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Mrs Amelie Michel had passed away - Facebook info Empty Mrs Amelie Michel had passed away - Facebook info

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Miss/Mrs Amelie Michel/ Miss Seychelles
We decided to attend/go to the Lithonia /Russian church this Saturday given that it is the first Saturday/Sabbath of the new Palais de Justice hand over – Justice derivate from God, the Gods, and mankind notion of Justice,. The need to understand the process, be you Catholic, Church of England other Christian denomination, Muslim, Buddhist or others.

I/we had gone there last Saturday and we were told may be the church had closed, the Police and other who monitor our movements. So we went to the Ghanaian church in Tooting Broadway – they had taken us in a big Black Mercedes three years ago to the Church.

After Sabbath explained that we had been visiting some place near the Olympic Village – the near fatal accident of Imran Khan – what we wrote on Jemaima Twitter.

Those Ghanaian and Nigerians we have been talking and discussing about that Stock Exchange in Sechelles Seychelles, Mauritius the Mauritian run their Stock Exchange – where as Seychelles having failed three times the government have taken to using African Union, Ghanaian and Nigerian expertise./ Those /they belong to the charismatic Christian who are telling for us to participate in that Stock exchange and with them we have to belong to their religion and their way of Christian living.

I have some near 30 years experience and knowledge of European,. USA, Asian, Gulf Region Australia, ~Russia and China, Latin America Stock exchange workings. Because of this understanding and experience what we have addressed about the global melt down in 2008.

We/I go myself a pot of Porridge and Bread pudding and a Bus conductor came and chatted in English and German – then caught the bus to the church. Said a payer in front of the church then told myself if they do not come then will go in the park just up the road and eat my porridge and pray/think.

The English/White Family who had helped/talked to us last ~Saturday and on the play ground all the Dads and their little boys – girl – we said a long prayer for Herve Albert, then President FA Rene , then Pope John Paul ll events which had change the COMECON and the USSR their Justice and Judiciary – Our ancestral Judiciary and Justice system, events of the past 21 years and that New palace of Justice build buy the Chinese and gifted. ;

Suddenly a park warden appeared and we talked about the SDA and the Church - his view, he was Portuguese, Portugal and the economic situation, BIOT, East And West Africa and the discovery of Sechelles Seychelles, we talked about the Portuguese church in London and Clapham – he held the view that may be they had decided to close the church. Father and son came to practice their Tennis, again thinking of the children – decided to walk towards the Ghanaian church in Tooting Broadway.

Suddenly realised the person of a Luthnian in front of the SDA church, greeted him and explained him what had happened - they had prayed with use for Herve Albert O and A level. He went inside and called the Pastor‘s wife and explained to her the issues – she explained to me they had been away at the SDA head quarter to celebrate the 150 year anniversary.

I went in – the place is a Kindergarten/School and the church next door. Gradually the members began to arrive – I had notice two female as I/we came out of the underground had also thought they had connection to the church then bought the porridge and bread pudding. We had the Sabbath School and the Sermon and Lunch –

I/we underline to the Pastor - that he had given us a signed Russian Bible for the Family in Seychelles - His underline that in Communist Russia if you had a Bible you went to Jail and his happiness at being able to read the Bible and hand out Bibles. in was in a suit case still packed to travell in 2009, the porridge and everything, cloth and this Palace of Justice - the situation with the SDA in Seychelles their attitude, our mother had been killed not able to attend her funeral, they are better and greater Christian than everybody in the world. Those who use and apply this infernal antisocial, satanic rage/rave then say it is the Holy Spirit.

The issues here is that one of those ladies is French, from Paris, had known Country Life 25 years ago 123 Regent Str – we had been there and we discussed talked about it. They have just bought a Synagogue near £2 millions in Ilford and they will convert it in a church. We discussed about country Life Marseille and those who trained with our person – Country Life Marseille and La chapel Project some 25 years ago and Enton Hall – Godalming. Also discussed the SDA Family, churches in Seychelles and Mauritius.

Most important she has worked in the High end of the Watch, and Jewellery industry on Bond Str - London for 25 years a\at high management, and Paris – We discussed the events of Princess ~Diana how she was killed and the Al ~Fayad Family and very many others. Her Ring and other Jewels, the British royal Family and very very many important personalities and nobilities she had come across and known over the past 25 years

We had kept underlining to her that somewhere, somebody had wanted to underpin an issues specially with the Palace of Justice in Seychelles and our French ancestral, archaic, fraternal, illuminate and Masonic workings. Her parents are SDA.

I decided to introduce her to the Mauritian Boulevard Cafe in Tooting, we had chocolate, coffee and talked and parted. They served Dal Pourri and boul di riz renverse.

Strangely enough read in Le Mauritian there, about the global Watch and Jewel Industry latest development/Market.

Over the past 25 years have addressed a great deal about corrupted benchmark and abuses without going into details in Public. We did not tell her inform her we work have worked in the High Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary for some 30 years and how they affect he former Industry – we had also discussed important aspect of our archaic and heraldry workings the projects we started.

Mrs/Miss Amelie Michel had worked, associated and represented our Sechelles Seychelles interests in France and Seychelles/Europe. Those who know and aware of the issues. ({ Last week upon the death of Lady Thatcher Mrs Marie May Savy was killed/died and busied the same day as Mrs/lady Thatcher})

A senior worker of Imran Khan got assassinated yesterday and we read of the news that Mrs Amelie Michel former Miss Seychelles had died and everybody refuse to tell us the reasons. – We have from time to time addressed some of our lady Seychellois friend on the Facebook warning them about the corrupted benchmark and the fact that it kills and can kill. ` Somebody somewhere had abused this mechanism and these incidents had developed.

We also request those who can - have the connection to point this issues to Elysee Palace, President Francois Hollande Office - the ongoing issues what we have not wished to address here.

Cartier (jeweler)

Place Vendôme

Bond Street[/i]

Miss/Mrs Amelie Michel/ Miss Seychelles


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