Record breaker weighs-in at Marine Charter

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Record breaker weighs-in at Marine Charter Empty Record breaker weighs-in at Marine Charter

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Mar 10, 2013 1:52 pm

Monster Marlin creates a stir

Record breaker weighs-in at Marine Charter

At 289kg the blue marlin caught yesterday now holds the new record
for “biggest blue-marlin caught in Seychelles,”

Anticipation was high as a crowd gathered at Marine Charter yesterday morning just after 7:00 am to witness a monster blue marlin being hauled ashore. The marlin, caught by a group of visiting Russian fisherman who had chartered local yacht Sea Stream for their expedition, was an impressive specimen to say the least, and weighed in as the biggest blue marlin to have ever been caught with rod and reel in Seychelles.

According to Mr. Graham Gower, Captain of M/Y Sea Stream, the marlin was hooked off Rémire Island, which lies between the African Banks and the Amirantes group of islands. In speaking exclusively to Captain Gower yesterday morning,

TODAY learned that it took the fishermen approximately two and a half hours to land the beast due to the colossal fish putting up “quite a fight,” and making it necessary for both skipper and fishermen to work in cooperation to finally see this specimen landed aboard.

Back on Mahé, Sea Stream’s davit was used to lift the marlin onto the dock, where it then took six men to haul her ashore. But when attempting to weigh-in, the sheer size of this fish proved problematic, as she was too long to be raised completely by the Marine Charter weigh station. Eventually the marlin’s bill had to be tied towards its torso to ensure that no part of the fish was resting on the ground during the official weighing.,%202013/tourism1_monster_marlin.html


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