Pence unveils plan for Congress to create Space Force by 2020

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Pence unveils plan for Congress to create Space Force by 2020

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:16 pm

Pence unveils plan for Congress to create Space Force by 2020
3 hours ago - Vice President Mike Pence announced the Pentagon's detailed plan ... Trump directed the Pentagon in June to immediately begin the creation of the new ... Fourth, the Department will create a U.S. Space Command, led by a ...

Space Force: Mike Pence outlines plan for creation of Donald Trump's ... › News › World › Americas › US politics
47 mins ago - During a speech at the Pentagon, the US vice president said the service is ... following Mr Pence's announcement: "Space Force all the way!" ...

US Space Force will come into service within TWO YEARS to secure ...
2 hours ago - US Vice President Mike Pence has announced plans to create a new, ... Mike Pence said Space Force would be created by 2020 during a ...4

Space Force: Mike Pence launches plans for sixth military service | US ...
3 hours ago - Vice-president announced plans to create force by 2020, but any proposal to ... Mike Pence speaks about the creation of Space Force at the ... Mike Pence has announced plans for a new, separate US Space Force as a sixth ...

Comment - How did we get to this state of things had this been the situation there would never have been a change in the USSR, Berlin Wall coming down and changes in China, Africa and Latin America and the Gulf Region. Once upon a time however terrible President FA Rene crimes a highly respected person among the OAU for his politic -this Seychelles Truth Commission give President FA Rene a chance to make good some of his crime, help use the legal resource at this disposition tell the world what this SIROP program was really all about.

We have several. thread of the topic of Star War defense thematic and President Ronald Reagan - the why and the how we were involved and the new Space Station project and other space issues. Then those who threaten we mist not write or talk about such issues in public .


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