Russia holds largest war games since Soviet era

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Russia holds largest war games since Soviet era

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Sep 11, 2018 2:44 pm

Russia holds largest war games since Soviet era
Russia will begin its largest war games since the Cold War on Tuesday, drilling hundreds of thousands of troops alongside forces from its growing ally China.
The Telegraph

Russia kicks off largest military exercise involving a staggering 300,000 troops
The Vostok 2018 war game involves more than double the number of regular troops in the entire British armed forces- and China is getting involved too.
Mirror Online

Russia stages biggest war games EVER with 300,000 troops marching alongside Chinese soldiers for the first
RUSSIA today launched its largest ever war games involving hundreds of thousands of battle-ready troops alongside their Chinese comrades in arms.
The Sun

Russia launches biggest war games since Cold War with more than 300,000 troops
Russia has launched its largest military exercises since the Cold War, with more nearly 300000 troops taking part. Thousands of Chinese and Mongolian service ...
The Independent

Russia teams up with China to launch its largest EVER military drills
The week-long deployment dubbed 'Vostok-2018' (East-2018), which will kick off in eastern Siberia, has been condemned by NATO as a rehearsal for ...
Daily Mail


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