Regina Mundi Convent Group - those Cluny Nuns who educated those girls

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Regina Mundi Convent Group - those Cluny Nuns who educated those girls Empty Regina Mundi Convent Group - those Cluny Nuns who educated those girls

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Given that we have been disconnected - removed from Regina Mundi Convent Group - those Cluny Nuns who educated those girls, mothers and Grand mothers - in France when you soldiers and men go to war, when they are killed wounded and return how they treat then and when they are successful in our case the SIROP program - the return of Multi party and the mega change going on in Seychelles and the region and those Seychellois educated by the nuns, how they react and comport for all the Tragic events of our nations

We gave them the WWW

We help given then Wikipedia, Facebook and our efforts that Jane put that Facebook page up. We will be very blunt - then communication and working dynamic until 1983 - involving leading academicians, illuminati and other they new system we had put in place and those who barstardise them and today's " infernal satanic rage/rave, neighbor from hell which has infested most of our women, mothers and the state of life and society and the same across the the world. They get get mad when one write about it.

Those who corruptedly call it new Labor and many other names. How they influence and impact the minds - worse than any drug.

We had wished to address an issues at the Regina Mundi Convent Facebook -

We wish to inform our respective Communities, those and all of you who were educated at the Regina Mundi Convent and Seychelles college - beside other Schools where Mrs M Murray gave and provided PE Education with the involvement of then British Seychelles Colonial education system.

The Murray Family in then Seychelles after the coup d'etat of 1977 they were forced to take go into exile.

We have learnt this Morning that Mrs Marie May Murray who for a long time lived near Ramsgate, the important support she and her Family gave/provide our Community after most the the leading exiles had return home and their attitude at Home as if those issues and event never occurred.

The development of FECAS- ECSVS

The Community Coat of Arms

Rebuilding of that SIROP program, issues of Caple le Fern

The development of

What we have been addressing of the need for our Community to stay and remain proactive. The future generation.
She passed/died on Wednesday

On behalf of our Community, respective officials, appointed and nominated - the Murray Families in Seychelles, Australia and Britain the condolence and very sincere sympathy upon this devastating news.

We are concern and not at all amused at what is going on and then those who dare threaten and say we are not to address such issues in Public - the dreadful of the NHS - the use and abuse of that infernal "satanic rage/rave, crack vibe, CJD to kill and dispatch others, neighbor from Hell Mechanism" - the number of Seychellois and Mauritian killed, dispatched this way. What the Community talk about and the children , the communities across the world.

Those who openly threaten we will take - kill one by one of your people - just as they killed that Mr Vidot two weeks ago.

When we address the European court and the International court and the UN Institutions those to get very enrage in Britain.

When we share and discuss the issues with other Ethnic communities in Britain and Europe - they react, the Collateral issues particularly the Irish communities and the people of Ireland who have been sporting us the past 36 years - events

Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny

La Congrégation St. Joseph de Cluny French website


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