e-news Special MAY 2011 Edition JEAN MARC HAREL

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e-news Special MAY 2011 Edition JEAN MARC HAREL Empty e-news Special MAY 2011 Edition JEAN MARC HAREL

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e-news Special MAY 2011 Edition JEAN MARC HAREL

Jean Marc Harel, Managing Partner chez DCDM, meurt à l’âge de 66 ans

Corporate Leadership.pdf 0.4 MB - Currimjee Jeewanjee and ...


CTI_15 Years Issue Final_A4.cdr - Charles Telfair Institute


Charles Telfair Institute


Note- Given that Seychelles Truth Commission etc., and the National Assembly Truth Committee regarding that SIROP program. In 1986/87 then De Chazel Du Mee in Mauritius its CEO Jean Marc Harel, the issues of the Mauritius Stock Market, the La Tour Koenig ITC Park, the Cudan Water Front development issues and in Seychelles St Anne the Hotel Project. Our battle to get De Chazel du Mee to implant in Seychelles then President FA Rene deep concern for those big 4, their terrible benchmark how the harvested information and where it /this landed and those making very vast fortunes and Seychelles get the crumbs. The Rawat family business model/Insurance then, other companies of similar size then

compared to the Big 4/5 we had contacted, in contact over that SIROP program - , then Prof Dr M Hofmann and Von Hayak and those form L'ena, beside Harvard. In Seychelles then alive Mr Guy Morel from the Guy Morel Management Institute. SIM later Mrs Janique Bru as its CEO. Then Mr Giovanni Ricci south African,Seychelles, Mauritius workings  -1994, Window 95 OS, Google, Wikipedia and later Yahoo, The exchanges between my person and to become a partner in De Chazel Du Mee, special emphasis High Interdisciplinary Management. Those form the USA, Britain, France concern not to share the knowledge core working of that  High Interdisciplinary Management Hybrid. We ended  just working on adhoc basis distance working form Britain, providing whatever expertise, experience and knowledge as an when required. until the terrible announcement of his death. The major shock to De Chazel Du Mee. 

In Seychelles the talk/debate was for setting up a special business school _ high Management again the issues from the USA, UK, France  along the principal of  Prof Dr Hofmann  and today's CTI Business school. The fear that such high Management Hybrid discipline, science fall in the hands of corrupted politician what they will attempt to do. Including setting up a University of Seychelles then Mr Guy Morel and a few others.

In the UAE event sand development on this topic. 


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