National census due next year - 15.01.2009

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National census due next year - 15.01.2009 Empty National census due next year - 15.01.2009

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National census due next year - 15.01.2009

A national population census will be carried out next year to update information from the 2002 census, the National Bureau of Statistics (NSB) confirmed yesterday.

Electoral commissioner Hendrick Gappy being sworn in last week. His office is awaiting results of the 2010 census to review electoral boundaries

The need for a census was first mentioned by electoral commissioner Hendrick Gappy when he took his oath of office at State House on being reappointed.

He said one of his goals during his current term of office is to redraw the electoral boundaries, but to do that his office will need fresh population data.

“We hope to do the census in the first half of next year, but whether we will do it then or later in the year has not been established yet,” said the NSB’s principal statistician for census and surveys Helena De Letourdis.

“The data from the 2002 census is out of date. A lot of things have changed and we are also taking in the 2010 World Programme on Population Census.”

Miss De Letourdis said all 53 countries of Africa will hold talks on the programme in Angola next month. And all United Nations agencies are interested in correct census data for comparison, assistance, development monitoring and other uses.

In the interview he gave after he was sworn in, Mr Gappy said we have to review the electoral boundaries but a new population census will be necessary to offer a guideline for that.

“The main challenge, however, will be reviewing the electoral law and we also hope to improve the voter education programme,” he said.

“People need to know more about what goes on regarding our office.”
He added that quite often people do not realise votes are counted in the constituencies and not at the commissioner’s offices.

Mr Gappy said Seychelles has much to share with the rest of the world community in the area of elections.


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