{phenomena of abnormality -"satanic rage/rage, racism, dementia, abnormality associated with new Council Bin}

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{phenomena of abnormality -"satanic rage/rage, racism, dementia, abnormality associated with new Council Bin}  Empty {phenomena of abnormality -"satanic rage/rage, racism, dementia, abnormality associated with new Council Bin}

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Jul 22, 2013 8:09 am

{phenomena of abnormality -"satanic rage/rage, racism, dementia, abnormality associated with new Council Bin}
Monday 22/7/2013

How many recall the new Labour of PM Tony Blair and the British media, Press, TV and Radio shortly after 1997, those who can understand and study such issues, phenomena - "the situation where we had/have government officials right across the board encouraging the use and abuse of that infernal satanic rage/rave, crack vibe and the ensuing consequences, corruption on a vast scale, sleaze, cover up anti social - so call neighbor form hell and all the draconian laws that had to be put in place after wards - including the Anti Terror Legislation. " the length individuals and humans - those who are/bent on control and domination invent and develop issues. Those who used the police and council powers to defend such workings in the name of Brutishness and British practice.

All those who protested and the government and their officials said they were crazy and today's world fiasco and terrible mess.

There are those who understand such issues and workings and endeavor to develop products or new products that/which would minimize - reactions and counter reaction where by this infernal mechanism of " satanic rage/rave, crack vibe , racism and anti social come into play - use"

One of these product is flat screen TV and flat screen monitors and phone systems. Over the past 40 years armies of researchers have studies and monitored such impacts,phenomena and functionality.

It would seem that just as others out there develop friendly products to reduce and minimize this infernal plague "known as satanic rage/rave, crack vibe and associated CJD" Those who judge - deem it their good right to develop new control mechanism , system and psychological mind control methods and methodology - across Europe the refuge collection system and politic and in Britain across respective Borough and council - the many issues of rubbish collection, the associated politics and crime.

Beside the dynamic which they develop and its/their impacts - those new bins, the undue abnormal amount of " satanic rage/rave, mechanism of neighbor from hell it/they are developing" We have been monitoring such issues and impacts for some 25 years as against what the so call scientist and experts say/claim afterwards.

Those involved in the criminal politic, corrupted politic of using that infernal satanic rage/rave to control, manipulate and spy on anybody - there is the need for debate and question. Target those involved as when the New Labour came out what was really driving them and those Conservative politic who are hell bent on control, the criminal corrupted politic and mind control mechanism , development they put into place.

When we go back 30 years ago in Britain - those who developed and worked the same criminal approach and termed it " Freemason associated workings" and the mega filth, human corruption and criminal phenomena which developed and those who worked and abused it/such workings - those currently using those New Bins for the same purpose and practice

We addressed certain mega bust up yesterday and had not wanted to mention name - if this situation persist we will name name in public and face the out come in British and European court.

We have had some 30 years workings with the Ethnic community, Grass Root, Voluntary Sector in Britain, Europe and across the world


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