Cold War. France, a founding member of NATO, participated fully in the Alliance from the beginning, and hosted NATO's first permanent seat in Paris (in the Palais de Chaillot and then in Dauphine). In 1966, France decided to withdraw from the integrated military command of the Alliance.

France and NATO - France Diplomatie
https://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr › Home › French Foreign Policy › Defence & Security
France's role in NATO during the Cold War. France was a founding member of NATO and fully participated in the Alliance from its outset. Paris was home to its first permanent Headquarters. In 1966, France decided to withdraw from the NATO Integrated Military Command Structures.

Comment - Even if these events took place 30 years ago the need to remind everybody our statement we would have preferred the UN, EU or African Union to report and write a review about that SIROP program including NATO role/imput, that Truth/untruth Commission - this said in Seychelles Judge E J Stiven Jersey and Frisian first cow they gave good milk how many politicians and can say this in that Seychelles since that program was implemented. Judge Stiven had know of Lord Carrington and all the others his role on the East Africa Constitution later Zanzibar and Seychelles issues.

The point being France was not a NATO member in 1986/87 when that program was written and the manner President Mitterrand comported himself and took decision in the interests of France in Europe and Elsewhere the difference since Sarkozy made France rejoin NATO these are highly relevant world thematic and yet in Seychelles and South Africa their comportment we need to take them to the vet to get them to give, produce milk or better milk.

How France took decision against Britain and the USA then 1987/86 had it been in NATO what would have ensued.


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