Our Nation three June celebration and OAU/African Union 50th Anniversary

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Our Nation three June celebration and OAU/African Union 50th Anniversary

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Jun 01, 2013 8:05 pm

Our Nation three June celebration and OAU/African Union 50th Anniversary

The month of May is gone and the strangeness of it as against the May over the past 25 years and we embrace the month of June - within its three very critical/crucial national date/events - the 5th June, the 3rd Republic 18th June and Independence Day 28th June. Beside the very many families who have suffered and are suffering to this day - those 21,000 living in exile Seychellois of all ages and sex, beside parents, relatives, families and friends - those who have served our nation and people, making it into the nation it is/has become today. The blood shed and collateral price/consequences and the attitude of the politicians and the international community.

Part of this strangeness/funny feeling of this month of May ending and coming June is the thematic, debacle of OAU/African Union 50th Anniversary. What has been written by African media and the rest of the world.
Before OAU became African Union one could have forgiven the many Heads of State, Intellectuals, Institutions and Media for the situation of almost oppression which prevailed. In this Historic years of 2013 and OAU 50th Anniversary no excuse for the disjointed and dislocated statement and speeches.

If one believe history and our ancestors - those who left France 350 years ago to colonize the Indian Ocean, South Africa the Huguenot, Madagascar, Reunion , Mauritius and Seychelles, Diego Garcia, beside Comor they posses a very strong notion of Christianity - the Holy scripture was their Holy sacred and inspirational Book just as those who migrated to Canada - New France, the British, Irish, Scott who migrated and build the USA. Even Latin America. What about India and South Asia - Vietnam.

The American Nations North and South advocated their Rights for global leadership, stewardship and moral policing rights, because of their highly treasured and unique Christian faith, moral values - the Military aspects would have come second. Their economic success would have been par with their Faith and belief.

Yet their very Christian attitude towards those lots of Christian who equally left France, Europe and migrated/settled in the Indian Ocean and founded, building their respective Nations and entities. They had no rights to speak in stronger Christian tone or overtone than they did - they were not permitted and would not be allowed. Beside other reflections in Economic, diplomatic, education and scientific aspects.

It is from this prospective that we see the Small nation of Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles, Diego Garcia - BIOT during the Cold War, rather the political, economic, financial, social and intellectual etc., wisdom of the Day.

Of those three Small Nation Seychelles was the more aggressive/conservative with its Catholic and Christian faith, belief, education, social values, culture etc. This developed, natured and acquired over 200 years by the founding fathers and builders of that Nation. {In Europe those Christian entities who are proud of their heritage and they manage it as against Seychelles - particularly the politic and religion of the Colonial time}

So that when those today in Africa, that great building existence, based/using our Christian principal/values we helped - contributed that it be build in Ethiopia - their Christian Orthodox Faith and Values compared to other nations of Africa - same Africa and OAU over the past 40 years. The statement/speeches, Seychellois wanted Communism and that Seychelles embraced the great African Freedom and Liberation movement aspiration need/is require to think very hard. { We had known Mr Guy Sinon reasonably well, his respective Family and most of those involved in then SPUP}

Which bring me to the burning topic of Christian Faith/belief in action between the White as founders of that church and the Black or Indian and mix as we have in Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion - how they, their faith responded and reacted to the Communist, Freedom and Liberation movement and call coming out of Africa - then OAU. For that matter the call by Democratic Force/parties and Liberal parties and Force.

Equally important Christian development in Africa over the past 40/50 years prior to African Union coming to existence/being. During the Communist, Freedom and Liberation era of Africa those who clung on to their respective Christian Faith and belief from the Black African population as against the white and others. When the two Camps were raging wars of complete destruction, massacres, Tribal conflicts/wars that have scared Africa and will scar Africa for many generations to come - all fought in the name of ideology and belief. .

As such in Sechelles Seychelles the percentage of the populace who embraced the Liberation, Freedom and Communist movement ideology, their respective belief and relation to Church and Society - the need to state bluntly the large Majority were of Black decent and as such be it/they Africa Christian belief and their counterpart in Seychelles - how they related and co-related.

Equally important how the White Seychellois or Creole had been lukewarm about their Christian belief, values and social, moral practice - education values. In comparison to their counterpart in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

It was from this stand point that we talked briefly to former President JR Mancham and told him that give or take one year Seychelles would go through a coup d'etat/Revolution. The respective position of his Government and Ministers - their values and political direction. Equally important it was from this conviction, failed values we decided we had to /would go in exile. Mr Guardian had refused that we take part in politic - his respective position vis a vis the Seychelles Judiciary and British system. Those in Seychelles who failed to note we had been educated by the Catholic White Brothers in Uganda and Seychelles. We also had other christian friends/acquaintance - Jehovah witness, Bahia - we were not a dogmatic Seventh Day Adventist. We also carried some of Grandparents Christian values, principals be they Catholic or Church of England - the many families and acquaintance. They were sets of values/code and moral values we were able to use to decide/evaluate what the Politicians from all three Camps were preaching/spreading and direction they intended to go. Those very politicians be they Democrat, Communist/SPUP did not like/appreciate voters, Seychellois with strong Christian Values and principals. Because they could not be conned, swayed easily.

Just as our French ancestors had left France and giving up a great deal, close family, property, other interests - we took that same conclusion with our/within the context of our faith and belief and went into exile - knowing that within one year at the most their would be a coup d'etat in Seychelles. The terrible arrogant attitude of then President Mancham, turning himself into a demigod by our standard and the Ministers terrible attitudes, nobody could challenge them or discuss properly with them - the very many we had talked to who had supported Democratic aspiration their view of the situation - the nation was very exasperated. We knew for certainty they would not have the time to experience and build anything.

The Catholic and christian belief, values and social practice in Austria cannot be compared to Seychelles - it would be very difficult to try and explain. Their education, family life/values, traditions, culture, wars, history, politic - the list is very long and as such the kind of human and individuals it make of you from infant to elderly - including their burial place. Salzburg among the Towns of Austria have a very strong and important Religious Heritage, wars, conflicts, process and politic, power conflict between the church and the people. This impacted us importantly - as such when we thought of the situation we had left in Seychelles, that of the current government of President Mancham and Prime Minister FA Rene and the SPUP. Over our life time from childhood have always listen to debate - what are the criteria for God, the God's and heaven to listen and answer prayers and divine intervention/judgement and help.

In the early days of exile was very inquisitive about the Christian issues of Austria - we kept hidden from our Family - trying to remember our SDA Family had wished we study and become a Priest.

Before leaving Seychelles - we had know many Seychellois who had wanted an alternative to SDP and SPUP politic a more saner approach - they hesitated, they were coy, they lacked a Leader. That way Seychelles would have been different. They also lacked the support from outside.

Having ask/said what criteria the God, God's and Heaven decided and begin to answer prayers. The coup d'etat which took place on the 5th June 1977 as we stayed beneath Salzburg Castle. My family and myself had left Seychelles and landed in Austria against the Family concern - that we had left everything as young couple and landed in Europe/Austria that was not clever, right and serious. It would have been futile to argue we had prayed - we had endeavored to use the same set of Christian values our ancestors had used when they left Europe for the Canada/New France, Quebec, the USA and the Indian Ocean. When dealing with such issues argument is no good /not enough - only life, the God/s and heaven could prove/decide this.

In Austria those who had talked to us/related, lived about the 1st and 2nd World Wars and the wars before - it is very hard to explain.

We had known of the Communist/ so call Liberation/Freedom aspiration of Africa and then OAU in Africa, the Region and Seychelles coming - events in Congo, of Zanzibar. Events in Rhodesia. We read and followed bits and pieces from News media about development in Seychelles.

Given Austria unique History, role in past and present Europe - knew we had a great deal to learn and we endeavored to do this. Austria of the 70's and then COMECON system, the Warsaw Pact and the USSR. Their respective interests in Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Against the Family wish could have become very affluent and perhaps happy with a few Austrian children and a nice Tourist business as Tradition bid/demands. Instead decided to move on to Vienna and the direction we pursued. In Seychelles we were not an avid Democrat/Capitalist let alone communist - the politic we represented from 1963 to 1976. We had a strong notion of Justice and social Values - we argued if Seychelles could become half the Socialist country Austria was then it would be a good country to be and live in, their Socialist Model - vis a vis the Communist, COMECON and Cold War .

Just as life is very strange the many we began to meet, talk and listen to how they impacted our view of our life direction - landing with Dr Prof Micheal Hoffman - Interdisciplinary Management Institute Vienna. It gave us the scope/space to find out in scientific term the Power of God or the God's in action - the very complex and complicated mechanism and process. The many lectures and advice Mr Edmond learn well one day you will go back and help your people, try and do the best your can for them. That was 1987 and hence began our journey. We took a deep interests into the COMECON workings, the Warsaw Pact and the USSR - Religious aspects of the COMECON and the USSR. We had seen real faith and belief in Action in Austria in relation to the above workings, Africa then and the Indian Ocean we decided to become engaged and committed. The people, the institutions and practice. We will stop there.

For the past 25 years have been churchgoing in Britain/London at the Advent Center former Jewish synagogue - the many prayers over the past 25 years as we have prayed and joined other denominations. How across the time the Church can be very positive and vibrant and next very terrible even to go near it. The many issues of then Communist East Europe and USSR, then Africa and OAU.

Seychelles changed in 1991 - what really compelled President FA Rene and his party to take that Historic step, the giant and monumental battle/war - those involved and loss of lives - then many nations involved to help us/take part. The European and American attitude do not link and associate us with your dirty politic and issues. What rights do they have and criteria. It is ok for them to institutionalize their struggle and wars - we in/from the Indian Ocean have no such rights. This bring me to state bluntly - it was our French ancestors who discovered and become involved with Christianity and build the Christian Church in Europe and their holy scriptures. The bible and holy scripture inspires and guide in what manner a christian nation ought to conduct its affairs is all aspect.

We have been churchgoing with the Russian SDA and other church in London from several years from our prospective it has not been the SDA Values we have been sharing - we use the word sharing - but the fundamental values of our ancient civilization, French ancestors who brought Christianity and religion to Britain and build the Catholic Church, all the wars and blood and cost.

The USSR was the most influential and powerful Power on the Communist side/Era - the spiritual and Christian/Orthodox values during the Cold War, what the Western media wrote or the qualitative articles - events which brought President Gorbachev to Power, the Powers which made this possible and the mega lies the world have been told. In the Indian Ocean those high personalities who ran then USSR made aware what values we the exile from Sechelles Seychelles were using to contribute to change the COMECON, the Warsaw Pact and the very USSR, beside the OAU - Africa and the Indian Ocean Region and the Gulf Region. We did not stop there this contribution in building Europe and the new EU member state.

There are many and those who have question - challenge our rights to become involved and interfere in the debacle of the OAU becoming AU, acquiring the many respective statues as the EU institutions. Be they from Europe and Africa . Firstly we had the same important good reason to help build St Peter Basilica in Africa - to underline that future African politic and economic development had to be linked to the great Christian principals as in Europe and the USA and elsewhere. Not lunacy and demagogy.

This is very crucial - events in Russia and surrounding Nations of the former Union and the former COMECON the Spiritual Christian social values they choose to aspire, build, embrace and integrate in their nation and government. We will be adding some Wikipedia links.

Equally this development in Seychelles, the 100 or so exile families who choose to return, the building of the Christian faith in Seychelles, churches and new Christian denominations and today we have the Muslim Fraternity - they imposition, particularly the economy. Very important the Russian and former East European Communities in Seychelles today upon this 50th anniversary of the OAU/AU - their respective views as against the Seychellois and those coming to Seychelles on holiday, business and otherwise. Their business prospects and existence in Seychelles today.

How they relate and view our relation - particularly those 21, 000 exile - because of their fundamental ancestral belief had brought, made the historic change possible in the COMECON, the USSR, Africa/OAU, the Region Asia and Latin America. The very strange position of Europe and its politicians and media ignoring what made the great change of the Cold War, saved Europe, not its dirty politic - but is fundamental Christian and social values - whilst the American/USA look across form the Atlantic at the strange development, attitude and thinking.



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