Our dear Mother, Grand mother and Great grand mother

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Our dear Mother, Grand mother and Great grand mother

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:25 pm

For some three years have been running Forum/Thread when Grandma goes to Court - will link it at the bottom.

When we/I went back to Sechelles Seychelles in 2000 got to sit down with those Family members at Steven and Jessy, later my half sisters - place and then Mr TiMarc Didon place and we talked a great deal about Family and current practice in Seychelles - Particularly the many strange killings, those who have been dying young just after 60th birthday - those who attribute this to the so call new/current masonic workings in Seychelles involved mostly Black Seychellois and their substandard of Masonic Knowledge and the such what those in Paris at Rue Cadet and the other French royal Masonic Lodge have been lecturing me for many years.

In 2000, only those like Mr Ti Marc Didon and the Catholic side of the Family would listen and care to discuss the issues - implications. At the time there was the issues of the Mancienne Family, the Straven Family, Paul Chow and Paul Mary Straven issues - the Mancienne Bungalow. Then sir James Mancham and Mr Ander Uzice

It was an opportunity to talk about Family issues we had not been able to do for near 30 years. Got to look at very old pictures and the Fact that I helped build the coral Strand Hotel and those involved. Then we/I go to discussing with my Mother about those they had killed in Seychelles - meaning the mechanism in play/action by the SPPF today PL how those you like and work with you keep alive when they are old and use and abuse them on the respective events and occasions. If should they belong to the Opposition and Camp you /they do like the mechanism and manner they get killed - sent to their death and what the media write and the church and the public and the police and the gutter press - then what the crappy, dishonest Seychelles government and politicians write.

In 2004/5 got the privilege to sit at my parent House and talk to my/our Mother, sisters and half sister over such and those issues - stating and telling them bluntly how it works and who control and decide who get killed/liquidate and why - most important hat they were to be very careful - do not believe the government con and their Hospital crap lies - Most important the church lies.

I/We explained them in Europe how they work and do such things, in various names - mostly in the name of Masonic workings for those who do not know real masonic workings. In our Seychelles and Mauritius, Illois, Madagascar, Reunion, Comoros communities what goes on and what has been going in this direction.

Those in Seychelles got very uptight after we/I had discussed those issues with the Family - in the open as they say.

It would have been great and nice to make proper list of all the events, incidents, national , international, regional and the Anse aux Pins village those have used and abused our parents in this /such process, practice and so call bench mark.

In instance we have gone public and the reactions. They had wanted to take the life of our Mother and those of you Grandmother with the Opening of the New Assembly - their need for blood they call it. We opposed this. Indeed there has been many such attempts - including and involving members of the SDA church - community. Then their Pus-do christian excuses.

That Cable connection between Seychelles and Tanzania.
There had been another attempts to snuff her out when they opened that Stock Exchange on Eden Island, the new Bridge at Anse Aux Pins, the Laying of the new church foundation at Anse aux pins, road closure and resurfacing - school rebuilding - the list is very long. Including that University of Seychelles.

We have been following the issues of Mr Christopher Gill because he is one of those politicians we took to writing back in 1993, his then Father Mr Peter Gill related to our mother and Grand mother. What Mr Christopher Gill and other refused to write - we had been writing to the SNP leadership, Mr Roger Mancienne, Hon Wavel, Mr Ferrari, Jean Francois, Mr Alan St Ange, Lawyer George and his wife about that SIROP program, political issues in Europe and Seychelles - beside other members of the Oppositions - we have copies of those letters and Emails.

What Mr Christopher Gil have refused to write and his associate - how our person and SIROP have helped , contributed to many Opposition members getting in certain positions, post and wealth. The issues of the Boycott, the Supreme Court appointments, the Police and many other government important appointments - a great deal most of my Family members know are aware even if they do not talk in public. Hence my/our mega fight at Home. All these issues President FA Rene, former first Lady Geva Adam and President FA Rene second wife know all about.

What the Seychelles Freedom Party do not write about and those from New DP, our ability to broker, bring dynamic is block, stale situation in our national, regional and international politic - Why those were divided in the SNP and Hon Wavel and the decision of President JA Michel to give the post of Tourism director to Mr Alan St Ange. Beside our person , my Family have know the St Ange Family for many years and their Father in particular - things we do not write and talk about in public - only last night mentioned that one of his brother was involved - with Mr Morgan son to castrate one of our main male pig - the saddle back on then Judge EJ Stiven Estate. Their Operation and the male pig dies that same evening.

Ever since Mr Alan St Ange took the office of director of tourism how he made it his responsibility - conferring with Mrs Anette George and Husband to try and dismantlement the FECAS - EU Community workings, as they did in Seychelles such Families - and the Reason FA Rene mounted the coup d'etat he did knowing all the filth and coward of such Family workings in Seychelles - those children and many of you who may or do not know this. Some of the nasty incidents between Mr Alan St Ange and our person.

Right at the first announcement of the Carnaval of Seychelles the arguments which came from his quarter - that my mother, your Grand mother need to die/be killed, given the above mechanism, practice and benchmark in Seychelles. We opposed and informed in Seychelles in writing and still have copies of the correspondence. The same issues for the second Carnaval.

We leave the issues of ladies to my sisters and half sisters, like in Europe even Africa how female, ladies work. My parents were fully awarer and so to the Seychelles police.

We have addressed the issues of the Anse Boileau reclamation - those who call themselves Freemason inn Seychelles and several of them their reaction - we will need to kill your mother for this/take her life - our reference back The working issues of the Stock Exchange. { Several members of the Family have left Seychelles in Australia, and New Zealand and the parents have been at the mercy of those so call Freemasons and the corrupted practice/workings and benchmarks - we have shore those issues on Face book and Emails.

In Kent proper - since that Earth quake and the Tsunami the intensity of those who have been involved - not racism but plain human scumbags and what the British media and their leading politicians say and their TV have to say - the intensitivity of hate and rage, satanic vine they have been using - coordinating with those criminals in Seychelles to take my parents and mother life. What we have written.

There is the need for those to remember the so call Masonic working came from France and from France to Britain and such accountability. Over the past 10 years the many good friends we have lost been snuff/killed the above mention way/benchmark and the official version given/explained.

In London it is a different story.

We have had that mega Heavy rain and the flood, destruction and many damages - the impact on Family resilience, particularly the older Generation, their persecutions at the hand of those so call Officials and all their so call standards and benchmarks.

Two weeks ago there was a particularly public incident and the many posting about Mr Alan St Ange achievements and doing doing that - like that Seychelles High commission his use and abuse of that infernal satanic rage/crack vibe about killing our mother and grand parents. We had been keeping an eye, in contact right through the 3rd Carnaval - those at Anse aux Pins who know of the issues including the police and the Catholic church and the clinic. Those our parents concern - when there is nobody at Home what these so cal cares can get up to and create a situation - cause one of them to fall sick/ill and they get taken to Hospital and there they are killed, liquidate, given /caused a Heart attack, Stroke and the many methods and yet the super son on their TV every night - how they steal the money of the International community for best medical practice in Seychelles and the actual situation.

We now address those who read our thread about development in Vatican and Pope Benedict announcement to step down end of February, the issues of Opus die building and the Kennedy Family, the issues of that Anse aux Pin dedication/opening this Easter. We have also addressed the issue of St Micheal New coach and events around that football Team and the lies and their so cal benchmark and the international match fixings scandal which surfaced. Those in Seychelles who are very tight lip.

In Kent - there - we had had a buzz from our Mother and those of you Grand mother about certain situation - she had indicated she was frail too and that when things are/get dangerous- people all of you one day we will all get old as we were children and our vulnerability - the mega criminal practice out their the utter corrupted political practice and the politicians. We had also watched the first part of the Trilogy the Lords of the Ring.

In Kent - as in the past their have been death attempts on our life, our son and their outright lies an cover up - when the police do get involve instead going for the criminals they go for our person and the events, the many police commissioner kicked off the force and the mega media scandal. It just does not deter these demented individuals - those who caused and started that original CJD epidemic and what the so call scientist have taken to writing and explaining the people.

There had been the issues of the Chinese New Year, she had wished that we marry a Chinese Girl of good Family for some years, The Chinese Embassy at St Louis- well did not let her down, go to say halo to a good looking Chinese girl, the family sell bags and cloth form china - the are opening a restaurant and we have had a fight if we are tom get a full duck or just a quarter duck. Those from the Chinese community in London who know a great deal about our person and their Officials.

Yesterday and before Christmas they have been using the excuse of that Citroen, four door and silver to destroy and get us to scrap that Car in the process my mother your grand mother would be killed, snuff off. The very ugly intensity of things - those from our community in Britain and elsewhere who have been picking and following these issues and helping and getting involved.

The car was taken for Fan/heating issues yesterday amid the very nasty mechanism of infernal satanic rage/rave, antisocial workings. It came back and war driven to work - the Establishment is /involve severely handicap. Last night about 11pm was informed that the car had totally shut down and had to be pushed and parked by the side road - the police would have noted/seen it parked by the side of the road near Leo Trust.

This morning we we to our mechanism - the Family have been to Seychelles on Holiday and know the Lefever Family very George and Bernard - because they are mechanic - the instruction to go and pick the car. We had just been watching the film Murder she wrote Jessica Fletcher and the issue of an important Latin American politicians in a Safe House and one of the special police killed him and events - this finished we watched Winchester 73 and old film we had watched in East Africa Kilembe Mine where my parents and many Seychellois Families worked -

We got the news form Holland, the issues of that Anse Boileau Reclamation , the stepping down of the Netherlands Queen and her son taking over that SIROP program impact on those events. We were informed that our mother and your grand mother had been taken to Hospital in Seychelles and suffered a stroke/heart attack - please refer to the above issues we have addressed and all of the Family members who know this practice very well in Seychelles and those involved in pressing the button and carrying the actual killing. The wife of one of the Family late last night posting on Face Book our respective comments.

My only concern and we will state this very bluntly and openly - somebody, one of you will have to find me a new female. woman companion to replace our mother and grand mother - this is the norm among the "archaic, fraternal, masonic, Templar, Illuminati such workings - this time please be very careful - we will throw the package back in you face if is/she is no good/useless. We are to decided if she is rich or poor, pretty or ugly, educated or not and her religion, her respective Family ties and her age.

Given that we have all that social Network and had we not had such a Mother, grand mother and great grand parents, many of that including the WWW would never have existed hen we will be publishing this online - for anybody and any relatives and church interested person to read and make their due comment.

By the way it had been agreed that all the Girls from our Family would be in Sechelles Seychelles this Summer and your respective promise as ladies - girls, you have failed in your given high responsibilities to keep her alive until that date. Those of you your respective "archaic, Illuminati, Templar, masonic connections/responsibilities"

The rest of the sordid details we will leave that as is the culture of Old Seychelles around a game of cards, domino and eating and coffee.

Finally those sisters with important responsibilities at the Hospital and indeed some of your doctors and Senior Nurse - this stinks - just as we gave you a mouth full in public two years ago and since you have hated our person we believe somebody need to say what we have in public. The future generation learn from it.

We also brought our mother /your grand mother a special present for the Jewish community in London and her promise of those Pictures of the Family she had promised would be left in care as and when we got back they would be there.

We ask those in contact with Mrs Babette Larue/St Ange - Mr Maxim Larue daughter, to share our grief and send our love.

Given my mother/grand mother was a staunch SPUP/SPPF/PL we - our person and children do not want/wish any flowers from the current - however if there is no flower form President FA Rene himself - then just wait the next round of filth all the police force, army, diplomats and church will not be able to help including the international community.

Should the Seychelles Freedom Party get to know about some of the issues they will roll over on their back, like all pigs in super mud and have the laugh of their lives.

We ask those in contact with Mrs Babette Larue/St Ange - Mr Maxim Larue daughter to convey our good wishes

"We would like to share something with the grand children, many relatives, friends of the Family, associate, current politicians and the past ones - We had wished/wanted to return to Uganda to take up college Study at Bugema SDA - we had the grades. In our frustration we would/used to go and sit on the wall ledge our Uncle and aunt place and think and sometime look into the basket of Madame Barreau the most notorious Witch in St Louis and another Black Female - it was after one of those time we went home pretty upset, then Seychelles politicians, then SDP, the SPUP and Madame Delhomme and the Harry Payet lots at my Uncle cobblers shop and the Police Station - we had been brought up to behave. We had talked to the relatives the SDA one nobody listen but said to pray - we were alone in then Seychelles with all the sisters and brothers safe one she was in East Africa - we decided to drive an issues home got a rope and in the middle of the living room at St Louis the Mathiew House, the Dad had been chef at Government House and worked for he King of Buganda then - we were renting used one of the highest beam and took the biggest Chair and hoisted it up and hung it there - when my/our mother came home and saw this, all the relatives were called and told and my aunt, the Grandmama cried and my Aunt cried and sisters, Peter Durup grand mother was told of the Incident and Dr Brian Barbier Family and the Louange Family of St Louis - little did we know that one day we would be involved in Presidential Chairs, those form the Horner Family recollection of a chair incident then UKSCA, our International involvement across the world with important political chairs, head of State and PM, then Mr Kathleen Pillay, those form MPR/SNM and others in exile in UK. We never go to discuss this incident - now you young lots, think about it and made a proper mental note - tell you children in Turn. At the back of the property we had the Black Estate and the Family that was working for the Makarios at San Souci."

When Grandma goes to Court


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