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Mauritius News new portal project Empty Mauritius News new portal project

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Dec 27, 2008 7:51 pm

From the days we knew rather started UKSCA at the Old Town Hall in Clapham Junction, next to the Police Station . We shared office with Wandsworth Forum - Respect, respect Lady Tacther Government and the politic of the day, the confrontation with Wandsworth forum. Sir James Mancham lived in exile at Deodar Rd, Putney, the Rolls Royce he drove around then - Wandsworth Town Hall. The Opposition Leader Mr Gerrard Houreau was still alive - not very far the Kindergarten where Princess Diana worked and History made. Also Bondway House, Vauxhall - British Refugee Council, our agenda, the friends - Today rather after the fall of the COMECON and changes in the USSR the decision for the New Building of MI5. Miss Fiona Mc Taggart biscuit and tea then when ever we went to Wandsworth Town Hall to seek advices, resources, help and other support

The Mauritius News had not existed then. A while later one year after we had moved into the Old town Hall - shared office facilities and the support of BRC, NCVO, LVSC, Refugee Forum in building, Seychelles British expat connections and many others, Mr Peter Chullum pioneered Mauritius News.

We are pleased to see the newest effort of his direct or indirect work. Which also remind us some of the leading forces in Seychelles who have been asking us to put in place a proper news media to work with our Seychelles EU community for the past one year - just in case, the attempts we have made.

We trust our community in Britain, the EU , across the world and those who have been fortunate to return to Seychelles, been economically - financially resonably compensated - the purpose of so call Democratic existance, functioning of a nation be it in peace, war/conflict/exile and return to peaceful situation.


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