Hong Kong, Pearl River Delta region

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Hong Kong, Pearl River Delta region Empty Hong Kong, Pearl River Delta region

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Hong Kong, Pearl River Delta region

Investors learn of business opportunities in Seychelles

Guangdong Holdings

Pearl River Delta

UPDATE 2-Emerging market stocks in bear territory after 20 pct drop since January

After US$900 billion plunge in global equity markets, here's what Wall ...
24 Mar 2018 - 26 Jan 2019 ... After a $900 billion, 24-hour wipeout for global equity markets, traders ... Treasury yields edged up but sit well off the highs of the past few weeks ... plans to slap tariffs on US$50 billion worth of Chinese goods Thursday. ... risk to our outlook for four rate hikes by the Federal Reserve this year.

Comment - Why are we adding the two above articles last year 2018 January the Market meltdown the analyst and market explanation what we have written to Seychelles government, that portal we manage and in the process of revamping those in China who know instead of helping us with that project.

Events in the Hong Kong 1987 when that program was written and presented to the world then Chin and the benefits China and Hong kong have acquired as a result on the back of this program

When that SIROP program was written in 1986/7 then state of world finance, product, market system and technology on the back of that SIROP program the enhance development, many new products, management system and regulatory mechanism. We have move into that NEOM thematic with the world market and finance will be like on the back of the combines synergy/dynamic . This is not a Seychelles government conception, the Seychelles government extract, use what we have created and concepted what we manage.


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