A Christmas message to the German Socialist Democratic Party

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A Christmas message to the German Socialist Democratic Party Empty A Christmas message to the German Socialist Democratic Party

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Dec 25, 2008 10:19 pm

A Christmas message to the German Socialist Democratic Party

Society and the world take it for granted that those individuals who take their rather the time to practice, concept and take part in some of these great German Christmas TV Program they really have nothing better to do.

Having followed German Christmas programs for the past 30 years with intervals when we had only British TV programs. Our personal appreciation of some of these program. Now please – everybody take a very deep breath.

This is Christmas and we are called upon to take time to think, ponder and take stocks. The important position as economic, technological and industrial lead in EU life and affairs beside their say in politic.

As such it is very important to note, monitor their qualitative cultural and such TV programs, they show or presents.

There is very, very grave concern – though not said or spoken aloud.

( By the way this is not being our SIROP14 style of thinking or writing – the death of that French tourist in front of the Coral Strand Hotel formerly owned by a German individual and why – the vast majority from State House, the tourist department do not know to what extent we have contributed to marketing that Hotel and what it represent – Who of your recall Sir Thorpe and Mr Boule drowning – yes it was drowning but a different kind of drowning.)

We are being called to share at Christmas time the message of Pope Benedict. Given the very great hope those who do not know or not aware how the greater thing of the world work, expect President Obama to perform Miracles.

We wish to respond in our own way with this thread contribution . The issues of Chancellor Schroeder Agenda 2010 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agenda_2010 and the Third Way http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_Way_(centrism)– sometime it is good that our emails are monitored and controlled – the emails and written letters we wrote to Chancellor Office, his party, the German Trade Union – not to completely get our self into public trouble and himself indicate that there were issues of grave importance wrong with the conception and putting into action the Agenda 2010 and the SPD Third Way. The British, German special police or EU police and USA special department who will have retain copies of such email.

We are going to attach the wikipedia link on this subject.

We can understand President Bill Clinton being far away and in the mighty White House. We refused to understand Tony Blair thinking and approach at the beginning of his second Term. In the case of Chancellor Schroeder because of the important role, position Germany had taken upon itself in EU its democratic responsibilities towards the EU Democratic Institutions and its people. Hoping that Germany would not react and handle things as the British politicians and the way they do in Britain. Offered to impart on what we term archaic mechanism other important mechanism which needed to be taken into account to make his agenda 2010 work and the Third Way work. Because of past important economic meltdown and Market crash – what has happened in the USA, then EU and the rest of the world.

We were very unhappy and concern with Chancellor personal respond and his SPD knowing what he knew, the German special police and other Agencies he controlled or came under his command. This is just the tip of an Iceberg.

As inevitably anybody would do – react if you have certain important responsibility - you have gone that extra mile to present your view on a problematic or such problematic issues and the other party not responding or reacting awkwardly. You too have the right to respond in equally awkward manner – regrettably which we did. Some of the very negative issues which began to surface and only Chancellor Schorder personally, those very close to him and Edmund Stroible party know what took place. Even if we gave them or some of those political leaders in EU the "biggest diamond" – everybody can and will see it is a "very big diamond" – they would immediately turn round and say afterwards who the hell are you or those Third world individuals what do they think they are up to. In case Chancellor Schroeder, those who have ran the SDP at his time Mr Oscar Lafontaine and the CDU Party - there is a man name Obama and he is going to be working in the white House as of 15 January 2009.

Just as they go loony or buzzerk as we say in Britain to any leading politicians when they miss the point or target. Fail or do not know what is at play here and what is involved here as they have done in the past – the bloody reason we are where we are and the only time anybody gets any sense is when there is an important Church event function or Mass and When somebody like Pope John Paul is forced to get upset or in a number of recent moment when Pope Benedict has been compelled to emphasis and underline some of the troubling issues.

The coffee has been spilled, the red wine is all over the carpet and the very expensive chinas have been destroyed and some of the family crystals equally broken. In other words the bloody terrible mess the world is in.

What we want to say in short the mess we are in was compounded by Tony Blair politic, leading politicians like Chancellor Schroeder who took some of his cue and his party from Tony Blair not knowing or wishing not to know some of the more complex issues involved in what make a nation national party policies and where they originate. Except those media and those individual who just want to stand in the lime light.

The terrible course the German politicians have been compelled to take and the very grave danger this is and will be for EU build upon Chancellor Schorder 2010 agenda and the New Way. Of course we are not writing or going to write article contents that some of the thousands cheap dealers around will read – then go and flog/hock it to the Market, economist, politicians and media and we stand there like fool. Even if it is Christmas and there is a very great deal of hurt, water in the boat or whatever one may wish to call the present situation.

For those who do not properly understand how things work in the world specially those around President Obama. We had expected chancellor Schroeder Office, if not himself to make some form of commitment – live aside other more complex issues only he knows about. Given the very important German responsibility in EU in economic, monetary and as a drive force in EU. This did not happen. Beside what was going on in Britain then the USA – the degradation of certain working in terms of very high politic and its management. Where we have landed and where we are today.

Once again we wish the readers a peaceful Christmas, including our many families, communities in Germany and our diplomatice national representation. Come the next very important TV program which which is Advent and New year those who have gone out of their way to present certain issues only those trained to understand realized what is being said and why. The greater public who are not fools they recall every promise, every important issues presented for the past 15 years. For that matter any promise anybody will make to them in the future. We hope it does not come to the point when the greater public loose all faith specially the German public.


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