Here is to Max - Max in Calais 28/9/18

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Here is to Max - Max in Calais 28/9/18 Empty Here is to Max - Max in Calais 28/9/18

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Here is to Max - Max in Calais 28/9/18, the friends of Emmaus Calais very important their collection of drinking glass

France very vast and complex history, culture, society those we have been interacting the past 43 years with since our exile/refugees communities from Seychelles began to rebuild their roots in Europe - it was not a great diplomat, banker, politicians, rich and noble family and military who approached  us in /Calais instead a worker in the Viticulture  having worked in/for many of the big vineyards in France famous names and our exchanges and in the process him reminding us of our community workings the past 43 years and the vast many issues, past personalities and France/Europe.

The Hotel we stayed at accidentally next t the Marie de Calais the issues, the Gare de Calais  and the Canal - very important we had wanted to visit the War Museum in Calais across the Marie,  it was closed instead the Chinese Fair and we talked about a great deal of the Chinese in Seychelles, (the news of the Head of Interpol situation and later resignation linked), Reunion and Mauritius, they gifting Seychelles its Palace Justice, the National Assembly buildings, the Hospital building at Anse Royal and the University buildings  - the Chinese Embassy in Seychelles the ex Stevenson Delhomme, de Charmond property how they landed there that SIROP program/acquired that property. China /Chinese buying many of the large and famous French /Vineyards, Chateau.;

The former Richelieu Restaurant in Calais  and in front of the Carefour supermarket the elderly Rom woman asking for charity  and in the evenings her families gathering in front of the public garden. The refugees and migrants from Africa and else where in Calais .  Charles Aznavour passing away.

The Britexit negotiation expected deadline.

Viticulture en France


Introduction to the history of viticulture in France


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