Prince Charles: 70 years in 70 pictures

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Prince Charles: 70 years in 70 pictures Empty Prince Charles: 70 years in 70 pictures

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Nov 14, 2018 11:37 am

Prince Charles: 70 years in 70 pictures
9 hours ago
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To mark the Prince of Wales' 70th birthday, we present an image from the Press Association archives from every year of his life.

Royaume-Uni : deux nouvelles photos de la famille royale dévoilées pour les 70 ans du prince Charles
La reine et son mari, le prince Philip, ne sont pas présents sur les photos où n'apparaissent que le prince Charles, son épouse, ses fils, leurs épouses et ses petits-fils.

Neue Familienfotos für Charles’ 70. Geburtstag

Good morning in the first place we wish Prince Charles a very Happy Birthday from our Community in Britain, our diaspora, our communities across the world - we equally wish his three grand children will make his 70th Birthday a very special and memorable Day.

This said the surprise this morning in the National Assembly upon Prince Charles Birthday the British who monitor and watch/police our person and working be they in Seychelles or Britain. The person of Mrs Aisha Decomarmond in the National Assembly. Her displeasure when we address topic on social media she dislike - the need to remember of the construction of the new National Sport Stadium, then President FA Rene in Office those who had opposed most of our exile we had supported this project and help secure funding . Later as a young sport person she had the opportunity use this facility and many others.

This is not the first time we find our self being faced with Praslin important thematic, It had been form Praslin we had meeting with the Superintend Pillay, Mrs Kathleen father on then situation in Seychelles and to come, the Quello Family, the Albert, the Benson, Mr Corrias and the Jumpelt Family, more important the offer that we mange the property of that British Family, the Cummings, it was a very big estate and we declined and went in Exile.

That SIROP program had taken importantly the need to put forward a comprehensive Development plan for Praslin, the heated and complicated debate this morning over the reclaimed land and the knowledge and person of President FA Rene .Our imput since.

After the Return of the leading exile leadership and our situation in Britain and Europe those older cousin and later younger cousin because of the terrible political situation in spite of the return of Multiparty to come and settle on Praslin - the late Mr D'offay knowledge former Minister D Joubert knowledge.

The Seychellolis are somewhat perverts, the creole language, on Praslin is the largest of the Coco de mer reserve in the world, over the past 250 years those who have known come into contact with this strange nut and its male counterpart their reaction, Be they the French Kings or Austrian Emperor. We had pleaded with Princess Diana to acquire one and place it in her royal residence and she did not and the outcome. Queen Elizabeth own plant in Seychelles and other Royalties.

For my person having worked high Interdisciplinary management science, disciple for some 40 years the meaning. It is not logic and practical to put an office of IOIMF on Praslin. ( May we add all those attending that Paris Peace Forum upon the Centenary of the first world war Armistice 11/11/2018, including Sir James Mancham son and President of the Peace @Foundation - the NEOM topic was not present and the NEOM topic we have addressed in Seychelles, the Coco de mer plant )


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Prince Charles: 70 years in 70 pictures Empty Re: Prince Charles: 70 years in 70 pictures

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:28 pm

Is this Prince Charles 70 th Birthday dinner you have lived and worked in Britain, across the country tonight just about everybody their version of Prince Charles 70 th Birthday dinner and drink . We have a birthday cake line up some 6 months out of date bought when our son Mother went to Mauritius in June 2018 will have it as desert. Pity our Black Labrador is not around would have asked him to talk to his friends and get then to run over a rabbit or pheasant for dinner. We have a lots of potatoes in the garden , plenty of Rosemary and other spices. The manner and benchmark the British media writing up on this Birthday and they forget we belong to those who have been very aware of all this birthdays for the past 30 years and more even on the continent and how our Indian Ocean communities take/view such event. rather his Birthday. Obviously he did not appreciate./like our Valley de Mai - coco de mer Birthday comment , the Royal Family Co co de mer plant and the male one . Those who believe you need to have Duke, Baron or Count Title to be polite
in royal language/workings, note the press issues of the Yugoslav and former East Europe Royalties invited, the Russian Royalties excluded, this is supposed to be Prince Charles 70th birthday scared, they would drink just one vodka more and babble as Royal. noted none of the /any French Royal Families invited - . The issues of we almost buying the estate of the Queen's Uncle in Paris and the Al Fayad purchasing it - ask President F Mitterrand the topics, the two Grand Lodge of France


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