It is said a gift given and shared in private is more pleasant that such gift given in public

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It is said a gift given and shared in private is more pleasant that such gift given in public Empty It is said a gift given and shared in private is more pleasant that such gift given in public

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It is said a gift given and shared in private is more pleasant that such gift given in public

We have explained and complained on aks forum among others of the terrible communication between our community and that of the Middle East. It does not stop there.

Yet again we are going to have to use the public social/communication platform to address another very hurting situation.

For the past 20 years we have written and addressed a number of threads on the Seychelles community in Europe relation with the Irish nation – people, some of the more complex issues. Equally their relation to the Mauritius and Reunion nation. Then we have the very large Irish communities in Australia – the Mauritius and Seychelles communities there too.

Our European relation is more sensitive.

What we are about to say trust will bring more positive results than cause problematic and anger. We have read the Irish news paper and read the TV news about the very drastic development in Northern Ireland and the Republic. Dell moving to Poland the loss of 2000 jobs, Wilson company some 200 jobs, on the high streets many of the shops are closings – beside the construction industry which started last year. The situation with Ireland large financial Institutions. We decided to read the Belfast Telegraph after the request.

Very important we read the issues of the Titanic Tourist project. The arguments.

There are very many in Britain. Westminster, Paris, Bruxelles and Strasbourg – including Washington who know some of the complexities of Sechelles – Seychelles Irish connections and relations.

For all the very terrible things which have been said – when London was still a bit more friendly, there was an issues be it with our community, the nation, Mauritius or Northern Ireland and the ?Republic – we would go somewhere in London and would get to sit down, have a drink or meal and the opportunity would arise for us to share and let those that need to know what was going on and come out with some solution. This changed radically after 1991 it has come to nearly none existence. Our Irish friends may have interpreted this as some kind of arrogance – here we have shed our blood, sacrifice our sons and daughter for them, changes came, they got their land , freedom and properties back and that is the way the act – respond.

There are those from the Intelligence Services and government officials who know the number of times we have written , reminded the Seychelles government and the world of this unique relation. Those in Seychelles who have adopted this attitude. Time and time again our insistence that just like other nations have been allowed to go and start business in Seychelles some Irish families and individuals should be allowed too. We have noted the important the Seychelles government attach to their police, military and army. As a result over the past 15 years government decision to implement some of these recommendation. We also have noted the dissatisfaction.

The Irish nation in EU given our very British system we had – because of their sufferings, persecution one of the very few nations that/who have gone out of their way to really become our friend. Fro those from our community who are dead and those who are alive – when the Irish nation decide you become their friend – the grueling test and examination this take.

The Irish nation belong to the few nation and communities who understood when we said as per the UN recommendation – migrant communities have a duty to contribute to building their nation, support their love one at home. Again given the history and events of time development in Ireland North and the Republic.

From 1976/7 there is a very great deal which have taken place between these two people their communities and only a fraction have been written or made public. Our Interest for this thread is the Economic and diplomatic issues. The vast amount of issues we worked on together. Many wet pear shape as they say in these part of the world. Including USA, Canadian, Australian issues. At some point one did not know who ran Ireland and Seychelles the issues were so complex and complicated.

One of the very important players in our British community in that SIROP – CDU/Alliance, SDP, SNP. MPRD, MPR/SNM was the Irish people North and South. The issues of the large cake or pie we had decided to bake and who was to get what share. Like with all cake and pie even among gentleman it is not always easy.

Because of the current situation we want to bring forward the issues of John Deloren Car production in Ireland – the reason Mrs Tacther and her government supported this project. They were linked to our common issues and current affairs.

We now come to the issues of the Titanic – when we put that SIROP etc program together in Kilburn – Brent, the very large Irish community, the Irish Center, the Muslim Schools, the Hindu Temple construction, the Phillipine center, the very large Latin America House – Center, the Afro Caribbeans community. Among very many of the issues to gear that SIROP program again we address bluntly those around former GRM and Sir James Mancham. What it takes to conceive, plan , manage and put into place such a project. We had researched on past UN project around the world.

We have decided to link it to the issues of our very old French, Templar and Masonic heritage, those who did not know, past Colonial issues, suddenly – using the term bulldoze or catapulted, the sudden interest by a group of individuals in the USA to raise the Titanic everything is now history. Equally the decision to make the film. We say it once again very publicly – the Sechelles – Seychelles EU community and those three small nation of the Indian ocean Mauritius Reunion we have very important archaic, heraldic and fraternal values – which can stand shoulder to shoulder with some of Europe best system and values. How when applied they react and interact.. How today or anytime it can be proved we formed part an were involved in the project to raise the Titanic, the media crap, the film and the music.

For this reason we say the Seychelles community and the Irish people have a very special friendship. The Seychelles people love swearing so to the Irish people if you mess up their feathers. We did all this for friendship, camaraderies – not prestige, power and wealth. Call us names , naive what ever you want. Our ancestors are looking and watching us from beyond the rainbow. They know what is happening and took place and they can become bloody mad and angry too.

We have underline the issues of what was taking place in Seychelles after change s came – the reason we refuse to stop in the face of Prime Minister John Major or linking our economy and diplomacy to the Irish nation. No peace and economic stability had come to Ireland and Seychelles was still a bloody mess.

We used our ancestral archaic/fraternal mechanism that President Bill Clinton came to Office in the White House. For those who are uneducated this practice is ancient – the very many complex ancestral French and European roots, blood in the USA nation and power system. The important benefit this brought to the Irish nation, we benefited a small bit. Most important we had some hope that with him we can find a solution to the Irish situation – with very hard work a solution was found. Those who know the other side of the coin. Which the press and historian will never talk about and publish.

In the family, sisters and sisters fight, brothers fight, grand parents fight, cousins fight, relatives fight – except for Tony Blair family, they are saints – we are savages that need to be control. The number of times our community got into very big trouble be it with the American, Australian and British high parties.

There are those who know about our Jewish connection, how about the time of that Titanic project because we had planned to implement the Stock Market in our exile return program the Irish involvement, the issues of the Oil exploration in Seychelles and in Britain the Irish involvement is our affairs and such issues. This is why we say at one time there was so much involvement it was very difficult to know who ran which country.

After 1991 we decided to restructure our EU community working – again for those who know the very complicated and important in put contributions we made , causing, the EU community, the EU Parliament and other High EU office to pull in the Irish high parties – expecting to support and represent us in the EU or at the appropriate occasion, Westminster and many in London knew about this development.

Our Seychelles community since their exile have been involved in big multinational and big colonial business, then Lonhro, the De Bees, the Dalgety, the Standard Charters and very many others. The Barclays bank, We say this in case certain believe we are inventing. The Irish leading politicians knew what that SIROP, COMECON change, USSR, Germany Reunification, changes in France power politic, the OAU, Latin America and china was all about.

Among friends the need to be open if required – the very great advantage the Irish business man , politicians had acquired from these knowledge and involvement right across the world.

Friends are their not to pry into each other affairs but to keep an eye on what is going on. Politely said.

From that Seychelles EU new community political system – we had develop and put together a coat of arms – another reason we got FA Rene important involved in this issue. For those who do not know.

Our community was pleased when Ireland joined the Euro because even among friends we do not share everything. The issues of the first Referendum and the Second became our concern. We say it bluntly because of the state of the world and the gravity of things. Those who knew this relation in London and manipulate the Irish politic that they would vote no to the EU Constitution and No to the treaty. The Irish {People for all the good talk of democracy and like Seychelles or many other nations – some things work differently.

We had expressed our views and concern at the Irish not accept the EU Treaty, because of what we know – the very important contribution we have made to the EU system,. The decision where to build the EU Parliament, the buildings of Bruxelles, the Central bank in Germany. There were and are many in Ireland who knew our involvement. The mechanism at work. ( Not to exclude the Russian Issues)

Just like the Irish our ancestors started the Revolution in Europe they chop the heads of the Kings and nobilities, a great deal is written in history – as such we know the history of Europe, we know the good and bad side of the Union of Europe. We have to build it better. Not create division and stay away.

We had envisaged that had the treaty come into force – like we have explained issues about the SIROP etc program the changes in those former COMECON can USSR, the new synergy and dynamic this would have created and will create. Had this been completed. That mega crash which have started in the USA would have been different, the many big multinational destruction would have been different and in Britain, Ireland the many big companies being destroyed would not have happened.

Having written a little bit we trust the Irish people in Europe, USA, Australia realize that we are not a yes yes nation or community to every crap and garbage. Recall the debacle of three Commission ago the reason the whole of the EU commission had to go resigned. This is democracy – we do not always grasp pour ancestral heritage functioning but we trust it.

We want to address the issues of that Coat of Arms and the Heraldic merchandising project – the number of times we have considered and ask our self the Irish have one of the best business in English speaking form heraldic and their merchandising- had this project been started in Ireland the important benefit this would have brought to the Irish people. We all now you will not make massive profits – in Germany, France, Italy the involvement of the church in such issues, monastery.

We have a situation – the very Jewish company , the Irish High parties know we have been and had contact is gone and so too many others. We have every faith in our European ancestral archaic/fraternal heritage, the mechanism. We know that many in Ireland know the function of the EU Portal project. In fact we publicly request help to keep it going. IN the Belfast Telegraph the article about Sainsbury excellent profit. The many article we have written about the Sainsbury Soft Wear for this project and we have discussed with Sainsbury Staff.

There is another issue our FECAS – ECVS page is linked to Irish political party. Why this so for the past three years. We are in a mess are are shouting for help – their understanding. Hence having written what we have here trust they will realize we have not been in any pub. We are very concern.

Like we have made very important contribution to the African Union, the Irish ought to be proud of their friend achievements. There are very many important ways they can work with their friends. In spit of the sleaze, lies and undermining by many USA and British Officials – we have Lawyers in Seychelles who know a great deal of what we are doing. Our Irish friends ought to have paid them a visit and discussed with them.

Equally the titanic project – those in Ireland managing this project. All they need to do take our thread, put in on the table – thrash it as they say. They are dealing with aspect and very important issues of history including the change sin USSR, COMECON, Germany Reunification, changes in France, China and Africa. That is the way we have worked and they will see that project will get accepted. For implementation.

We say this because meanwhile we have been involve for those who know in very many other important project, massive Seas Air port project, massive Dock project s in China, Railway project, Tunnel projects, contributed to building a number of these colossal of titanic s and the future. If we had some cash we would get a big dredger and take some of our Irish friend and build a separate Island for our self. Not near President JA Michel and company. The question what will happen after FA Rene is gone. Obviously JA Michel is very concern about himself all those – who have fought and have given their precious blood it means nothing to him.

Just in case our Irish friends have failed to note our COMMUNITY intervention in Kenya after the terrible situation previous October and the outcome. We do not do this for glory or publicity – just the need to be human and make our world work. We have the capacity to contribute and help our Irish friends – that is what friends are for.

Note: We have Police officiales in Seychelles from Ireland we ask those who can to point this thread to the many relevant parties in Ireland, the USA, Australia, Canada, Britain and South Africa


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