Students’ classical guitar recital unveils budding talents -

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Students’ classical guitar recital unveils budding talents -  Empty Students’ classical guitar recital unveils budding talents -

Post  Sirop14 on Thu May 02, 2013 10:48 am

Students’ classical guitar recital unveils budding talents - 02.05.2013

The Seychelles’ school of music, a department within the Ministry of Tourism and Culture held for the first time a classical guitar recital for its students.

Present at the event was the programme director Jerry Souris and music teacher Francois Victor, students, parents and friends who had come to give them support for this first recital.

Such events will ensure that classical guitar music takes centre stage in Seychelles from a very early age.

Although these students had taken part in several shows before, this recital was special as it was the first being held at the school.
The aim of the recital was primarily to build students’ confidence in playing in front of an audience and to give each student, no matter what their level, a repertoire to enjoy while learning the techniques of playing the classical guitar.

The programme included five solos, two duos, a youth ensemble and the senior ensemble the Ocean Sounds.
The students taking part in the recital included Parik Dang-Kow, Elvin Sandapin, Vinuja Chandratne, Jean-Luc Grandcourt, Rebecca, Alisha Ernesta and Amos Alexis.

They performed several pieces such as The dangers of poking holes in ice, Leccion, Ductia, Y.M.C.A, Old Swansea town and many more, including the traditional sega.

The students were proud with their own performances and the support received from teacher Francois Victor as well as the small crowd who had come to give them support.
The school continues to encourage students to start learning an instrument at a very early age depending on their interest, be it guitar, piano, flute and others.

Music is an important contribution towards a child’s education. It helps children to feel better about themselves and improves their community spirit, according to researchers.



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