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Nama could be wound up in 2020 despite hints for future ... - Irish Times
Wed, Jun 13, 2018, 10:34 Updated: Wed, Jun 13, 2018, 18:52 ... Nama, founded to rescue the Republic's domestic banks following the financial crash, earned a ...

Cerberus | The Irish Times
2018 gave us falling AIB shares and the thorny issue of bankers' pay ... The Government appointed retired High Court judge John Cooke in June 2017 to ... the US vulture fund that bought State assets agency Nama's Northern Ireland property ...

National Asset Management Agency - Wikipedia
The National Asset Management Agency is a body created by the government of Ireland in late 2009, in response to the Irish financial crisis and the deflation of the Irish property bubble. NAMA functions as a bad bank, acquiring property development loans from ...... Retrieved 12 April 2018. ^ "Nama is highway robbery".

de Lacy - Wikipedia
de Lacy is the surname of an old Norman family which originated from Lassy, Calvados. The family took part in the Norman conquest of England and the later ...
‎Lords of Pontefract ... · ‎Lords of Weobley and ... · ‎Lordship of Meath

Comment - Those in Republic of Ireland who know the alternative issues of the Good Friday leading to the Good Friday Agreement, then White House and President Bill Clinton the CIA and FBI. The Council of Europe, Parliament and Commission knowledge.  The Linking issues to NANA mega debacles, the important Italian - Milan and Rome  /Austrian connections   and forthcoming Britexit. Ireland future role and position EU member state Bordering UK, some of the prominent Families example address above to our issues original and ongoing ,   the original issues which triggered NAMA, the Seychelles Central Bank/ FIU Irish Regulators

That Land Commission in Seychelles, that property at Montagne Posee "Gaza", claim - issues 1988/89 force acquisition by President FA /Rene government, his their then claim, reason arguments for taking over that property, the Munich Conference of the Seychelles combined exile/refugees 1988, those who took part and outcome, USA, British position, Canada,  Germany, Australia, Ireland, the UN, then USSR, China, OAU Block  and India position and those from the Gulf Nations including Saudi Arabia. The then COI nations of 1988/89, including Mauritius, Madagascar. The then Commonwealth 1988/89, What about the Vatican  the Office of Pope John Paul ll, the Vatican office in London and the Italian Masonic, Templar and the Italian government. In Ireland, the Irish government and many officials knowledge in Northern Ireland and the greater Irish Community in London , Australia and the USA, The Ireland NAMA thematic is just one of several major terrible super mess Economic and political, diplomatic/military  linked to this topic those who know this topic in Seychelles  

There has been two previous attempt at settling, finding a solution and getting due compensation, then President FA Rene in  Office and then VP James Michel our interaction with his office and correspondences. Their position then, excuses, arguments. Those who represented us in Seychelles

Had Seychelles government not forcibly acquired that property, the previous development plan for a 25 small bed hotel,  later added an adequate building to house the Indian Ocean Interdisciplinary Management Foundation.  

There had also been an offer to purchase one of the large Hotels on Mahe, very likely Coral Strand Hotel. Block Group Hotel then.

The need to remind those who have forgotten and chose to forget, that SIROP program of 1986/87, involved, related and required return of the lands and estate taken by force from the many large land owners, acquired by the state and due compensation, those who did and did not get compensation under the then government land compensation. ( Hence all those the many exiles/refugees families from Seychelles who had supported that Return program amounting between USD 500 - 800 millions for the return of Multiparty. So that they would get their lands back and be compensated. They had equally support the option of military force to change or take over Seychelles  for them to get their lands and properties back, then South African possibilities and French , this program made this possible with out reverting to/having to revert to  such approach ) The UN - UNHCR, the Commonwealth, the many governments,Germany, Italy/Monaco, Dutch government , Belgium ,   Including those in Mauritius and Reunion /France mentioned above the Vatican , the EU and Australia , South Africa, USA, Canada knew of this part of that program.

Beside the offer from President FA Rene for a lease of an Island, those big land owner families who had offered my person some land in return as thank you for putting forward this program concept , getting it accepted, implemented. The major economic benefits.

As well, as the Phase two and three major economic /Reclamation program  how it was going to be undertaken  and implemented , lands for Economic purpose. Again the unwritten undertaking that we would be getting a parcel, plot for the said purpose setting up a business or building. This will form part of our National Truth Commission Claim .  

To be noted the paramount motive, reason for putting together that SIROP program under a Plan A the post of a senior government post under plan B equally a senior government post the FA Rene government. SA government and Gulf nations, the UN/UNHCR, the EU, the OAU, the None Aligned, Commonwealth and very long list , Western government and their military and intelligence Service, the Vatican. .  

Then Seychelles 1988/89, Diplomatic Service, the Defense Force, Police, Intelligence Unit/Service (SPUP/SPPF) and those outside nations who worked and supported Seychelles government working - bilateral  


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Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jan 24, 2019 9:18 am

What if we had been able to go to Ireland and stay sometime there how those in England would have reacted - far more than bit of bloody mindedness this morning.

We published at our community Forum  a topic about NAMA and the Property Commission in Seychelles and yesterday ITV program on the Britexit Irish Boarder interviews, debacles. We followed this program for sometime.  Because of our role/impute inn that Goof Friday agreement among other issues. Because of the future of Seychelles Ireland relation, EU future workings those who know of our greater community working in Ireland that SIROP program, its impacts and effects. The need to find other solution for the future  - those Britexiter and those in UK who dislike this.

Those individual who use that infernal satanic mechanism to spy and monitor you every action comporting like @Gunny bag this morning. The real agenda behind Britexit so that everybody anybody they do not like will be gunny bag.

We decided to phone some high parties in Ireland those who monitor our phone call and then get the population and others to comport like gunny bag.

We call on PM Blair his Chancellor, Minister Gordon Brown and Alister Darling, the debacle leading to NatWest acquiring Royal bank of Scotland in Ireland Ulster Bank  - I was involved in that process. The manner things get reported and they why those who con and crap  the greater public and world , market. With such benchmark when things go wrong nobody can find solution or get at the cause. Because Ireland is Ireland the linking issues in the USA and /Australia  market wise. Beside the politicians in Ireland the greater business community who need to know and what they know and have known. These connectivity goes back to Seychelles in spite what the Seychelles media and Mauritius South African write, their politicians.

The breaking news about Santandar how this Spanish bank came to Britain we/I was involved and have been involved in some of the process - yet. In Spain the officials who known of this topic , the workings of that SIROP program in Spain, EU knowledge and those from North Africa and the respective impacts as it did and have done for both Ireland. business logic when you have such an important working you/one help to make it work better and support it positively. This is not happening and the outcome - had we to re drive and re-gear those working then what their business experts come out and say, the politicians and the media.

Von Ryan Express YouTube film


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