Young teachers learn more about AU and Pan-Africanism

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Young teachers learn more about AU and Pan-Africanism  Empty Young teachers learn more about AU and Pan-Africanism

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Young teachers studying at the University of Seychelles, their lecturers, among other guests were yesterday enlightened on the Pan-Africanism ideology, the African Union (AU) and the concept of African Renaissance.

Ms Moustache giving her talk yesterday

This was during a presentation by Patsy Moustache, who is well versed in African issues and also the desk officer for the AU at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The talk forms part of activities commemorating the 50th anniversary of the OAU/AU.

Seychelles being a member of the organisation since 1976 is joining other members of the body to celebrate this milestone.
Pan-Africanism is defined as an ideology and movement that encourages the solidarity of Africans worldwide, while African Renaissance is the concept that African people and nations shall overcome the current challenges confronting the continent and achieve cultural, scientific, and economic renewal.

During the presentation Ms Moustache explained to the students the ideas behind the creation of the OAU (Organisation of African Unity) which is today the AU, what it is all about, how the body is organised, why it is important for Seychelles to be a member and the benefits it brings the country, among other issues.

Speaking after the presentation Ms Moustache said it is important for young teachers to be well versed in African issues so that in turn they can better teach their pupils about their roots.

“I believe there is a lack of deep understanding of African history and the different movements so this was an opportunity for the student teachers to boost their knowledge of the continent’s affairs,” said Ms Moustache.

She noted that very often many people tend to forget where they come from and refrain from recognising their African roots.
She said the presentation generated a lot of interest from the audience who had many questions.

The presentation was among two others that took place yesterday as part of the FetAfrik programme of activities.

Young teachers studying at the University of Seychelles, their lecturers, among other guests were yesterday enlightened on the Pan-Africanism ideology, the African Union (AU) and the concept of African Renaissance.

If this is anything like the policy of the former Communist/SPPF/PL government regarding the Seychelles 21,000 exile/refugee community and events the past 25 years, their lies, propaganda and utter corrupted system. Then we are obliged to make the following comment.

Our parents and relatives – Sechelles Seychelles community had lived and work in East Africa and Central Africa for two generation – beside the French, their role in East Africa and Central Africa. Particularly the Seychelles community how they strived to build a lively hood/peaceful coexistence with the African of all classes as such their reputation. Including the Moustache Families in East Africa.

There are many facets and aspects of OAU Movement created in 1963 and what the diverse Camps advocated –m were advocating. Including the expulsion, takeover and death too many the many Communities of none African Origin across Africa – their Families and children made to suffer and in Many instance brutally killed/tortured, their hard work confiscated and looted – humiliated in the name of Independence and OAU.

Anybody who dare come forward and lecture and Teach otherwise need to have their mind examined. Be told they are telling blatant lies.

After the many Revolution between the times we lived in Africa to Seychelles Independence the real politic being played in Africa – those who supported the West, military economic and all many other aspects. Those who supported the Communist, with all its political ideologies, military and economic practice, education etc.

Then we had those who set up dictatorial Regime and system because of the ability to taken over their country and put in place government by sheer brutal force and what the populace suffered.

We had/have been privy to a great deal of Seychelles Liberation debacle we will not enter them here – from East Africa to Seychelles, planned coup d’état and elimination, confiscation of property and revenge. We also belong to the second Seychellois who left Seychelles in Exile – the first being Dr Hossen.
From the time of our exile 1976 – to 1991 events around the world. May be one day some young Seychellois with enough understanding of writing will come forward and we will share some of the highly complex issues we have relating to the OAU, the camps we have mentioned above, their respective government, economy practice, military, archaic/fraternal, Christian etc.

There is the need to underline the reason for that Indian Ocean Industrial Investment and Promotion Centre – the research used by those to develop the COI concept. All those today who purport they are very wise and become wiser than everybody. Primarily the concept presented to the ~CIA – Pentagon, NATO, EU, South Africa and the Israeli Intelligence and None Aligned – given the state of things in the Indian Ocean – including Seychelles, the daily and weekly bloody bath and massacre and killing by both sides. We wanted to take the issues further by creating a body where by the Communist/Dictatorial system would be forced, compelled to sit at the same table as their Western, Capitalist counterpart and discuss major investment and economic issues. The Warsaw pacts and the COMECON and the OAU were working with minimal funds. We knew and were very aware of this. How they made and raised their working and financing capitals, investments. The nature of the investments. President FA Rene and his Communist partners, the USSR, China, the OAU Communist Camps, the Cuban, the Gulf Region state that were Communist and supported him would need to sit at the same table and discuss/work our business solutions. That in itself was a major challenge – this generation, the media and many others who fail and refuse to grasp what really was the state of things between 1976 – to 1991. They would not hesitate to have you killed if you mentioned any important economic workings or challenges, not just you your family friends everything – they were freaking animals from this prospective. The impact on the mind, life, family and human existence.

Because of certain unique abilities – how we worked with those form the Vatican and the global interfaith communities to change this. The coming of Pope John Paul ll – events in Poland other Communist countries and USSR – how this reflected on the OAU, Latin America and Gulf Region politic. Because we understood these how we developed networks, links with many leading personalities and individuals – the use of higher management discipline which influence, greater economic, wars, diplomacy and politic to change this system. Finally events of the Berlin Wall, Germany Reunification and the dissolution of the USSR – the important impacts on global politic, Africa politic and the OAU, China, the Gulf Region.

We have played historic role in the development of the EU/Europe without going into details her and given our French ancestral existence held the view that the Indian Ocean could be made to work in a more democratic and fair manner – those who accused us in Britain of having the ambition of Bonaparte and a few other names. We had done a great deal of research and reading of History from many facets and angles.

Until 6/8 years ago the workings of the EU and Europe how it impacted the world – the imbalance that was developing again everybody choose to forget. Forget the media filth and the super con the reality. OAU was at great disadvantage, those from OAU and Africa – Heads of state, leading personalities knowing the work and contributions we had done to set the COI in Place and work in EU and Europe, Russia, China – they ask/forcefully in instance demanded that we do something – develop the due dynamic/mechanism as we had done for Poland, the COMECON, the Warsaw Pact that Africa change – who ever will be reading this just do not appreciate the dimension of the issues. It was our responsibility to find the right and appropriate African OAU Heads of State, Institutions and others in Europe and the world to support this idea and drive it forward. The final push when OAU became AU.

As such we have been involved in underpinning which state in Africa will best host the Seat of a given Institutions – like the Head quate4r of the AU in Ethiopia Adiss Ababa.

May be one day if ever Seychelles change we will be given the opportunity of addressing those/such issues in public and those who have any question ask their respective questions.

Finally the great President Nelson Mandela is not what/who he really is – those of use involved way back in 1978 Vienna working out the issues that one day he may return to south Africa as a moderate force and lead his people/nation. This said the need to have a level head when such or any entity can drive such issues their work just do not stop there they have to work in the future with the change and development and help/contribute to manage the changes.

Today, after we have made such great contributions those form Britain institutions and Africa help bent to sleaze, decimate lies and propaganda as they did in/During the cold War and say this is democracy in practice

What about the important impact of the WWW on Africa/OAU and AU get hold of our papers we left in France/Angers some of the arguments/notes related will be included - those who think/judge the WWW was the work of just two young techicians - there was a great deal more involved/behind it. Issues which will embarass, NATO, the USA Intelligence workings, the IMF and others. They had opposed the WWW creation. We were involved we got/felt their anger and hate daily and the colateral fall outs.


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