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Post  Sirop14 on Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:33 am

In 2014, very unlike PM Blair/Brown, Labour government the working/functioning and dynamics of that SIROP program in all its aspects, Russian, China, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe, the very marked distinction between them/theirs and by then PM Cameron Conservative government position - his Big Society agenda as against the New Labour. We had written some issues at the time how that European election would change, affect and impact much of that program workings, functionality , beside our other European workings. When those talk of the Russian phenomena the capacity for that program then to impact and influence aspect of European election issues in relation to it workings and core issues. Those who would be leading in the European parliament and the Commission, Institutions. In the USA then White President Obama. His office and government position on Europe and its future very existence .

We watched the issues of the Trial of the ex leaders/heads of the Second world war Germany, events leading to it and after the Trials. The world for/with all its intellectualism still refuse to this day to acknowledge the power of the WWW, the stories that was being spun in 1987/88 in Europe and the world and the propaganda and the capacity of that WWW to educate, illuminate and inform the world otherwise. It still mean nothing to all those with their propaganda interests. It was that SIROP program which gave the world the WWW. Any fool/idiot will tell you when you have a structure, system or mechanism that lend to such capacity, with such capabilities in importance and relevancy - beside along with a long list of historic events and developments.

Then 2014 Europe and world mega political scandal, the politicians, big business, big finances/Banks those who manage them and the media abusing, the excess application of that infernal Satanic rage/rave mechanism to con /crap and manipulate the citizens, what had ensued with the world economic, melt down, near third world war., and the big why. It had been hope, promised, speculated after what had taken place, those new individuals. Team entities being elected to run Europe would take a different approach and their benchmark very different, less lies, crap, con and application of that Satanic mechanism. This is have been important to the political madness we have experienced and will continue to experience.

The big and important question the last five years of belt tightening, economic austerity, in all its brutal form and aspects and fighting the economic meltdown those/the Team Europe had to take over /be responsible for the state of things, the sum up and current situation after four years, their Term in Office. Among them the mega mess of the Exile/refugees situation/politic. which again nearly wreck much of what had been positively build about this Europe. Not for lack of knowledge and experience but for political expedience, intellectual abnormalities - those who refute to acknowledge that SIROP program they took inventing their own versions and endeavoring with pubic money to implement their own version - the important negative outcome and fallout. The fact that that SIROP is still alive, deny that the USSR never existed, the COMECON /Warsaw pact never existed, the OAU and Communist Africa, Latin america and the Gulf Region, its impacts on the world and economy, society. vast many other strand of society/human and world working. those alive then and involved, we suppose to many they never existed, their politic and ideas never mattered, safe their own folly and madness.

Today state of things as we prepare for the 2019 European election, Russia, the USA.with President Donald Trump, China, Latin America and Africa in greater part. There have been those who have positive, en- devoured to influence and impacts the working of that SIROP program - the call in 2014 had been for revamping it those forces, individuals wishes and request. Particular those from Britain - what had led to the Britexit agenda, over the past 5 year that SIROP program have proved it resilience and supported adverse economic in Britain and Europe , the world, again the benchmark of giving and taking credit, reporting for such issues. what about events in France, Italy and Germany.

Two years ago when the world was on the verge of breaking up, the North Korea situation and the USA this program capacity was call/put into motion, the agenda/topic of NEOM saw day light - world we are taking of not just the $500 billion of Prince Bin Salman Saudi Arabia mega city/vision the Gulf region, with al the challenges of implementing - North Korea reaction to this and events. Europe have refused to react /respond to this yet the marked difference it could have make /been.

As we prepare to start, those who have started promoting their respective European agenda and politic, completely overlooking and ignoring the capacity of that program and the NEOM thematic. The future and fate of Europe and its citizens. In Seychelles the Indian ocean former Sir James Mancham and President F A Rene fate and in Mauritius those involved in that 1986/87 program and associated changes, the EU workings in the Indian ocean the past 5 years the difference in the future. The reporting benchmark being developed in Seychelles, Mauritius how they attribute economic, social and political development in the Region, The world Bank/IMF and the UN and other world Institutions, Terrible and at time reckless benchmark. Should/if nothing is not undertaken to address/redress some of those major abnormal issue where this will end/.lend. In .From Africa the developing approach , benchmark and the impacts on Africa and yet what is being painted and portrayed, explained and promoted.

Excuse us we will publish this as it is and edit late fearing a crash.


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