The need to develop archive regarding the work, battle and endeavor to set a 2nd Chamber - Senate

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The need to develop archive regarding the work, battle and endeavor to set a 2nd Chamber - Senate Empty The need to develop archive regarding the work, battle and endeavor to set a 2nd Chamber - Senate

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jul 10, 2013 11:54 am

Given Seychelles important Economic partnership and Diplomatic relation with South Africa, indeed the Cold War, Apartheid era and the new South Africa and very special relation with Seychelles and Mauritius. Those who have question our decision to put that Temp Seychelles Senate website.

We have addressed the issues of the New South Africa over the past 21 years - how in instance we have, can drive aspects of their economy, politic at national and regional workings - African Union level.

The view we have presented given Seychelles special role in the Indian Ocean, beside all the Cold War debacle and that SIROP program. The relevancy of a 2nd chamber - Senate to provide and enhance greater Democracy in Seychelles and the Region. .

We have been researching certain issues regarding Colonial Seychelles 1960 and came across this historic document about Dr Oliver Tambo - unless we are blind there is not mention of the serious incident involving Mercenary, aspect of Israel Intelligence, South African Service to kidnap Dr Oliver Tambo - it was covered by BBC and British press at the time. We have written how we vetoed/was against that Operation.

This said - the very choice as to the ANC Leadership, Election of President Nelson Mandela as future President of South Africa - the untold important issues, those involved instead of choosing Dr Oliver Tambo - why Mr Nelson Mandela was chosen, those who so call themselves experts and write History and hold many Doctorate Titles. ( Hence what we have written about the Yugoslavia end of President Tito era, the instigation, the break ups and the Wars and Ethnic cleansing and events, Trials and Today's nations of former Yugoslavia, their Democratic development and Parliament - compared to Seychelles own progress and development - current diplomatic, economic relation.)

There are those who question/will question our knowledge and understanding of these issues - this said, the vast majority of then OAU Leaders, politicians who choose to ignore the way global politic, finace and policy towards Africa worked during the Cold War until OAU became African Union - those involved and our reasons for making the contributions we did.

The above said - we will add two links to South Africa Truth Commission, the brief contents and what they covered - Events relating to the Military and Arm Faction of then ANC led by Oliver Tambo is importantly distorted. We will not cover them here - those in London/Britain and France/Paris who know of the important distortion. Including the material addressed by the South Africa Truth Commission and the International Court.

There are certain important aspect of Sechelles Seychelles, Mauritius political and corporate, high management workings which co relate to South Africa, its Region and Institutions. In then Seychelles 1993 the debacle and debate for the New Constitution and 3rd Republic. All those in London then from the British politic, media and Arcadian/fraternal, the same high parties in France/Paris, Italy/Rome, Bruxelles, the USA, Holland, Berlin/Bonn Germany, Poland South Africa, Mauritius, Australia - the visit of the Duchess of Kent and other leading conservative to Seychelles and the "so call death - the stroke with affected/caused the death of then Dr Oliver Tambo" in April 1993- we will not address the sordid details in public. What the experts, around the world, the media and ANC own people choose to tell and explain to the world. {< That SIROP program was driven and managed by unique discipline and those from the Pan African Congress, the ANC and other Regional South Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, West and North Africa who used it , worked it and then deny its existence and our important role - how the discipline counter react and the consequences>} All the Opposition in Seychelles, President Mancham , President FA Rene, Dr Maxime Ferrari, the same high parties in Mauritius then. In Europe - not Africa when you put a Plaque on a building where such an important person have lived and died over the years how the issues, reasons and associated issue get worked out, trashed and debates and written. We will be very blunt - this Arcadian practice across the world and the mega abuse involved/associated - the death and killing of close relative and my own mother and what the so call experts choose to say explain and write about their so call Best bench mark and practice.

We have decided to add a couple of links which indicated of the Kidnap attempt - typical of the British media workings, the more reason we worked for that WWW project and public accountability - our person had to have very significant influence and connection to have influenced events in South Africa and what the media have written. There were others doing all the dirty work and as usual - those in Britain/London taking the credit and what they write in books and elsewhere and everybody believe them/it. Same crap/garbage as they deliverd Seychelles from One party State/System.

Had our person not stayed in London to work that SIROP program - our choice had been France/Germany what South Africa would have been like and the outcome. Indeed the few pictures we have left of the place and all those involved to destroy all the evidence, the many attempts on our life and the utter opposition to bring the case to the Royal court of Justice. All those in South Africa and the USA who have known of the many issues and they choose to write and tell otherwise. President FA Rene and Mr Giovanni Ricci knew a great deal more, those Irish involved with us in then London - The real people in South Africa white and Black do not know the real issues that have impacted their lives and future. Even the White South African played the same game and they got caught out.

We are going got link the Depository document here.
Oliver Tambo Papers
A collection of his Papers, 1960-1992, at the University of Fort Hare, African National Congress Archives

Oliver Tambo Wikipedia

Oliver Tambo: the exile

President Tambo`s opening address to the ANC`s 48th National Conference

Truth and Reconciliation Commission (South Africa)

Truth and Reconciliation Commission - Department of Justice

Mrs Thatcher And Africa – By Richard Dowden

Margaret Thatcher helped end apartheid – despite herself


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The need to develop archive regarding the work, battle and endeavor to set a 2nd Chamber - Senate Empty The truck that smuggled ANC weapons into South Africa

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:21 am

The truck that smuggled ANC weapons into South Africa

Liliesleaf Farm in the Rivonia suburb of Johannesburg was a site used by the African National Congress from which to launch its armed struggle against the apartheid state.

On 11 July 1963, leading ANC members were arrested there by the police - and went on to face what became known as the Rivonia Trial. Nelson Mandela and his colleagues were subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment.

The farm is now a museum - and one of the exhibits there is a Bedford truck that was used to take tourists on African safaris. But as Mike Wooldridge explains, the truck's real purpose was actually to transport weapons and ammunition to the ANC army inside South Africa - and the tourists on board were completely unaware of this.


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