Providence gets new industrial zone

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Providence gets new industrial zone Empty Providence gets new industrial zone

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:59 pm

Providence gets new industrial zone

Providence Construction and Marine Industrial Park is the newly reclaimed extension in Zone 20 of the Providence Industrial Estate.

The reclamation project was handed over to government by Eden Island Development in a small ceremony yesterday morning at the site.

Seychelles Strategic Land Use and Development Plan - Arup

Comment - We have read the above article, the Stat House Facebook and Sesel TV link above on this topic and done a Google earth search

The way the government official explain it is very wrong and deceiving the populace and the world.

That Reclamation formed part of the Phase lll original Reclamation, Google earth undertaking as part of that SIROP program, President FA Rene Government.

In 2014, President J A Michel New Seychelles economic agenda and greater Plan involving the United Arab ~Emirate. The new Airport extension and plan for Marina and other facilities and Hotel - that was when Eden Island people and Vijay construction came in to undertake the extension of the Reclamation.

The pressure we brought to bear on the Seychelles political system/landscape and those who took part in Seychelles and abroad. Then Sir James Mancham , the abuse and corruption and the situation with President J A Michel Wife - First :Lady Michel reaction and yet. The setting up of the Regional Council as against the /A Senate.
What occurred, took place the Presidential , President J A Michel Resignation, the National Assembly election and LDS coming in Power, the majority in the National Assembly. Began the call for accountability and the many Committee and Commission, including the land Inquiries and Reclamation , the many weeks and months of question and the outcome , Government Land Bank debacle. The very question of Vijay construction situation, Eden Island.

As a result of the inquiry of the role of the UAE in our National ?Development the position took by the Officials, the results those development proposed were shelved and then President Danny Faure position the media questioning, whatever they are called.

As a result of the world situation in particular the USA, the world and the region find itself with very uncertain future, near crises. Our involvement yet again and the SIROP NEOM thematic. Events an topics in France and Europe. President Macron coming to Office.

We have written to President D Faure, to President FA Rene wife, requesting that they consider providing us with a plot of land to put an Office container for that SIROP program and the NEOM thematic. There are those high officials from North Korea who read and monitor our issues in the Indian ocean beside others.

We have made great efforts to get the Barreau of France , the Bar Association of Europe, the USA, Africa and Australia , Mauritius to help those 25,000 exiles refugees address that Seychelles Truth commission and Reconciliation. They were all written request and copy to lawyer Pardiwalla Towmey Lablach and appropriate parties.

We are aware of certain development, those almost wishing to revert the clock the days when force were used to try and change politic in Seychelles also aware of the new Seychelles Intelligence Service.

There is the urgency,need to for those of you who care for peaceful solution , democratic process to bring President D Faure and his govern to make it possible for us to get a plot of land to site a mobile office for hat SIROP NEOM program in Seychelles, the interests of those 25,000 exiles and refugees. Their respective Rights.


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Providence gets new industrial zone Empty Re: Providence gets new industrial zone

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Feb 16, 2019 11:28 am

Le Seychellois
6 hrs ·
Seychellois taxpayers spent $US7 million to reclaim Eden Island off the east coast of Mahé.

The 40 hectares (100 acres) reclaimed island has been around since 2005. Today it is the home of 380 apartments (1-3 bedrooms); 131 maisons (or duplex of 3 to 4 bedrooms and 72 villas.

It also boasts 16 hectares (40 acres) of private waterways which means all the island’s residents enjoy a private mooring, either in front of their home or close by or in the Eden Island Marina.

What we need to recall is that the island was much bigger when it was originally reclaimed.

Today the shape of the island resembles a fish which is also Eden Island’s logo.

To create this formation, Eden Island’s developer, Zone 10 Development Company had to dig six basins known as B1 to B6 to turn it into the luxurious residential marina development.

But what did they do with the coral fill that was pumped out of the ocean during the reclamation project?

The developers stockpiled the coral fill in two different locations on Mahé and 14 years later they have found an innovative way to recycle it – the newly reclaimed 30,000 square kilometers extension of Zone 20 of the Providence Industrial Estate and the site for the proposed Eden View Village.

The Zone 20 extension is said to be the new home of 20 class two construction companies; the Marine Industrial Park which will house six marine repair businesses along with the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC). The plots will vary in size from 502sqm to 1200sqm.


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