This Historic Sabbath/Saturday in Sechelles Seychelles - our Mother's death

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This Historic Sabbath/Saturday in Sechelles Seychelles - our Mother's death

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Feb 16, 2013 5:00 pm

We got a Facebook message strangely form our half Brother, Richard asking, questioning and challenging us towards our responsibility, accountability, stand of things towards our Mother who was killed - life terminated on 12th February 2013, at about 11.30 British time - the exact time Sechelles Seychelles time at Old Victoria - supposedly Seychelles International Hospital. Events which unfolded prior to her death at the Family House Anse aux Pins - Capucin. The government Care worker, the neighbors and Family members and Village.

Our immediate reaction knowing that Seychelles government - the SPPF/PL are so corrupted, dishonest, so much Blood on their hands, they have been involved in the sordid business of Killing for the past 36 more years, they have become specialist they can teach the CIA and current KGB a few lessons. What the Oppositions have been writing and protesting demanding accountability - still the international community choose to totally ignore and spend their nations, Taxpayers money in praising, supporting and keeping that government at all cost in Power. The Party machine has important stakes and shares, involvements in the funeral, death and burial industry in Sechelles Seychelles. To ignore the so call ethic of "fraternal, archaic, masonic, Illuminati, Templar workings" inform the immediate members of the family, children and grand children in the process the greater world our view and conclusion of this very painful and very distasteful events and the manner it was done and the issues related and those involved.

As children - we have had a great deal of trashing by our Aunt/guardian - her supposed high ethic, christian moral standard and Biblical values - she was considered by a great many as the Ellen G White of the SDA Community /Church of Sechelles Seychelles. Over the years we have read and researched into the life of this supposed Female Prophetess - all the time the great SDA General Conference forget why and it was our person who gave the world and the SDA global community the WWW how it is being used, for what purpose and the mass of information about the SDA church available online, their expansion in the former COMECON, the USSR and China , Africa, Asia and the gulf Region today and those who use these these Resources for negative and positive purpose. We knew our aunt very well - all my younger cousins who lived and grew up with her. As children one hold certain views you become adults, study, travel you view and prospective of greater life change depending upon the society and immediate circles. From all the years of Training and coaching - one important brief sentence we have kept in mind - GAR GAR - it stand/equate Garbage in and Garbage out. The elite coach we used were using USA/American Coaching Standards.

In this respect given that it is the last Sabbath our good Mother is spending among so call Humans and Christians, children, relatives, families, childhood friends, friends in distance places, other close male friends - the very long list. Events in Seychelles the past 35 years - the Seychelles of One Party state until 1991 and multi party and the changes, process, working of the churches in Seychelles religious life, belief and spiritual values. The political impact on church life from 1977 to 1991 and for then until today. Particularly the SDA who are of the view/hold the view they are the Remnant of Christ church, a few years ago the argued in Public that they only would after God Judgement beside a small percentage be taken to Heaven.

We have addressed the issues - to those who question, this particularly Lady, close relative, Guardian who had impressed and prayed that we become a priest/pastor and in the end became an Interdisciplinary/ Multidisciplinary Management Executive. We have equally addressed the issues of our Fathers side of the Family all Roman Catholic - at least all those we knew and grew up with, we attended Mass/church as children and prayed taught to with. Later in Uganda St Micheal college, Ureka Parish Fort Portal - our very Catholic education, the White Brothers, the Nuns and the Church, the Girls Catholic convent. Attempts to enter Bugema SDA College.

Before continuing -we need to remind everybody in Seychelles from State House to all those retired Ministers and former Presidents, our important involvement for the past 35 years since being in Europe in Interfaith work/workings - had/should the Truth be made public the shock would be worse than some of the many books written about the Templar, Christ issues and the modern church - those who know and keep quiet. Particularly the Vatican, the Catholic church in Seychelles.

Further more my/our mother Family belong to the pioneers of the Church of England Church and the SDA Church in Seychelles those who care to research and how we got to be given after school tutions by the Bishop Chang Him, his Family.

We have also had an important SDA upbringing from Primary Education, the many Pastors and President of Seychelles church and those who wished we marry one of their daughter and our marriage in the Bru Family, the respective for and against in Seychelles - Mauritius and elsewhere. Strangely enough one of their eldest daughter Mrs Janique Bru was the first or second director of SIM for many years and the motive we help supported her in getting this position - those great Adventist in then Seychelles who were blind to greater world workings and hard facts of life.

Equally important those immediate close Family members who were involved in the mega project of Translating the Bible into Creole Language - the associated and related issues in term of greater "archaic, fraternal, heraldic, Illuminati, masonic workings and political events and that SIROP program, changes in the COMECON, and the USSR , China, Africa, the Gulf Region , Asia and Latin America.

It must also not be forgotten all those SDA in Seychelles and exile who fought - was prepared to take up arms/guns to challenge then FA Rene and Seychelles government, SPUP over the confiscation of the SDA property at Bel air and the mega Battle and in the end the exchange for the St Louis Property where the Second church is today.

That Property the Steven son Delhomme, the Morel , the De Chermond, the Parcou, the Calais, the Dailluer, the Mein ,the Straven and Loiseau Families. As children we had lived, played and grew up there, then Stravens Families, then Delhomme Families, the Morel and Mein families and Furneau, the Point Family, the Denouse, the Hoareau - wife of he Founder of Jehovah Witness in Sechelles Seychelles. That property had belong to the Old Man Sovage from the electricity Department.

Our church had been the SDA Church next o the Valabjhi family as children we played and friendship, the Daddy Michel old Property, Hunt Deltel, the Police Station, the Frichot and the Savy family and the Delpech Garage, next door today's Barell then Family who got killed workings at Cable and Wireless, later Michel Building, the Hooper family, the House where the Mauritian Pastor lives and we used later Serge Pool building and Ernestine Garage. All those young children who attended church there, when to SDA School and were baptize there or sang in the choir and the boy scout or guide - then Mrs Hermance Calais, the Collie and the Celtel Family - the Stravens families, the Allagin and the Chetty and Rosette Family. The Sabadin and the Ah Wan my mothers and grand Mother, Grand Father - the Louange and Parcou side of the Family. . These were boys and girls we grew up with and attended school and acquired our SDA core/Basic Faith. The Sauzier Family Judge, the Old Cemetery at Bell Air.

We recall those elder and senior SDA who drove and instilled and prayer fervently - how we out to prepare our self for the future - Christ coming and prepare our self to take responsibility for his Church our generation and our responsibilities.

We want to ask and challenge everybody involved in Faith and belief in Seychelles particularly those former Ministers and politicians who had been trained as Priest and the such - had we not done that SIROP program as we did where, what would have been the stand of the Church - christian and faith in Seychelles - leave aside the issues of Pope John Paul ll coming to Office and Pope Benedict - because if anybody in Seychelles dare question and seek answers they would soon find they are not fit to even lift their eyes and face and look at heaven.

In Europe and the greater world those who would have wised we posture and present our person with greater clarity and serious profile and our utter refusal.

Having said / explained my Mothers die of the SDA briefly , they talk of David Koresh, Waco and many others in Europe - they just do not know what kind of church, faith and family functioning we had in Seychelles should proper book be written- We say it again our person important role in giving the world the WWW and the SDA and all the christian communities this important Resource to express, work and share their belief, faith and christian life.

At the core of that SIROP program was not Military mechanism, political mechanism, Dynamics to change the world, the COMECON, the USSR and the Indian Ocean they were radical Christian values and such workings. We had led this work, this development and a very great deal of issues associated. As such the important role and position of our mother and hence Richard who is my Half Brother aware of a great deal of the above mentioned challenge use don.t we feel anything, grief an this very important loss not just to our person but the Seychelles Nation, regional nations and the world. Had she not mothered, fed and kept us alive the world as we know it today would be very different how different nobody knows - the one great pain Richard - in this World only the British are important as human all the rest are sub humans - just read their papers and listen to their politicians and research their books. They accuse the Chinese and the Russians - and they are no better.

My question to everybody in Seychelles from all the SDA Great Families what was the Nature of the Church, attendance, Sabbath class and Sermon this historic and important Sabbath, with three/four of my sisters form USA the Adventist General Conference, Holland, Australia and Asia- or did they have some demented female preacher - using that "infernal satanic rage, rave, anti social - corrupted mechanism, communication to preach and tell this is the holy spirit, Christ voice and the voice of the bible".

Upon my last visit home in 2009 - after events in Seychelles the past previous year, that mega earth quake of 2004/5 and the Tsunami some 350,000 humans go killed and $200 - $800 billions in economic destruction - we judge it appropriate, given events in Europe and the Jewish community in Britain and Israel - to take home form a mother a large and original Moria, with oil, prayer shoal and skull cap and the furor this caused - my explanations - that Christ was a Jew, Mary was a Jewess, all his disciples were Jews, they were the founders of the first Church , the real church. The mega distortion is global church and belief today. My mother accepted these facts - we had stated in private and my first coming to Seychelles in 2000 when she ask/question me about my/our core belief we were pretty honest, including our greater fraternal, Illuminati and multidisciplinary scientific workings. We knew and was very aware of her responsibilities and role and as such our training the need to be sincere and honest when one is question and ask. and we were. Beside as mother /parents how they share life from anywhere on this planet and in greater space.

This said and when we publish this thread - those of my christian Family, SDA sisters, close family members who judge we cannot attend, ought not to come to mothers funeral or nobody will help raise, give a return ticket to attend this funeral - with all the many great Catholic churches we have helped rebuild- contributed to their rebuilding in Seychelles, the many other churches, everyday of those your christian lived the past 30 years we have been involved and helped that your get bread, water and roof, education and is safe and Seychelles as Nation today.

We have addressed - the world about the alternative discipline, science relating to ecology and climate change - we have been fairly frank why Seychelles has been visited by this abnormal heavy rain and disasters and results - you want to keep us out of Seychelles for our mother funeral after this public statement do this - then we wish you go to go Interpol , the CIA, Pentagon or FBI and declare our person a Terrorist - you just wait what surprise heave has in store for you all/lot. Those blessing you have been getting day after day and year after year - heaven can also call and execute judgement.

By the way in Britain/England those form the great SDA Family who have abused, corrupted the church and world workings, their lies and dishonesty - those form the Church and conference know - knew and well aware of our involvement in greater world workings, the COMECON change, the USSR, the Indian Ocean, Africa - how they choose to package this and the manner they presented this to the world and their respective church and communities. The fire that destroyed the SDA General conference in England - those who know what really took place. Most important we have family members in England involved./worked a very Senior level of the SDA church and Conference. The British police, their politicians, their respective media views, establishment and the royal Family respective views. Once she is buried all those who will invent and find another mega scam/con to put in place to use and abuse the like of my/our person - to enrich and embellish their lives and persons.

Pope Benedict Resignation

Our Person and some SDA pictures


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