Private members Bill by MNA Afif on former SIBA today Seychelles Offshore

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Private members Bill  by MNA Afif on former SIBA today Seychelles Offshore  Empty Private members Bill by MNA Afif on former SIBA today Seychelles Offshore

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:11 am

We ask/urge MNA Affif, in addressing this National Assembly to remember that  concept, decision to develop the Offshore  and create a third pillar of the economy -all those major players from Europe, Asia, the USA involved in that SIROP program it helped, contributed to drive development in many advance nation Financial system. Banking and new products, the small portion Seychelles got, then President FA Rene and Mr Mario Ricci even  if he had a sour relation with Seychelles government and the role of President Mancham . Like everything Seychelles those who battle and fought then the government take the credit.  We further remind them not to underestimate the capacity of that SIROP program - the NEOM Mega City thematic driven and synergized and leveraged by that SIROP program the initial $5000 billion plan. Once again in Seychelles we have the edge.advantage over Mauritius  and how this is being managed by the government and the politicians.  Very important event in Europe the Britexit situation. (Not forgetting events relating with the global economy crash and that program and Seychelles )

Note - We will not edit the original comment because this was posted on the National Assembly platform, will add the issues we overlooked to mention - the British police and Intelligence Service , the US own CIA and FBI then 1987 when we were going around London looking for those companies based in London form the USA and Jewish who could help us put in pace the complicated aspect of that SIROP program develop the offshore and ~Stock Market, those from Lehman Bothers those from KPMG  and other three big firms we met and discussed the issue and the US embassy officials. Later Lehman coming to Seychelles. ( Because they relate also to the former USSR and former COMECON nations economy/finance, those who had still wanted to get rid of President /FA Rene government and himself, that Truth Commission will have to address these )George H. W. Bush -

Part of the Offshore bust up with European issues link with that SIROP program how the big financial institutions and companies were operating, benchmark  and what we have written regulating mechanism. That SIROP program played a crucial role to bring back sanity, faith in the European economic workings, those high personalities of Europe who commented three years ago - At the same time Europe engagement with the Indian ocean Seychelles and Mauritius - the European have not began to grasp the enormity, scope and dimension of the SIROP - NEOM thematic what this requires and imply - they will be compel to radically put into place new financial workings, including offshore, economic models, Innovative science otherwise they will be left behind instead of those argument destroy the achievements of others, the need to compete instead. Those in Seychelles will have to very much readjust a good deal of their strategies and plans.

In Seychelles the many thread we have address on BRICS what really happened in 2008/9 the formulation of the BRICs agenda and concept  Seychelles offshore never made space/provision,  for this entity to work with them.

That SIROP program gave , leverage Africa  today many very complex financial workings, service and markets and yet the African came to Seychelles, holidayed and went back and Seychelles got very little in return for its capacity and contribution.

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