We are experienceing health issues, neighbour from a Russian Family

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We are experienceing health issues, neighbour from a Russian Family  Empty We are experienceing health issues, neighbour from a Russian Family

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:23 am

We are experienceing health issues, neighbour from a Russian Family

Good morning,

We/I have been away from the place at Islington given the issues of a young Mauritian female acquaintance in Paris and the issues of Mrs/Lady Thatcher.

As usual when I have been away, the issues of breaking in the flat, electronic bug and poison. As we have had many such experiences in Britain the past 30 years given our Political/opposition involvement, Interdisciplinary Management issues, work with large Multinationals, complex ethnic issues – most important what we have come to term archaic/ illuminate/Masonic issues – we have also worked the past 30 years in the field of Interfaith at international level.

Everything was ok until about 2am in the morning when we started getting certain buzz – that we may have been poisoned using the method of the Russian and some of the Russian recently killed – poison that cannot be seen and odourless.

There is an elderly lady who live in the Flat above across, the Polish Female in number 13 and a Gentleman in the other building ground floor. The issues across the flat of Mayoress Mrs Mary Powel/her granddaughter lives there a Russian Family – very strong anti social/satanic rage – neighbour from Hell vibe against our person. We had an issues with her over plants and several neighbour were involved – the Council too.

We/I decided to take some rubbish which is next to their flat and the Neighbour form Hell/Satanic rage still went on. ( We went back to the flat and toilet – we would like to add that we have been getting a number of threats in the form of “satanic rage/rave – neighbour from hell from the owner of the Chelsea Fool ball Club since the death of that prominent Russian and the issues we have addressed on our portal, forums and Facebook– the innuendos that he wants to revenge the death of Mrs Thatcher too)

We decided to go to the polish church and prayed with the priest and came to the internet shop and addressed the issues

Our medical centre is close by and those who picked the issues and the buzz.

My ex wife in Vienna had experienced some personal very unhappy experience and that it could be related.

We are having a very dry feeling in the mouth and giddy feelings – will be going to our local clinic to get a check up.

Over the past four weeks three Seychellois have died/been liquidatted, Mr Vidot, Mrs Marie May Savy and somebody else we do not recall their name. The manner of their death.

We ask the Oppositions in Seychelles, our community in London and the Police authorities and government to inquire into it.

"As we/I came out of the web shop several cars, bus slowed down/picked up the issues - Isloington Council Vans and Cars, Islington Police as I cross the light. Went to my Local Chemist we have used for 14 years, know our Family from Mauritius and Seychelles and explained/told him the situation - ask for his adcvice. He told me to go to my GP immediately - quite a few of the locals picked up the issues and their eyes- got there, the cars and the buzz - the waiting Room was very full - spoke to my nurse/the nurse we have know for the past 14 years - she gave me an appointment for 11.30 am British Time 1 and half hour from the Time I got there ".

Will update after the GP visit

We were sent to the University Hospital or Woodgate Imergency - we choose the later, given what we have been addressing on SIROP portal - the time is 18 pm British time we have just finished, the blood Tests and the results sent to our GP - we need to go to a very special Center for further Blood Test. The Hospital was at first wondering who is this one - they have been very helpful and supportive.

I/we will cross link this forum in case it'/they decided to bring it down - Seychelles seyeu.forumotion.com/ is down




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