Le Nord-Coréen Kim et le Sud-Coréen Moon commencent à s'apprécier

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Le Nord-Coréen Kim et le Sud-Coréen Moon commencent à s'apprécier Empty Le Nord-Coréen Kim et le Sud-Coréen Moon commencent à s'apprécier

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Le Nord-Coréen Kim et le Sud-Coréen Moon commencent à s'apprécier
A quoi tient la réussite d'une partie d'échecs diplomatique ? A des mots, des gestes, des images. L'avenir dira si le sommet intercoréen, organisé du 18 au 20 ...
Le Monde

Cinq éléments clés décidés au sommet intercoréen de Pyongyang
Le Nord-Coréen Kim Jong Un et le Sud-Coréen Moon Jae-in sont convenus mercredi d'une série de projets destinés à approfondir les relations sur la péninsule ...
Actu Orange

Les deux Corées bâtissent leur avenir commun
Au dernier jour du sommet intercoréen, Moon Jae-in a exaucé son voeu le plus cher grâce à Kim Jong-un.

Euronews Français
il y a 1 heure
La Corée du Nord prête à fermer un site de tirs de missiles en présence d'inspecteurs internationaux
Après deux jours de discussions, les présidents du Sud et du Nord se sont mis d'accord sur « des mesures concrètes pour la dénucléarisation »

Le Monde
Corée: Kim Jong-un annonce une visite historique à Séoul «dans un avenir proche»
PENINSULE COREENNE Le président sud-coréen a également annoncé que la Corée du Nord allait fermer un site d'essai de missiles... M.C. avec AFP.

We posted this thread yesterday morning from a damaged Dell laptop we purchased from a former Chinese government worker and the very many complex and complicated issues since we bought that Laptop. The Chinese Embassy in Seychelles. Among the issues that Palais de Justice and the National Assembly and the Seychelles University contribution China Seychelles Relation. The Rouen issues and Sir James Mancham and Mr Kashogi.

In China, Korea they execute corrupted state officials workers

We had listened  to the Private Member Bill  and the debate all those attributed at contributing to that Seychelles issues and yet not one bit of credit attributed to that SIROP program - the news of the death of Mr Bernard Rassool and our Forum comment.

The psychosis of politicians in particular Seychelles, Mauritius and Africa. What they know of the capacity and functionality of that SIROP program these past 30 years and yet/ they have toyed with mass destruction, nations destruction and lied afterwards/excuses.

A very good example the crises between the USA and North Korea when President D Trump took office. Those in Europe, Russia, China, Canada concern with mankind on the brink/verge of a Third world war.  Time and time we have stress the capacity of that mechanism used to build that SIROP program not just Seychelles component its Europe, USSR, East Europe, USA, Gulf Region and, Africa and world component. Most of those senior world leaders and personalities dead - our decision to apply it to create and develop an alternative world dynamic /synergy and their by bring/cause issues like the North situation and the USA to be seen in a different light. The Neon Mega City thematic.

#For those very miss informed, so call history one of the core, main reason all those who became involved in that SIROP program was the Nuclear standoff between then USSR/COMECON and the USA/West. The emphasis to create/put into place this global program compelling, force both super powers to defuse the situation, The hundreds billion of dollars use to help developing countries and their economy, implement that SIROP program. Lady Thatcher government Herself, her Cabinet, the British Intelligence Service, the Establishments and then Media how these issues were worked out and managed. The USA embassy in London and Europe and its Intelligence Services. That crappy Truth Commission of Seychelles, these facts vital important to the world need to be addressed in a civilized managed, the approach in Seychelles, these form part of Seychelles regional and International important political profiling, goodwill , the few in Seychelles who know and how they used and abused it those from the SPPF/PL. Former Seychelles first president Mancham and his Associate and his Networks. - What has been written as facts and history. We played a very key role in managing some of the vast complexities, as such the knowledge and experience we acquired. Then 1987 world media workings before the WWW, those who control the media and their objectives and the objective of the WWW. Those who misinformed the world, today we have many possibilities of informing/sharing with the world, of issue they would not normally know they have been told otherwise. The situation of the North Korea/USA Nuclear Standoff.#

The reaction and position of the North Korean government, High Officials, /Russia, China. The West media publications, coverage. (To go back/revert to those legal minds, lawyers and justice of Seychelles who impute in that SIROP program their knowledge of this workings from a legal /justice prospective.  and yet. ) The process and development taking/occurring currently in the two Korea  and the impact on world workings.

To add with our very basic resource began to listen to Radio~Salzburg from the Britexit Referendum to try and jog the minds and memory of those in Britain, since the many synergistic and impacting issue in Slazburg how the media attribute and the politicians attribute them we have been responsible and contributed. That EU Mini Summit, debacle and outcome. The very basic tools, resource we have to use to get our issues moving and address the world. We will be posting this article at our Seychelles Community Forum please mad and demented human, we are fully aware how mad and demented human comport please do not destroy this thread -


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