Bank of England fires warning shot at EU over £41 trillion financial market

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Bank of England fires warning shot at EU over £41 trillion financial market

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:14 pm

We have had to address HSBC office in France - Calais it is not done to publish its contents, (the Police , Services who monitor our email) for the past three days the issues of HSBC.

Those in Mauritius, Seychelles and EU copy. in the news the topic, those at the very high level of British, European, Asian and USA big Finance/market working, who understand the language and science/discipline . In France the impact of that SIROP program is relatively positive and President Macron economic workings. The seven days out there the impact on economic topic as compared to this morning . We have followed some of the IMF warning. Our statement of the NEOM development being inclusive - we can expand this topic - the/those former Saudi high Officials we worked that SIROP program still alive how that program impacted many of their major Funds development and derivative issues,, including Russia, China - be they the Emirate and Qatar. The IMF dishonesty again that SIROP program impact on global working for very many years and yet how the IMF/world Bank explained this and our warning come a situation this kind of reporting will not help those with no experience and knowledge to find solution because the information is valueless, with gaps.

Beside it take very unique capacity, leverage mechanism to compel and make the British media react to such topic and write such article. We have some 30 year experience. We are not employed by any of those big financial entities, nor are we there to baby sit their interests, all those who take thing for granted or take us for complete fools.

Bank of England fires warning shot at EU over £41 trillion financial market
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World growth forecast falls to 3.7% for 2019 with "the possible failure of Brexit negotiations" creating "pervasive uncertainty".
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