Vladimir Putin blasts Cyprus savings tax ahead of vital vote

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Vladimir Putin blasts Cyprus savings tax ahead of vital vote Empty Vladimir Putin blasts Cyprus savings tax ahead of vital vote

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Mar 18, 2013 11:22 am

Vladimir Putin blasts Cyprus savings tax ahead of vital vote - live


The great EU bank robbery: British taxpayers to bail out victims of outrageous raid on Cyprus accounts


Amid, our own debacle in Britain, beside that SIROP Program - the mega bust-up come April, for everybody, Seychellois, Mauritius and Illois families, France - rest of Europe, the situation in Sechelles Seychelles particularly, what we addressed on SFP Blog last night.

This morning the very grave concern in Cyprus where by some savers stand to loose as much as 15 -20% of their savings. In the eventuality of Cyprus going bankrupt they would/Stand to loose a great deal more.
For the past three years we have been working with the Cyprus community in London as well as Greece, not because we are overly happy, given our past relation, ongoing work and the mega economic and political issues. Those big property developers in London, Greece and Cyprus who know of our person, their connection how they have chosen to abuse and extract the maximum from this working relation and the methods use. We have addressed the EU institutions too.

Those individuals and personal contacts we have their view of things - yet their private situation this morning. What kind of people, person and community after we have been Friends for near 30 years, know we are not their to crap them - yet when we come ti certain conclusion they cannot and refuse to put it through. That SIROP program is importantly linked to the Greece and Cyprus debacle. We are not asking money for our person- at least make some positive gesture - we are all in this together, they have properties we have been looking at in Islington - those who know. We do not have to travel to Brussels or Cyprus or Greece - yet we have the capacity to drive very important economic and multinational workings.

Prior to the last two EU Treaties those of us who would have got/banded together and found draconian solutions. The politicians with their demented benchmark and corruption will send the people and nation to their ruin and starvation - once we have come in and one the dirty work , they and their media their reaction and taking credit. Right across EU those who have called for Police intervention regarding those highly corrupted politicians and the media.

With some of those individual we have discussed some of the core workings of that SIROP program, particularly the Seychelles government corrupted benchmark and your reaction and those individuals currently involved in running the Greece or Cyprus situation are not different or better than Seychelles government of FA Rene or JA Michel.

Please remember you also agreed anybody or entity doing this kind or having the capacity do deliver and make this kind of input need to be paid/remunerated. None of you followed what we discussed the past three years and now we have this mega situation - how are we to relate in the future in the events that things get really out of control.

We have addressed our reason for Occupy issues and the mega debacle in the USA and London and Europe - those big Cyprus and Greece property entities we have helped, synergies/drove their business expansions , acquisitions and mega development projects - then we do not event get left over of building material - let alone a contributions or space for charity work. Now they hide behind the people and expect to be saved. You/they have salvaged, stashed their investment elsewhere and the people will now suffer.


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Vladimir Putin blasts Cyprus savings tax ahead of vital vote Empty Concern Over 'Corrupt' Russian Cash In Cyprus

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:57 am

Concern Over 'Corrupt' Russian Cash In Cyprus

A prominent economist has spoken to Sky News of concerns that much of the cash deposited by Russians in Cypriot banks is "corruption money".

The comments from Ivan Tchakarov, chief economist at the Russian investment bank Renaissance Capital, came as Cyprus is set to impose a one-off tax on bank accounts as part of a 10bn euro bailout.

Speaking on Jeff Randall Live, Mr Tchakarov pointed out that with an estimated $30bn of Russian money currently held in Cypriot banks, depositors from his country are likely to be forced to pay out around $3bn.

He went on to say: "I think this is not a secret - and I refer to a very interesting interview that our outgoing central bank governor of Russia did a couple of weeks ago.

"He said that about 40% of all the capital outflow that has been leaving Russia for many years now is actually related to suspect money, corruption money, money that is being siphoned off Russia into offshore locations, including Cyprus."

Mr Tchakarov also added that if the outgoing governor was allowed to give such an interview, it means there is a certain desire these days within the political establishment coming from Russian president Vladimir Putin "to tackle corruption inefficiencies in the Russian economy".

Earlier, Mr Putin branded bank levy as "dangerous", while finance minister Anton Siluanov warned that the move could affect a decision by Moscow on restructuring its 2.5bn euro loan to the Island.

Cypriot politicians are due to vote on the bailout plan later on Tuesday, while the country’s banks stayed closed on Monday and are not expected to open again until Thursday.


Cyprus bail-out - live
The Cypriot finance minister has flown to Moscow to plead for aid, in defiance of calls from Angela Merkel to refrain from entering negotiations with Russia.

Cyprus seeks Russian bailout aid, EU threatens cutoff

Zypern: EZB droht mit Kappen von Notkrediten


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Vladimir Putin blasts Cyprus savings tax ahead of vital vote Empty Re: Vladimir Putin blasts Cyprus savings tax ahead of vital vote

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:58 am

Instead of focusing/concentrating on the person of former President Mancham - those who are supposedly major political actors in Sechelles Seychelles. The statement publish of the need for large companies, investors to start very seriously looking at Risk assessment given that the government/country will have to start repayment of its international debts in 2014 - what this imply/spell for the national budget and spending.

Under the government of President FA Rene Seychelles enjoyed an excellent working relation with the Cyprus nation and the exile/refugees - some 21,000, the results of this positive workings, using our "ancestral archaic, fraternal, illuminati , heraldic and masonic workings" those in Bruxelles, /Strasbourg, Britain, the USA, Australia, Cyprus and Greece who know and have participated and benefited. Issues like the Normalization between North and South, the entry of Cyprus and Greece in the EU and follow up EU Treaties. What we have been addressing our greater Exile/refugee communities across the world - the need to be serious, when any nation get/become involve in such workings, the due accountability and seriousness - including the Government, the Ruling political party , the SNP, NDP, and others. Such workings is not a one way street, meaning one party does all the dirty work and the other collects and benefits - it is supposed to be a two way street. Those we have been working with in Britain from the Greek and Cyprus community know we have the capacity to make very serious contributions/intervention. Why we are in this situation. At the same time just the Hellenic Bank of Cyprus which is controlled by the Orthodox church has/had 1000 time more money than Seychelles, its government and total investments. We have known of this since 1987.

We refer to PM Blair government, our foray in the Offshore development, then global economic expansion - growth, the very special relation which Cyprus developed with Russian big business, investors and the such - beside other former COMECON - East European nations.

Seychelles had after the meltdown of the COMECON, the USSR been building a dynamic relation with some of the big business, financier, multinationals, then President FA Rene - how he manged such/these issues. We wish to stress that SIROP program was very aware of then USSR economic and its Financial position/debts and commitments - please research, check with then Chancellor of Germany and Austria - we contributed that they were given/accorded a major Loan, the President Gorbachev. We monitored the Privatization and movement of wealth, capital and as such make due contribution in that nation Stock Market/Exchange workings and other important financial issues. How with the coming of President JA Michel this was miss managed and the results. We do trust President Putin will be made aware of this comment. Over the past five years the significant outflow of Russian capital/investment to Cyprus and its reinvestment by their Russian owners back in Russia - the size of these outward and inward investments. They can if they so wish help the Cyprus government find is way back to sanity. However the Greece and Cypriots ethic and benchmark. Like countless other nations they are the smartest and the price they will/may have to pay.

In relation to the situation, the issue we addressed at the time the British Coalition came to power, the Gulf Nation, China, Russia bid to float a global currency for their economic workings as against the Dollar - shortly afterwards the mega bust up in North Africa and the Gulf State and the European politic of Defense shield and Russia position and the Militarization of South Asia and the Indian Ocean. Had the progress for a difference global Currency made the progress expected and we have been involved/been contributing - Europe and all those other nations like Greece and Cyprus predicament would be different.

Once again we ask everybody to make a greater efforts to get that ASK Global Forum workings again - if need be given Tina gets a proper job or other responsibility which will encourage her to help/contribute positively. That portal was making highly positive input in the economy, politic and most important the progress towards a Senate - two tier electoral House.


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Vladimir Putin blasts Cyprus savings tax ahead of vital vote Empty Re: Vladimir Putin blasts Cyprus savings tax ahead of vital vote

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